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Milo at 10


Milo you are a decade old. You’ve made ten whole trips around the sun. I keep telling you to not be so old. I just can’t stand how fast you are growing up. You don’t listen though. You look older and you’re a bit taller, but you’re just as cute as ever. Some kids at our our co-op decided to vote on who the cutest kid was and almost all of them voted for you!

This year you’ve been really into astronomy. You love reading just about anything to do with space. You are fascinated with black holes and you also love space rovers and satellites. We go to our beach every time their is a launch from Wallops Island hoping to see something. We also try and spot the space station when there are fly overs. We go to the bay to see the full moon risings, especially the super moons. You wanted a telescope this summer, so we got you one. You figured it all out and set it up by your window. You love studying the moon and Jupiter when their within view.


You also still love Lego’s and Minecraft. You build some very detailed creations and tell us every single thing about them and how they work. You want to get into coding now too. You also enjoy reading and you fly through all the books we give you. You read for at least an hour before bed most nights. You still stay up way too late.

You’re doing fine in school although you are easily distracted and I have a hard time getting you to just focus and finish your work. You hardly ever will just sit in a chair and get it done. You cry about having to write things still, although you are a great writer with a wonderful vocabulary. You also get very upset about math, although you are able to understand it pretty easily. You enjoy science and reading the most. Sometimes you like to draw too. You are a perfectionist and get frustrated when your creations are as you think they should be.

milo10bMilo you are a sensitive boy. This summer you gained a new compassion for every living creature, especially ants and beetles. You have to rescue every bug that is in the path of danger. Taking a neighborhood walks became quite tedious. You love your pets and want them to cuddle you at all times. You do get really mad at Cooper for eating your lego’s, but you quickly forgive him and go back to loving on him.

You are still sweet and cuddly yourself. You like to wrap up in blankets and sit near me on the couch. You tell me you love me many times a day. You are protective of your family and like to be with us and explore places together. You do not like to go to stores, unless their are Lego’s. Lucas and you play together most of the day. You two fight a lot too, but mostly their is friendship. Each night while we are downstairs watching a show, you go into Lucas’s room and hang out with him for awhile before going to your own space. You guys usually get loud and crazy, but we let you for awhile because it’s so nice that you two want to be together.


We still go to co-op two days a week. You are taking 3 class right now and have your core group of friends there that you talk to and run around with at lunch break. You all are very opinionated, so you seem to just yell over top of each other to get your ideas across. You guys eventually settle on some sort of tag game and run screaming wildly through the grounds chasing each other.


Happy ten years my Miggity moo. You are sweet, cute, intelligent, funny, and driven. I wonder will the next year will take you. I love you baby.

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Milo at 9


Now you have reached nine Milo! You have jsut grown a lot taller, but you still look like my sweet boy. Your hair is just as blonde. Your eyes just as sparkly blue.  You are just as loving and cuddly as always.

This year you have become quite helpful and responsible.  You try to help out around the house. You clean off the table, bring in dishes, tuck in the chairs.  You tell me when things are out of order or messy. You often fix couch cushions that Lucas has messed up.  You like things to be orderly, like me. You don’t like when people leave lights on, doors open, or put things in the wrong spots.  I can relate. We just got our new puppies last month, Luna and Cooper, and you love them.  You are so good taking care of them.  You are kind and gentle.  You take them outside and even clean up after them.  You keep telling me how much fun it is to have puppies or how glad you are that we have them.  You really love animals.  You still adore Midnight, of course.  You want him in your bed with you ever night and you are so upset if he is elsewhere.  You carry him around and try to put him in whatever room you are in during the day.


You still enjoy nature and observing all that there is too see.  You notice beauty and oddity and always point it out to us, so that we can take note of it.  You’re sad when we see a dead bug or trees being chopped down. You have a gentle spirit.

You are pretty quiet around other people.  At home, you talk all the time and run and climb on everything.  You shimmy up and down door frames. You hang from casings.  You rock and spin in every chair you try to sit it. So much energy in your little body.  You aren’t interested in playing any sport or organized activities yet.  I keep trying to get you interested in some kind of music lesson, but you aren’t having it.  You take 3 classes at co-op now…Biology, Astronomy, and Celtic Choir.  You like them well-enough and you do a good job.  You don’t really hang out with any other boys though.  You don’t seem to want to.


You love your siblings.  You get frustrated with both of them often, but you also would do anything for them.  You don’t ever want them to be hurt or sad. You try to fix things when there is a problem.  You do still have your temper. When you are wronged, you get really mad.  It’s a whole different Milo then.  You usually just want to be left alone to calm down while the storm passes.  You don’t walk to talk or be hugged. You just want to be in your room.


You spend most of your non-school time playing Legos and Minecraft. You are more into the coding and mod side of things though.  You love computer stuff and you’re really good at it…like your dad.  You are a wonderful reader too.  You fly through books and spend an hour or so reading before bed every night.  You stay up way too late doing it.  I have to make you go to sleep when I do.

Milo, you still sit next to me and want to hold my hand when we walk someplace.  I love that.  You try to help me when you see that I’ve got too much to do or that my arms are full.  You give me hugs out of the blue and tell me that you love me.   I love you to my boy.  I don’t know what we’d do without you.  It’s been a wonderful 9 years with you in it.  Happy Birthday Moo!


