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on our coffee table

I've had bags of clothespin peg forms forever and a couple of weeks ago, desperate for something to entertain Keely, I got them out. I gave her some Sharpies and we decorated them. She loved it.  Then we had to make little sleep sacks for them too. I added individual pockets to them the other day at her request…like a crayon/pencil roll. It worked great and she has been happily playing with them since.
I also made her a scarf. I've been meaning to make one since last winter. She liked it at first, but now wants different colors. oy. It was a fun, fast project and I hope to make two mature-ish ones for Ryan and I at some point. That's it for crafting from me for awhile I think. hmmm.

2 Comments November 20, 2007

crafting continued

I decided it was time I tried out the paper flowers from Martha. We hung them in Keely's room. I wonder how long they'll hold their shape? They look quite pretty. I wish I could've found some deeper shades of tissue though-instead of the pastel. Ah well.
Then, this is what I've got going on in our baby corner. 
-some red, some blue, some birds, all above the changing table. 
Then I went to make myself a camera bag, but couldn't really figure out a way to do it. I  made myself a new bag instead! It's interfaced with some thick felt, so it holds its shape better than most of my totes. 
Oh! tried out the little pom-pom pumpkins from Liquid Paper too. I had to choose between rusty orange and fluorescent orange though. I'm sure they'd be cuter in a normal pumpkin shade. These are for Keely's dollhouse.
Alright, this completes my recent crafting adventures. Now, Keely insists that she wants to dress up as a ghost for Halloween. I've tried to make her a costume. One is a sheet turned tunic/dress thing and the other a gauzy long skirt with white shirt, but I think they are way lame. I don't know what to put on her head. She won't go for face paint either. I know it doesn't really matter because she'll only make it up our street probably, but…I obsess. Off to ponder this now.

9 Comments October 30, 2007

dark photos of a blanket

So, the weather finally got a bit chilly. Thankyou! and Keely was looking around for a blanket to roll around on the floor with. The one she picked was just ugly. I didn't tell her that but my brain said, "MUST make her a snuggly, floppy blanket now."  The next day I had this made for her.

We all like it and are fighting over who gets to wrap up with it. I made it with almost all thrifted sheets, hence the pink overload. There's a lot of pink sheets available at our stores. I also added some chenille and minky strips for some texture. I used all cotton batting too, which I love. I opted out on a real quilt with binding and all that jazz. I thought for sure I would go into labor with an unfinished blanket and fabric scraps trashing our house. So this was just a quickie- patchwork top, cotton batting, sheet backing and stitch in the ditch quilting.  I wish I had the energy and the fabric to make a giant one of these. I heart this blanket.  It occurred to me that I probably should be making the baby a blanket, but er…well… I didn't. But I did whip-up a miniature version of Keely's blanket for the stuffed cats she's been toting around.

Very practical. I have a few more things to show, but I'm having some uploading photo problems…again-maybe tomorrow.

* If you have emailed me a question I promise that I have answered them, but for some reason not all of my emails have been getting received. I don't know why. Email again if you still want answering. K?

5 Comments October 29, 2007

owls & beignets

Soooooo… I've been having far too many contractions lately. Friday night they were going for about 3 hours! I was getting a little worried and also realized that I am so not ready to have the baby yet. eek. Best get ready. There's only about 6/7 weeks left.  Yeah. Moving right along. Just because the weather isn't saying fall- I'm still pretending like it is. I've been thinking about a little autumn/Halloween decor, so I finally made up a few of moonstitches owls. I've had them bookmarked for a really long time.

