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starry nights and days

I finally finished the star pillows set. They are well loved by all the children.  The biggest one turned out ginormous! It’s like a monster starfish.

Now pillows are great for laying on, but the boys mostly carry them and throw them around. That big one is bigger than Lucas, but he sure tries to fling it.

Look at that ugh! face.

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We decided to spring-up the house yesterday.  I gave the crepe paper flower garland from Oh Happy Day a try.  We strung it up on our mantle.  Then Milo saw some garden themed sensory box pictures on my computer with me and said we had to, just had to make one.  He did a lot of the painting.

We filled it with black beans (dirt), garden bugs, egg cartons painted as vegetables etc. So far, he is enjoying it. Lucas is screaming in anger though because he so wants to get the little black beans out.  We have to keep a lid on it when he is awake.

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a parade and a game

Everyone was healthy on St. Patrick’s. That is no small feat in our home. We made it to the parade and got the kids to scream and go crazy to earn their beads and candy.  Lucas was dancing to the marching bands and woo-hooing at everything we woo-hoo’ed at. The weather was great too.


Last week while cleaning out our kid closet, I came across something I had made for Milo awhile ago. He enjoy playing it with me for a little bit.  I’m saving it for when Lucas is older now. I thought I’d share it here though too.

It’s a fabric matching game.  I just found a bunch of fabric with different textures and cut out two rectangles of each.  You keep one set out and put the matches in a bag or basket. Then, the child feels one of his textures and has to reach into the bag without looking and try to find the matching fabric.  This can be made really easy with really different textures—burlap vs. cotton, or much harder with things like different rib widths of corduroy.  Easy to make and great for a tactile experience and discerning textures.

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Sewn Marble Maze

So, I saw this little idea here and had to give it a go with some fabric scraps I had from another project.  It’s a little encased fabric marble maze.  Thicker fabrics work the best.  It really is fun and relaxing to guide the little marble through its path.

The kids think they are great and every time they see them laying around, they pick them up to play with them.  Such a clever idea.  I’m putting these in my emergency activities car bag I think.



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continuing on with the cloud theme

I’m a theme kind of girl so here goes. These are our wee clouds and such.  The kids used to hang them over our nature table, but now Milo has a suction cup on our study window and he likes hanging up the fitting weather hanging there. There have been many requests for a sun, a moon, snowflakes, lightening, hurricanes?, etc.  They are fun and super easy to make.  We have been reading Cloudette, so now our little cloud hanging is named that.  It is a cute book if you haven’t read it before.  We’ve also been flipping through The Cloud Collectors Handbook.  They are linked below if you’re interested.

Lastly, due to the overwhelming response (of one-shout out to Katurah! Do people still even say, “shout out?” I dunno.) there will be  a room tour of Lucas’s space on Monday.

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mama cloud and baby cloud

Kind of feeling like we’ve got one of those hanging over our heads. So, I thought that it was important to make some pillow props!  I made one big cloud pillow and one baby one.  One side is grey and the other is soft white.  Milo thinks they should match the days’ weather. Today is cloudy and grey-Milo runs to the couch and flips them to the right side.

I thought it would also be neat to make a little pocket or zipper in the pillow and do some little raindrop shaped bean bags in them.  Keely wanted some Velcro lightening. I didn’t have the time for those endeavors though.  Maybe someday.  Until then- it’s just two reversible Mama and baby cloud pillows.


2 Comments February 29, 2012

Adding to our wooden family … slowly

The grandparent additions. You know who you are. 

5 Comments July 27, 2008

It’s July already?

Hi all. Summer is rolling along. I can't believe it's July already. Ryan is taking a summer course so he's not home with us for a few weeks. We are trying to find some kind of summer groove, but haven't yet. We did make our first family trek to our local aquarium though.

We never took Keely to those kind of places before because it would not have gone well. A couple weeks ago we went with TWO kids and it was pretty dang good. We looked and acted like competent normal-ish parents. We were impressed with ourselves. Keely did great and Milo didn't scream. When Keely started to get too tired (potentially a very bad scene) and Milo was falling asleep, we just swapped them. Keely got a ride in the too small stroller and Milo went to sleep in his sling. All was well. We were on our toes and made all the transitions effortlessly. Oh no! Keely's shoes were giving her a blister. I quickly busted out a Hello Kitty band-aid. Meltdown averted. It was good. I think we really played the part of a perfectly sane, mellow family. HA! We really fooled the tourist masses. Suckers.
The best part though was when Keely touched a sting ray. She was over the moon about it. I'm so glad I captured her happiness.
We were hoping (and really trying to convince ourselves that we could) try to make a few summer trips this year, but when gas prices are around $4. a gallon-I think that won't be happening.  We'll have to make more local mini-day vacations. We even started questing for our future farm house again, but the housing market isn't looking too good right now either, soooo that's on the back burner now too.
Hmmm. What else?  I've only been a wee bit crafty lately. I made these super groovy shorts for Milo out of Ryan's old pants.
 AND I've been wanting to try making a little taggie book for Milo forever. I finally whipped up this one.
I wanted it to be very simple, but interesting to my little guy. He is into playing with tags and any little pieces that can be flipped, so I also made a few lift the flaps inside of it.
After making this one I have SO many more ideas to make it even better, too bad I have no time for that.  Alrighty, that's all the news for now. Onward with summer. Today we are making smoothie Popsicles.

7 Comments July 3, 2008


I forgot to post our spring fairy house here. So this is it. Keely requested water and an upstairs. I thought the river and a ladder would fit the bill.

Then after seeing this DIY foam core doll house thingy, I thought we'd give that a go.
Keely LOVES setting up houses. Usually she makes them for stuffed animals and they are built with blocks and bean bags. She also has a few real doll houses, but I thought she'd like setting up this multi-purpose house too. Just another one to add to her collection. 

And lastly, I tried my hand at making a couple paper houses. I thought it would be fun for Keely and I to make a whole mini neighborhood and do some landscaping and all, but she is a bit too young and uninterested at this point, so I'm filing that away for a later date. She did draw people and pictures on the insides of these though.
*If you do make the foam core house make note of one of the comments on that post about cutting one of the slits 4 inches long and the other 6 inches. The post says 2 inches and that does not work. 

3 Comments May 13, 2008


I've seen so many cute painted peg folks out there I had to try my hand at painting us. I'm so amused with these-so is Keely. I hope to make our extended family to add to the collection too.
Look! It's us in the big city. Yeah, we bring out pets with us. heh. Keely and I made different backgrounds for them yesterday. It was entertaining.
(I changed Milo's clothes because while the bib says, "Hey I'm a baby." Milo doesn't wear bibs yet, so the little button-up outfit was more him. And yes, it does really matter. Uh hum.) 
Later in the weekend the peg hubby and I got away to Paris
*The pegs can be bought at Michael’s. I think 2 for a dollar. I ordered mine online though. They are cheaper by the bag fulls. There are plenty of unfinished wood craft parts supply stores online. I just used cheap craft paint and tiny brushes for the painting. I'm hoping to find some non-toxic varnish to coat them with next.

18 Comments April 24, 2008

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