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Favorite toys

O.k. As I've said before most of Keely's toys are from thrift stores. We don't generally buy things with batteries or flashing lights. No thank you. A lot of her toys are rotated so she becomes interested in them again when we drag them out. We have most of the toys that Katurah listed the other day, except the Waldorf style dolls-someday I'll make one of them. Someday.  I, too, would recommend all of her children's favorites and they would be the top things on my list. However, since that would be silly for me to post the same things, here are my additions:

1. Nesting town blocks. (can't fix this weird spacing here)


This is a set of 10 blocks. Each one is painted like a town store or building and they all stack inside of the largest one for easy storage. You can find this set here and I'm sure there are others out there. Luckily, I got our set for .99 because I don't spend $25. for any toy.

2. The doll house.

It is made by Plan and again I found hers second hand for cheap. It is currently decorated with mostly cheap plastic stuff since she is still young and destructive. I have dreams of fully decking the place out with cute Plan-made furnishings in the future.

3. Puppets

We have a basket filled with them. They are fun to use when acting out a story or letting them vigorously chew on play food. You can always get creative and make your own or buy cheap sets from Oriental Trading Co.

4. Tea Sets.

We have a large plastic set that usually resides in the bath, a set in her play kitchen for cooking, and a miniature porcelain set that belongs to the stuffed animals. All sets get used a lot.

5. A dress-up box and a costume jewelry box/bag/basket whatever.

Her box has old things of ours (clothing, purses, cell phones, ties) and also children's costumes from thrift stores, especially from Halloween time. There is also scarves, hats, and wands. Oh yes, and TONS of shoes.

6. Chalkboard and/or dry-erase boards. You don't need a photo for that, right? right.

7.And the hodge-podge shot:

Musical instruments: maracas, tamborines, recorders, a drum, kazoos. 

Wood stacking blocks. Melissa & Doug offer lots of these things. We have several different sets and she has almost outgrown them all, but I still like them dangit! so they make the list!

The doctor kit! She loves, loves her doctor kit (and also, not shown, her cash register).

Letter tiles. They aren't just for me! You can find these at teacher supply stores or just use the pieces from your old games-scrabble, boggle, etc. We've made up lots of games using our sets.

Tangrams. I posted on these before.

and lastly, magnets. We have a container filled with all different kinds of magnets-animals, farm sets, alphabets, and all the other random kinds that seem to collect in our house.She fills her magnetic dry-erase board with every magnet we own and then takes them down again. Fun. Of course, there is also the standard alphabet magnets to spell out things or line up in abc order. She is also enjoying hanging up her artwork using tons of magnets.

Alrighty, that's my contribution. I hope it is helpful to someone.  This gal has so many awesome toys I have no idea what to do for Christmas. Shall I make some red peppermint scented playdough? ha. What a lame mom. I'm stumped on this.

20 Comments December 7, 2006

In my humble opinion-

Do you have tangrams? If not, I recommend getting some. It is the only activity that has entertained/interested Keely for whole 20 minute periods. I kind of like doing them too! I used to have some similar ones in my classroom, but all I kept were a box of the shapes. Keely and I had been playing with them and then a few weeks ago, I found this set at a thrift store that had a stack of the pattern cards too. She's pretty good at them and has played with them several times everyday. It's a good thing friends. A goooood thing. 
* You can print tangrams off the internet or you can trace shapes and make your own. 

6 Comments July 11, 2006

A visit from Grampa

Yesterday my father-in-law came to town for a visit. Guess I should tell people who visit our home that they'll probably end up on the blog, huh? He and Keely enjoyed some quality time-reading together, playing tangrams, and building with blocks. A dear family friend also sent this to Keely. It is a little tooth fairy charm. The top flips up and you put the tooth inside it. How cute is this?  

2 Comments July 11, 2006

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