Meet Hootie & the Blowfish. I amuse easily. I ended up making three of them and Keely has claimed them all.  Fall decorations they will not be. Keely toys they are. Also, we found a box of Cafe du Monde beignet mix and Ryan made up some for breakfast on Sunday. Keely and I had hot chocolate with whipped cream to go along with ours. It was quite good. 
~Happy October~

11 Comments October 1, 2007

soft sets

Remember back in the day when I made all that play food? Well, I never made Keely the full set and I don't see myself doing it anytime soon, but she loves the stuff I did make her. The other day I realized that she plays with those almost everyday (especially the sandwich). She also plays with all of the "toys" I've made her. I like that. So, I've been working on some more little soft toy sets. Ever since we got the "Little Pea" book (so long ago), I've been meaning to make up a little pea character for her, as so many others already have. I finally did. He wasn't the right size, so I had to make another. Repeat. Then, I ended up with 3, so we had the whole Pea family. Why stop there? I made the candy and a bowl of spinach too.

Then, Ryan said, "Hey, how 'bout a bag to put them all in? One with a pocket to hold the book too!" Oh well that's a dang good idea, just had to make that too.
That's a bad, low-light shot, but you get the idea-green with polka dots and a big pocket holding the book on the outside.
Then, I saw Molly Chicken's cute little mice and gave those a go.
Thanks Lyn, for the easy tutorial.

Also, Keely loves cats so when I found a bag of itty-bitty cats at the store I knew I'd do something with them.

I made a little drawstring bag and filled it with all the cats. Then made little kitty beds for half a dozen of them. I was going to do some yarn balls too.

I have a couple more little sets in the planning stage. We'll see if they get any further than that. I was thinking I could give her these little things in a bag when birth day arrives. They'd be soft, quiet and maybe keep her entertained for a few minutes.  I really want to make her a waldorf doll, but I don't think I'm up for that endeavor right now. I originally had planned on buying her a special doll and then make it a set of things that I'm making for the real baby (bibs, blankets etc.) and it could be her big sister present, but after looking at every doll in the normal stores-I just am not impressed. I then thought I'd buy her a waldorf doll, but they cost a bit of moolah. Anyway, that's on the back burner for now. Little soft sets are on the front burner.

*Speaking of play food….You've gotta check out all the soft food sets made by biofino. This sandwich is so cool.  This bowtie pasta is also cute. It's just felt, cinched in the middle, pinked at the edges. Easy. This one is even easier to make. It looks like fettucinni noodles and it is just strips of nice felt (which, of course, I don't have). So good.

16 Comments September 5, 2007

If you give the lady some NEW fabric…


She'll make a new mouse pad! My old one was a typical one you buy at a store. I'd had it for years. It was ratty and ugly. Buh-bye. This one is just two rectangles of fabric with a thick layer of flannel sandwiched inbetween. Works for me. I really like that Amy Butler red lotus fabric AND it matches the "calm" poster in our living room, so I also had to make another pillow for in there too. 
New fabric is good. 

12 Comments August 30, 2007

a doll sling and whatnot

The doll sling is complete. It took two tries to get the size right. I've used this material for so many things. I bought about 12? yards of it at a thrift store for $4. I probably have 5 yards left. I always use it for things I'm not sure how to make so I don't waste any of my "good" stash. What's my point here? Dunno. Just rambling on.  Here's her little sling.

Keely thinks it's quite funny. She says, "Oh froggy wants to get in the sling." She carries him around, gives him a bottle. Then she says (oh so dramatically), "Oh NOW ducky wants a ride too! Ugh! Everyone wants to get in my sling!" She goes through about 5 animals/dolls each time.

Awhile back Joanna made a beautiful sling for me. Last week I was trying it on and then I was carrying our dog around in it and he loved it. He fell asleep and never wanted to get out of it. He's a weird pooch… or am I the weird one for putting him in it in the first place?  Anyway, then Keely wanted to get in it too. I put her in and she barely fit- her long legs all hanging out the end, but she was amused with it. Man, is she heavy. I decided I'm going to attempt to make myself a newborn sling one of these days. It'll be shorter and sit a little higher on my chest to keep a bitty babe snuggled without feeling lost in the bottom. I never carried Keely in a sling because I just sat in one spot for most of every day and night holding her upright because she spewed milk constantly. That'd made for a wet, nasty sling. Hopefully, that won't be the situation this time around. It'd be handy (ha ha ha) to have some hands free time to be with Keely when 2 arrives. It's quite tricky to get the measurements rights on the sling though, so we'll see how that goes.


