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I decided I’d pretend like I knew how to paint yesterday.  It didn’t turn out too bad. I may try another next week.  Spring is here for sure now. There is pollen covering every surface. Ryan came home last night and said, “What, do we now live in Pollenesia?”

We just finished up watching Downton Abbey and now it’s just over? We have to wait until September for more? What the what what?  What do we watch now with our one hour of t.v. time?  Lucas loves the intro. music to the show and will drop everything to come and see and hear it. He also hums along with it. I can’t stand the extremeness of that cuteness. But seriously, what can we watch now? Any suggestions out there?

I was looking for some new recipes and then came across some reference to New York Style Salad.  What is this? I must know more info. I love salads. So I ended up at the Pioneer Woman’s site and read her description and now I am obsessed with having myself a big ‘ole salad party.  And why can’t we have a salad restaurant in our city?  These vegetarians have a hard time getting some decent “fast” food when we’d like to.

Also, have you seen the little video where it’s all snippets of movies that are pieced together to sing some of Lionel Richies, “Hello”.  How long did that take?  Speaking of Lionel, this poster still cracks me up. It is making my eyes water right now. I need help. I don’t even know why it makes me laugh so much.

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Some Bunny, Any Bunny

Happy first day of Spring! We woke up to so much fog.  All the blossoms look so dreamlike against the heavy, cloudy air.

I decided in honor of spring tonight is “Bring Some Bunny To Dinner, Any Bunny Will Do.” That’s right. Everyone must bring some kind of rabbit- a stuffed one, a picture of one, a drawn one, a mask. Whatever you like.  Happy Spring!


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good luck with all that

So Saint Patrick’s Day is upon us. We haven’t really done much before for this little holiday, but I’m thinking this year we should. We need some silly festivities.  Luckily, 0ur neighborhood is on the end of the route of a really large St. Patrick’s Day Parade so we’ve got that going for us.   I’ve already spray painted some rocks gold. Cool, right? I’ve got to find a little bucket to fill up with gold nuggets now.  I thought it would be fun when the kids are older to spray a whole bunch of rocks and then go around the neighborhood and leave them in peoples yards, porches, by their cars.  Ha!  Imagine their confused faces. That’s on my future list.

Alright. So, I’m thinking of having a healthy family breakfast of some Lucky Charms. The kids would be surprised because we do not buy that kind of cereal, ever.  Then, maybe we could go all healthy and try a rainbow inspired fruit snack…like this.  Then green beer,  cabbage, potatoes  & soda bread for dinner maybe? Nah, Irish dinner doesn’t sound too appealing. My apologies to all of my Irish ancestors. My children wouldn’t touch any of that food. Pizza it is then!

We could school the littles and ourselves a bit on the history of St. Pat’s here. There’s lots of neat stuff, information and videos.  And when we are around the house or eating our un-Irish dinner we could tune in to Pandora’s traditional Celtic music station.  Of course, we shall wear green & use shamrock pencils and all that stuff too. Sound good?

Happy St. Patrick’s All.


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Mr. Lucas Invites You to His Room

This room used to be my craft room. It was disorganized and upstairs, so not very practical either. Once Lucas was here, we decided it would be better to convert this upstairs room into his room.  We cleaned it out (now all my fabric is in bags in the attic!?) and painted it pale yellow. It is the sunniest room of the house. He was so happy when we gave him his own baby space where he could crawl around and not have us deterring him (like we have to do downstairs).

This is the left side. The cubby shelving serve as his dresser for now. The mobile was his birthday present last week. It’s so awesome and fun to watch. I’ve got a thing for mobiles.

No seriously. I love mobiles. I have to refrain myself from hanging things from the ceiling in every room of our home.  This mobile even has glow in the dark parts! WHAAAAT? Yeah, it does.

So awesome. Mmmkay. Moving along.

Here he’s got his little star night light (from Ikea) and our what-would-we-do-without-you noise machine/sound spa thing there. The little framed prints are free from Mr. Printable. Cute, no?

Now for the right side of the room. The large mirror used to be over a vanity in my grandparent’s house. We saved it knowing that we’d use it some day. It’s really large and heavy. It is also perfect for playing, kissing yourself in, and seeing around the whole room. That shelving unit holds lots of stuff. The top is full of all the children’s toys that used to be in our old playroom.

The lower shelves are for Lucas. They are great because they are so low and accessible to him. Yeah sure he likes to clear everything off of them with wild sweeping arms and then crawl through it like a tunnel, but I guess I’d do that too if I was his size.

Lucas loves this old kindergarten classroom dollhouse. The lid flips open and closed and the windows are the perfect size for reaching through and grabbing toys. Open, close, open, close, back and forth, back and forth. Go crazy baby!

His scarf/silks  rack that I previously wrote about is in the corner there .

