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Lucas at 3 1/2 years


Lucas you are now 3 1/2 years old. You are a fireball-a very cute, smart, loud, fireball.  Every time I look at you, I just can’t believe how cute you are-even when you are being a screaming monster.  You are pretty short and just a small guy all around.  You have the funniest expressions and mannerisms.  You have us laughing everyday with the things you say.   We all go around repeating your little sayings often.

You tell me you are still a baby when you want to do “baby-ish” things, but when you want to do things that the other kids are doing then you tell me how big you are.  You will stand up tall and say, “LOOK! SEE, I am big now!” with a big approving smile.  You like to be held like a baby a lot. That means wrapped in a blanket and scooped up in a almost swaddle.  You like to hold our hands when walk someplace outside.  You love pushing the stroller around our neighborhood like a madman, but do not really ever want to ride in it. Walking around our neighborhood is one of your favorite things to do lately. You ask to take a walk everyday.  Finally, late in the summer, you tried getting fully into the big pool and you just loved it.  You never stopped smiling.  You started doing the funniest little swimming move too.  You stuck your legs out behind you and pumped your tush up and down and told us all you knew how to swim now.


You love being part of your siblings games and activities.  You try to be like them most of the time until you’ve had enough and then you go off and do your own things with your toys and you don’t want anyone to bother you.  You are good at playing alone.  I love to listen to the stories you tell while you play with your cars and animals.  You use some cute voices for them.  You mostly play with your big wooden blocks and matchbox cars.  Sometimes trains and Duplos are brought out, but you love building roads and cities for your cars to drive though.  When you want to be with Keely and Milo you ask us, “Where are guys at?”  “I can’t find my guys!”  If I go somewhere alone while you are napping, when I come home you run to me and tell me that, “I lost you! I was crying for you all the time because I just lost you.”  Poor little guy.

You sing a lot too.  Loudly and often to yourself.  You have a few favorite songs. You love “Summertime” by Lana Del Rey and sing it all the time.  You won’t let us listen to any slow music. You yell, “NOOOOO!” and tell us it is too sad or too bad.  Your favorite color is red.  You love to play with your card sets and ask us to play all the time. You are a picky eater.  Your top picks are: bananas, pears, yogurt, cereal, noodles, buttered bread, and pizza.  You like the t.v. series “Edwardian Farm”, but you call it, “Running Farm.”  You love animals, especially dogs, cats, horses, and happy bunnies.


You love to help us when we need it.  You help me outside raking and watering the plants.  You like to put things away for us and to help sweep.  You like your bed to be made in the morning and your room’s floor to not be messy.  You do leave your various creations built on every table top downstairs though and I get in so much trouble when I finally clean one of them up.  So much crying.  Lucas you are also still our screamer.  When someone makes you mad or hurts your feelings you screech the loudest screech.  I think it sounds like a Pterodactyl call.  You tell us you are yelling, “cuz I mad! and _____ is not my friend! They are a meanie head…and I mad because I am!”


You want us to go somewhere everyday. You like for all of us to go together, but you will still go out with me if no one else wants to come.  You are pretty good on outings now. You enjoy helping find things and walking/running through the aisles.  You like us to walk on the beach and take trips too. You don’t like being in the car for hours though. You enjoy the destination, not the journey.


Happy 3 1/2 Pookah-bear.  Your mommy couldn’t love you any more.


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the old tree


Our neighbors had one of the oldest trees in the neighborhood in their yard. It was close enough and large enough to us though that it felt like ours. It was our favorite thing about our space.  It was an enormous tree that provided lots of shade, interest, and coziness.  One day half of the tree just spit and fell into all the neighboring yards.  It was a mess and started a mass butchering off all the trees it damaged.  Now our space is so bright and empty!  The sun is blazing on us all day and our old house lot is looking more like a plot in a new treeless neighborhood.  So sad.  We were all pretty bummed about, but one day when all the tree cutters were chainsawing and grinding away, Milo said, “Well, I am very sad about this but I think we shouldn’t be too sad because soon we will get used to it not being there and there will be something good about it being gone I think- like we can see more of the pretty blue sky now.”   Wise little man.