There's this song that I keep hearing, "Young Folks". I first saw/heard it on a few blogs. Which made me whistle/hum the beginning of it for several days. Finally I forgot about it and, lo and behold, I hear it on a commercial. Now it's stuck in my head again. I don't even know if I really like it. Just that beginning is catchy to me. Watch it here. Now you'll all be infected…mwah ha ha ha. 

Lastly, a family friend who recently had some big computer troubles sent us this link to a little movie that is pretty amusing. It was to us anyway. 

*Still can't get my email/reply thing to work-even the smarty pants hubby can't figure out the problem. Sooooo, if you asked me a question I will respond to you-eventually. Sorry. 

17 Comments April 17, 2007

Yak, Yak, Yak

So we had a few lovely days of beautiful spring weather, family visits, and naps (me). 

And then some grey and rain.
There has been some productivity around here too. My hubby has taken up drawing a little more seriously these days and wanted something to keep his pencils and things in, so I made him a little art roll.
Let's not talk about how long this simple thing took. This simple thing that I've made before and know how to do!  My brain is just not working lately. A bit cloudy and grey in there too I think.

And then do y'all remember when I was all like, "Hey, I'm gonna make Mr. bunny a little wool coat?" HA!  I KNOW I can't sew clothes…but I did try and failed. Failed. Failed.

I do not know how to sew sleeves on a little arm hole. Nope. It was going to be so cute- with these bitty pearly buttons down the front and a floral print pocket to match his carrot bag. Not now. Not going to be cute and not finishing it. I'm just leaving it lay around so I can laugh at it. You are an embarrassment- you silly coat.  You and your pathethic one arm sewn backwards  sadly hemmed self. 
Boy is this post all over the place…better than nothing though. 

I haven't been out thrifting much, maybe twice in the last month! I'm just not as interested (we've got enough junk), I'm too tired, and they've raised some of their prices. Boo.  However, on last week's brief trip, I found this nifty little school cart. 

I think it's for books, but Keely is calling it her "couch WITH WHEELS!" and scooting through the house with it. fun. I do that on my couch all the time, don't you? It was $3. Awesome. I'm half tempted to make couch-like cushions for the bottom and the back. Ah, that would amuse me. A bitty rollie couch with cushions.

Alright, now we are going back to sewing talk… while I was on a sewing kick, I started trying to make Keely a doll sling and again, the brain is not computing. I completely fade out while I'm measuring, then while I'm cutting–well, during every step actually…makes for some lovely mistakes. Maybe I'll figure it out by my next post. Until then.

*I'm having some email problems and haven't been able to personally reply to anyone for a few days. Hopefully, I get that fixed today. I'm still reading your comments, I just can't answer. sigh. 

18 Comments April 16, 2007


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for all your warm wishes and congratulations! You made me smile.

The day before Easter it snowed! Total craziness for these parts. The snow was off and on for most of the day. 

Then, now get ready for it……are you ready?  I sewed something! GASP!  I decided on Friday night that I should make Keely a bunny for Easter and by Saturday afternoon I had this…
Soft bunny, mini tote bag, and a wee carrot.  I wanted to make him a long coat (out of the grey wool he's sitting on) and some other clothes, but I didn't have the time or energy. I had this old doll dress that fit "him" perfectly and now our little Easter bunny is a girl. Keely and I also made cupcakes and ate a few too many jellybeans. 
Hope your weekend was good. 

11 Comments April 9, 2007

play food : the final episode

At long last, I present to you all the play food. Amy has received it, so it's safe to show now. 


toast and an egg 
pancake and bacon 


Two sandwiches- cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle

and a P.B. & J. with tortilla chips 
 a cut-up quesadilla
3 chocolate chip & 3 sugar cookies 

an ice cream cone with three scoops of ice cream  

 and the whole spread…it's clickable.

53 Comments March 20, 2007

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