Lucas has a queen-sized bed… on the floor. I know. I know.  I was very hesitant about this. I didn’t want it to look all sloppy and flop house like, but it’s not so bad in appearance and all the children love it. It’s the best bounce spot. Lucas loves sitting on it and playing and looking out his window.  I’m working on a few more star pillows for his bed too. One looks a little lonely.

O.k. there ya have it. I hope you enjoyed the very formal baby room tour. Please return your headsets at the courtesy desk before you leave.

*****Oh and just for fun- this is what the room looked like when we bought the house…

and while renovating…

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continuing on with the cloud theme

I’m a theme kind of girl so here goes. These are our wee clouds and such.  The kids used to hang them over our nature table, but now Milo has a suction cup on our study window and he likes hanging up the fitting weather hanging there. There have been many requests for a sun, a moon, snowflakes, lightening, hurricanes?, etc.  They are fun and super easy to make.  We have been reading Cloudette, so now our little cloud hanging is named that.  It is a cute book if you haven’t read it before.  We’ve also been flipping through The Cloud Collectors Handbook.  They are linked below if you’re interested.

Lastly, due to the overwhelming response (of one-shout out to Katurah! Do people still even say, “shout out?” I dunno.) there will be  a room tour of Lucas’s space on Monday.

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Cricket boxes

Hey look it’s our winter table. I thought I’d shoot it because I’m starting to feel springy and it will be changing out soon.  Does anyone else do this?  I set up seasonal books and such on a table in our “library” room.  Sometimes it’s a play scape, sometimes activities, sometimes just books.  I enjoy doing it and finding new things to put out in hopes of entertaining the kiddos and sparking interest in something.  Often our little thrift/hunting excursions lead us to interesting things like last week, we came across someone’s collection of cricket boxes.

I’ve seen these boxes for years and never knew what they were until recently. Now I just love them.  The kids are so into them too. They are playing games with them and planning to keep a cricket chirping next to them through the night this summer.

This weekend Keely finally got better. Eleven days of sickness. That was ridiculous. We were all going bananas over here.  Weeeeee bouncing crazily on Lucas’ bed and singing weird songs at loudly at random times.

I’m not a good nurse at all. I can tolerate a day or two of sickness and then I just need people to get better all ready. That was rough. I’m so glad she is feeling better.

I was calling her Rapunzel because she was stuck upstairs in her tower for so long.

Lucas went and turned one. He is so cute in his annual chair photo. His party was delayed until this weekend due to the sickness here. Thankfully, he hasn’t a clue.  Babies are good like that.

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Enough already.

Ugh. This is how we feel about this week. Keely has been home all week with some mystery sickness. I have to keep her secluded up in her room away from the other two, so I am running up and down the stairs all day. I haven’t even left the house in 7 days. What? I’ll be losing it soon.  The sky has been gray and the weather just weird. The boys are sort of alternating between flopping around and going bananas. Even the dog is over us.  Would you people go somewhere already?

Milo and I went out in the yard for a bit today to try and shake off the crazy. We caught a two minute window of sunshine while we were there.

I pushed him on the swing. He gave me a handful of treasures, even a heart shaped “diamond”. We found that our daffodils are already blooming…in the middle of February.  Whaaaa?  We admired our bottle tree…against the dull, lifeless, depressing sky. Gah.  We came inside and I put the club/dance station on Pandora.  The boys looked at me like I was nuts.  I was a dancing fool trying to make them laugh and cheer this place up.

Milo chuckled and Lucas tried to dance a little, but Lady Gaga came on and his face went all weird. Guess he doesn’t approve of her.

So much for the dance party.

At least the basket of birthday decor for Lucas is cheery to look at.  Yellow! Happy! Sunny!

Come on sunshine.

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little daily life updates

Hello all.  I’m going to try and post more here. It’s a good record to look back on. Finding the time is the problem.  Life around here is busy with three kiddos.   Lucas just started walking, so he is everywhere. I can’t believe he will be one this month. My last baby.   Milo is my buddy. He rarely leaves my side all day.  I try to find projects for us to work on together and during one of Lucas’ naps I always let him pick something for us to play together. It usually involves little animals and cars. He loves learning how to do little tasks independently right now too- like sweeping, folding laundry, or making the perfect Valentine heart with no help.

Using a cookie cutter to trace on folded paper is the best. He has happily made a million hearts this week.

We also did the stand by contact paper with colored tissue paper sun catcher. Fun stuff. Sweet and simple.

Lucas is a loud little man, but oh so cute. We can’t get enough of his baby-ness. We were all a little sad when he started walking. The end of wee baby times. Of course, we all cheer him on as he zooms room to room now. We had to put up the gate on the stairs. Man, are those things a pain. I’m thankful that it might be saving my baby’s life and all, but yeesh opening and closing that thing every time you have to go up the stairs. Oy.  We are now a gated community. Bah-dum-dum.