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around here


July at our house

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Hello all! We are busy summering around here. It’s hot and these three babes are noisy and crazy and want to be entertained an awful lot. I’m going to try and start posting here again  and maybe even give this old blog a makeover.  If all else fails though and anyone here still wants to keep up with us-you can find me on instagram.  That’s quick and easy. I can do quick and easy certainly.

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Milo at 5

How on earth are you 5 years old. I really do think time speeds up the older I get. You are less “little” every week. I can see the big boy you are becoming and the man you will be in brief moments here and there. You are still my daily companion. You are almost always right by my side or at least in the same room as me. Occasionally you will go alone to your room and play for a bit. If you are not calling me every 5 minutes to see something or help you, you might get really interested in what you’re doing and forget you are alone, but as soon as you realize you’ve been gone for too long. You close up shop and get back to where I am.

We started to homeschool this fall. You technically wouldn’t start kindergarten until next fall, but you seemed ready to start reading and writing. So far, you really love it. When Lucas takes his nap, we work on your school stuff. Watching you read your first book was awesome. Your sweet face just lit up when you realized that the words you were reading made a sentence and made sense. You were so proud. Writing is a little harder for you and makes you tired and frustrated. Math is a piece of cake for you so far. You are still always full of questions and you do still talk all day and narrative almost everything.

Lucas and you have hit a rough patch lately. You are frustrated that he wants everything you have and takes every toy you try to play with. He screams and yells at you and you hold strong on your belongings. There are battles. You try to engage him in your games, but he is still too little to understand your rules. You usually get mad and huff away. Lucas usually goes to you and hugs you to make up. He loves you and is always saying, “My-mow” in the sweetest voice. He brings you your clothes and pats your back too. You love to go in his room with him and play and sometimes you offer him your toys as peace offerings. You’ve got a sweet heart Milo.

Keely and you aren’t doing too much together lately. She’s in school all day and your age differences aren’t helping. You don’t want her to think you are a baby, so you try hard not to do anything she wouldn’t approve of. She can be rough on you, but if anything happens to you she is so upset. If you are sick or hurt, she falls to pieces. She loves you. She just wants you to know she is so grown and you are not, right now. You do have your inside jokes and secret meetings in her room. You both love to play old computer games on daddy’s computer and practice wizard works and look for fairies in the backyard at night. You watch the movies she likes and you get into them too. You’re good like that.

Right now you are into matchbox cars and Lego’s. A good section of your bedroom floor is covered in your Lego creations. All you really wanted for your birthday was Lego’s and you got it. That’s a lot of little pieces. You like to invent your own little things to build- mazes, games, animal lands, traps etc. You are also into finding secret treasures. Everywhere we go your eyes are on the ground searching for lost little objects. You fill your pockets with pins, change, beads, and other random bits. At home your dump your pockets to inspect your loot and then dump the goods into your treasure jar. It’s filling up fast. When I ask you if you want to go to a new place you always ask if they will have good treasure for you to find.

You do not have any desire to play with other children outside of our home. You get so upset if another child touches your things or plays with something in a way you don’t want them to. You almost hide from children who are your age in public. You do wave, smile, and say hello to younger children and babies though. You are shy around people you don’t know. You work your way behind my legs or pretend like you don’t see them at all. You are also kind of a germophobe. You got that from me. Sorry about that. Sort of. You have to wash anything that some other person (who you have randomly deemed germie) touched before you can touch it. You do not like your hands to be dirty and you can’t stand if your nose is drippy. You go crazy and beg me to take care of it for you. You also do not like much food still. Very not adventurous in that department. I think you would happily eat the same three meals everyday. Cinnamon toast for breakfast, some cheese/bread/pasta combo for lunch, a sectioned tray of bananas, dried cereal, cheese, and an extra for dinner. I keep trying to slip in new items but you won’t even try anything. Vegetables are the enemy. Thank goodness you like V8 juices and vitamins. Maybe this is the year for new food? I hope.

You are still very sensitive and your feelings get hurt quite easily. It breaks my heart and makes my eyes water when I see your face when your feeling like that. I just have to hug you and pretend to erase the hurt. You do still have your temper too. If you are wronged or if you are asked to do something you don’t want to do, you get so mad. I think I can see the steam coming off your head. Lowered head, frown brow, clinched fists and the meanest look comes from you. Sometimes you will just stand and stare at us and other times yell and tell us how mean we are. Lately you tell me you are mad at me about 100 times a day because I’m not doing what you want me to do with you or for you. That’s fun. I try to acknowledge your feelings, but keep moving on and engage you after you’ve had a pout. Eventually, you come and hug me and apologize and we move on. Lucas has been yelling at you every time you try to sit on my lap lately and I often have to help Lucas with something before you and that seems to be getting to you a lot lately. I think you feel a bit displaced and that’s why you are “mad” at me so much. I’m trying to make up for in whenever I can. Parenting 3 is a wee bit harder than I expected.

You are still interested in nature and watch all the happenings in our yard and the sky through the seasonal changes. You question the hows and whys of it all. I’m glad (at this point anyways) that I usually have an answer. You still collect rocks and berries outside. You call the tiny berries on our Liriope- wish berries. Every time we go to the car- you give me a few and I have to make a wish for each and throw them in the air. Milo’s rules are: If they disappear and you don’t know where they fell, then you get your wish. You don’t like to be cold and go outside when it’s chilly is not your cup of tea. You like to have your head covered but you look stiff and uncomfortable in non-balmy temperatures. However, in the summer your face turns so red and you’re so sweaty that you like you might pass out. I guess your a moderate climate guy. You do like to curl up in blankets since fall is here and are often found perched on our heater vents…the modern hearth.

You still pick out a small stuffed animal to sleep with each night and you still wake up at about 6:30 and rush downstairs to sit next to me. You give the best hugs and you are a wonderful cuddler. Your eyes are just as sparkly blue as ever and your light yellow hair is so gorgeous. Your smile and your giggle lights up my heart. You will always be my baby Milo. I love you so much and I think you are such an awesome, beautiful boy with a very special light in you. I’m lucky to be your mommy. Happy fifth birthday Miggity.

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My Granny Couch

Hey! I just got a grandma couch!  There it is.  We’ve had our old couch for about 10 years and it was looking sad. It was super comfy and down stuffed, but it was dumpy looking.  We didn’t want to spend lots of money on a couch that our family of 5 would quickly destroy. Our living room is heavily used by all three children. The couch is their main flopping, jumping, cuddling land and there’s no getting around that.  So last weekend I spotted this lovely Granny at a thrift store and it was next to a wall of windows and looked mighty fine and firm and no back cushions to get smooshed down. It was tufted, had nice lines,  was in such great shape, and was cheap. We just had to get it.

Once we got it into our living room it looked MUCH golder, not cream like it did at the store. Hmm. I’m not a gold person. So now I’m trying to make it look LESS gold by removing all things yellowish from the room. How’s that working for you? said in my best Dr. Phil voice.  The children have already gotten a handful of spots on this lady in the week that we’ve had it-dripping wet hair, chocolate mouth smears, over wet diaper, etc. Yepper. Welcome home Granny Couch. It’s like 50+ years old and had not a spot on it until it entered our land. Ah well.  I am debating whether or not to paint the dark wood white/cream or not.  Could be disastrous.  I’m trying to go for a more coastal look here, not formal parlor. Hmmm.

Yes, we have much bigger problems in our home, life, and family but I go to organizing, rearranging and decorating to cope with stress.  The living room is my current target.

Oh yeah, I picked up this real Herman Miller shell chair for $4.00 from the sweetest old man’s yard sale.