He is on a weird nap schedule right now. His afternoon nap is so late that he is up with us at night. He uses this quiet time in our house for really loud vocal practice and banging all objects on other objects. We try to watch Downton Abbey. We are thankful that we have the subtitles on otherwise we’d have no clue what’s going on.

I stay busy with the babes, the house, and now my little Etsy shop.  Trying to take decent photos of objects is way harder than I thought. Good gravy.  I almost threw my camera in the trash. I went kicking and screaming all the way back to re-learning how to shoot in manual. I have used automatic mode for.ever.  Anyway, the photos are getting better now. I’ve still got work to do though.

Ryan is still in the school system and dying to get out of it.  He’s thankful to have a job, but really can’t stand the business of it. I think we should become independently wealthy.  I guess I should go work on that. Any tips?

This week I’m loving this weird little song by Gyote. Well, actually I like the music more than the lyrics and I don’t like the video at all. I do like this cover of it .

Did you see these arrow Valentine’s? So cute.

Alright, happy weekending all.


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Surfaced, My New Shop!

Hello all! Is there anyone out there who still reads here? Anyone? I have no idea.

Is that crickets I hear chirping?

The blog has been down for awhile, but I decided to put it back up and let you know that I have started a little Etsy shop called Surfaced.

I’m selling some of my fun vintage finds there. I see so many great goodies on my thrifting adventures, but I certainly don’t need anything more in our home and I certainly can’t justify spending money. A vintage shop seems like a great excuse for me to get to rescue all the items and send them on their way to good homes. That’s my hope anyway. So, please check it out and let me know what you think. I plan to add more items everyday. I’m crazy like that. Thanks in advance.

Check out the shop here !

I’m not sure if this “new” blog shows up in your readers or not now. You may have to re-subscribe if you want to.


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Lucas at 11 months

Lucas you are growing so fast. I feel like I can see you changing each day. Your clothing gets snugger. Your abilities increase. Your personality shines through each passing moment. Being able to watch my little baby become sweetly you, Lucas.

You are able to stand on your own really well now. You have taken a few wobbly steps. I left you in your room the other day only to return a few moments later and find you standing on top of your little chair. “Look ma, no hands!” Ah, my bah-bee what are you doing? You also love to crawl up the stairs as fast as you can, hoping that no one will catch you. We always do. You love to climb up things and on top of everything. You’ve got skills little man.

When we are in the living room, your favorite place to go is behind the big stripey chair. You like to just sit there and look around. It’s your secret club house. You crawl in and out and sometimes bring a toy with you. We have the only table lamp downstairs next to that chair, so you also like to yank on the cord and knock that down.

You laugh a lot. You have a very sweet little smile. You have a deep little laugh and this month you started coyly turning your head down when you laugh. So cute. You love for me to lay on your bed with you. You get free reign to attack me. Climb on me, flop across me, suck on my forehead, lay across my face. You love it. If I go to your room and go to your bed, you drop whatever you are doing and get up there. You love your bed. You like to get on it by yourself to and look at your window…and bang on it too.

This month you have discovered lids! What wonderous things they are. Removing them and trying to put them on. Boxes and pans with lids are big hits. You also have a few favorite books that you look at and feel with great concentration. You have also discovered OUR bookshelf and that all those books come off. You stand at it and pull of books one at a time and throw them to the ground.

You are always trying to get Milo’s toys and he is trying to fend you off most of the time. You screech in protest when we move you away for his things. Keely and Milo both love to carry you around now. They love that you are always trying to go someplace off limits because they get to go and rescue you (carry you).

Your nickname has become pook-pook this month. It was Schmooker-pook and Lukers-schmooker, but somehow my head decided on pook-pook. You try and say it now. You constantly babble and make lots of talking sounds, but very few words come out. Ma Ma, Da Da, and Caribou are really all that we understand.

You won’t sit down in any seat or car seat or shopping cart seat. You want to stand and dance around. It’s hard going out with you unless I’m willing to hold you and push a cart and watch over Milo. You really like to people watch when we are out. You stare down everyone in your path. They usually talk to you and most of the time you give them a smile.

You still nurse full time. You have a special cranky cry you give me when you are hungry. When I feed you you either hold my hair or rub your own head. You also cross your ankles. Sometimes you stop drinking and look at me and make a smile or funny noise and wait for me to return the sound or face. You’re sweet like that. It’s like you are checking in with me and maybe thanking me for our little warm time.

I still am sleeping in your bed at night. We get the most sleep that way. You wake up a few times and sometimes nurse and sometimes just roll around until you get comfortable again. I always cuddle in close to you when I go to sleep. I have to take in all your baby smells and sounds. I know they are fleeting. I smile and close my eyes. Listening to your sleepy heavy breath and smelling your Lucas smell.


You are a handful baby and I’m so happy to have my hands full of you.



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