Awesome sauce, yes? The children also love this chair and fight over it. Thankfully, they can not ruin this one.  I’m on the hunt now for two matching club style chairs that are kid proof-ish, but comfy still.  The living room is in the middle of a cheap-o makeover. Stay tuned.  Anyone have the tullsta chairs from Ikea?  They are slip covered so I’m thinking that might work.

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Easter Day Fair and Square

We’ve had beautiful weather here, so Easter was perfect.  The kids colored eggs, got giant filled baskets, had an Easter egg hunt, and a grandparent visit. A good day for them.

Last year I came up with a color coded Easter egg hunt and continued it this year at their request. These two are obsessed with fairness and boy can they fight. The hunt would have been ruined had I not intervened with this over protective, meddling, helicopter parenting, coddling, somewhat ridiculous solution.

Milo only finds/gets the blue and green eggs and Keely only gets the pink  and purple eggs.  That way they are not screeching and tackling each other whenever an egg is spotted. Also, they will get the same number of eggs, so no one feels like a big ‘ole hunting loser with sad basket of 2 eggs while the bigger kid has 84,000 and is laughing maniacally at their wonderful luck.  It works beautifully and makes for a much more feel good time. Yay! Judge me if you must, but we will continue this tradition for.evaaaah.

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tweet, tweet

Sooooo,  I was thinking I might “shop for” customers. Ya know if there was something you were looking for but haven’t been able to find it or didn’t have the time to dig around in flea markets?  You could drop me an email and let me know. Give me a price you’d like to pay for it and then I’d keep my eye out.  So, let me know if there’s something vintage that you have been dreaming about. It just might turn up. :)

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Lucas 13 months

You cute little guy. You seem to grow before my eyes now. Each time I look at you I just can’t believe how big you are.  You are shining more and more each week. You’ve got spunk and preferences and silliness and sweetness all wrapped up in your yummy little self.

You often come over to us and wrap an arm around us for leg hug or flop against us for a quick cuddle. We all freeze and take you in when the moment comes. Even the siblings now how sweet those times are.  Sometimes you are very still and we get to cuddle and rub your skin or just breath you in and that is wonderful.

You love getting into drawers and cabinets. I can’t believe the quickness of your disasters.  You try to reach into anything that looks interesting.  I put a few latches on a couple of cabinets, but mostly we just have to let this stage pass.  You spend most of your day toddling around opening up things finding interesting items carrying them around banging on things and then pushing your wagon around.

You love to say uh-oh.  It usually follows you throwing things where they shouldn’t be repeatedly. Uh-oh. Uh-oh. AAAAAAAH-ooooooooooh.  You think you are funny. You also clap a lot and say, “Yay!” You love music too. You drop everything to find the source of it and listen to it. You’ll do a little swaying dance too.  You hum songs that you know and will listen to any tune that comes your way.  You prefer women’s voices. You do not like to be sung to though. I try lullabies with you, but you won’t have it.  You fight against nap time almost every day. You scream and protest no matter how tired you are, no matter what time I try to help you to sleep-earlier, later- you just must protest loudly.  I won’t miss that passing. You love to find noisy objects to bang on other noisy objects too. You watch our faces as you do it.

You still love climbing on people. If you see a body on the floor, you are ON it. Usually, you lay across our heads.  You love to pet Milo’s hair now. He loves that. You’re very gentle about it too.

Music has you very interested. You hum songs that you know and will listen to any tune that comes your way.  You prefer women’s voices. You do not like to be sung to though. I try lullabies with you, but you won’t have it.  You fight against naptime almost every day. You scream and protest no matter how tired you are, no matter what time I try to help you to sleep-earlier, later- you just must protest loudly.  I won’t miss that passing.

We adore you Lucas. You make us all smile with you sweetness and all your little ways.

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starry nights and days

I finally finished the star pillows set. They are well loved by all the children.  The biggest one turned out ginormous! It’s like a monster starfish.

Now pillows are great for laying on, but the boys mostly carry them and throw them around. That big one is bigger than Lucas, but he sure tries to fling it.

Look at that ugh! face.

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