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Milo at 8


Now Milo you have turned eight! Eight seems so old for my little you. Your face has taking on an older kid look lately and you are growing taller bit by bit. You’ve lost quite a few teeth and are missing several currently.  Your hair is just as blonde and your eyes just as sparkly blue as always. There are a few more summer freckles scattered across your nose and cheeks though.  We are homeschooling again and you are in second grade. You like to learn new things and you like to listen to me read to you.  You still do not like to write and math you like to do in your head and never want to show your work. You avoid all writing. You have gotten into drawing this year. I think you draw every day. You are getting really good and I love receiving drawings from you. You started piano this school year and have already decided that you don’t really like it. “It’s not fun and too hard.”  I’m not sure if we’ll push you to continue or not.  You also are taking an Egyptian class through our co-op. You seem to like that.

milo 8 b

Minecraft is still your favorite activity and watching Stampy videos. You even requested a Stampy cake for your birthday this year.  You also still play with Legos, but you really like to build them more than play. Your room is like a Lego museum.  You decided you wanted a hamster for your birthday and that is all you asked for from us. So, you got your first hamster.  He bit you twice the first day and now you’re scared to hold him, but you still like him. You’ve been very responsible, so far, about taking care of him.

You like to run. Where ever we go, you will run.  You have a hard time sitting still. At meals, you climb all over your chair and rock it around and drive us nuts. You fall sometimes, but it doesn’t stop you. Every chair is a jungle gym. You climb our door frames and walk on the back of the couch.  You talk Lucas into having “battles” with you where you basically, just crash into each other and try to push each other off the living room rug.  You make up a lot of games for Lucas and you to play when ever we go anywhere too. Who can find the most red cars, yellow cars, or who can say a certain words the most. You change the rules of the games a lot and usually win.  Then, your brother screams and cries and you tell him that he won instead.

milo 8 a

You still run to me every morning and give me a big hug and want to cuddle for a little bit. You get very mad if I’m not available for the long cuddle or if I’m with Lucas.  At night, I lay with you in your bed and we snuggle and a read a chapter out of our current book.  We’ve been through quite a stack of chapter books this year.  Then, I leave and you read some of Harry Potter.  We set a timer for 40 minutes of reading.  I leave. The timer goes off and you add more minutes to it and end up staying up until 11:00 most nights. It’s a good thing school doesn’t make you wake up early.  You enjoy reading and love for Midnight to lay with you in bed.

milo 8 c

You still love maps and love to explore on google maps, collect real maps, and print maps of fictional places.  You like making list of how to do or make something also. You hide lots of secret writings in envelopes and take them to your room.

We’ve had a few medical issues come up this year.  You’ve developed eczema on your hands, had a real problem with frequent nose bleeds, and we found out that you have an osteochondroma  near your left knee.  As far as we know, none of these things are too serious, but still no fun to deal with each day. Hopefully, they will remain low threat.

I love you so much my little Moo.  I hope you always stay as sweet, smart, funny, cute, loving, caring, and creative as you are today.  Happy eighth birthday.


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Milo at 7 1/2



You are on your way to being 8 already.  You still like to cuddle and sit with me a lot, so I hope you continue that.  You don’t try to act grown-up yet either. You are very much a little boy.  You love to play Legos still and you continue to be obsessed with playing Minecraft and watching Stampy Longhead videos about Minecraft.  You spent a good amount of time playing with Lucas too, though.  You will play with his stuff in his room and sometimes you will let him into your room.  You try to take care of him and include him in your games.  He does get on your nerves though and you get very frustrated often.  You have to run and go be alone in your own space for awhile to calm down. Keely and you get along most of the time and make each other laugh a lot.

We finished up first grade this year and you did great. You like history, science, sometimes math, and you did not like writing one tiny bit.  You can not stand to write anything. You love for me to read to you also.  We read for school and I also read The Magic Treehouse books with you every night.  You read on your own before you go to sleep, too. Maps are your thing lately.  You have a giant map of Virginia over your bed and you study it each day and try to find new towns and cities.  You like to find all the old houses we’ve taken trips to.  You think Virginia is pretty cool.  “You can drive to the mountains and to the Bay and to the ocean in one day.”  You like to play on Google maps too and explore the whole world.


You stay up almost to 10 o’clock reading at night and then sleep in to about 8 in the morning. You like to sit with me and have a cup of hot chocolate in the morning.  Once the rest of the house is awake you go off and entertain yourself or play with Lucas unless we have other plans.  You like it when we go to the zoo, aquarium, beach, or to check out someplace new.  You are usually up for it.  You don’t like to go to stores any more though. They are boring.

You have taken a few classes at our homeschool co-op and have done great with them.  You are always happy to go and eager to learn. You even have a friend there now.  I hope you can stay friends with him since there aren’t any little boys in our neighborhood for you to pal around with.  You don’t seem to mind though.milo73

You like to build things, see how things work, and figure out how to do things.  Your little mind loves that stuff.  You’re a pretty sharp guy, Milo. I always wonder about what you will be when you grow up.

You like snakes and all furry animals.  You adore Midnight and always bring him into bed with you at night. He happily stays right next to you for a few hours.  Many times throughout the day you will curl up next to him and pet him for awhile.  You are sweet and gentle.


You are still pretty short for your age and most people assume you are younger than you because of it.  You have more freckles now and look a little more like a big kid. I always cut your hair myself, but I’m guessing soon I’m going to have to find a new technique or take you someplace because I don’t think the little kid cut is going to work much longer.

I love you so much Milo.  You are so smart and sweet.  You make your momma proud Miggity.

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Milo @ 7


Milo you have reached 7 years old this week. You are growing quickly and changing from a little boy to a big guy.  You are still a bit short for your age though, so I’ll pretend you are much younger.


Your love of Lego’s have returned and now Minecraft is a tad in the backseat.  You analyze ever page in your Lego catalogs.  You use them so much the pages are falling out and are all so worn and soft. You always have one nearby you.  You love to watch other people’s reviews of Lego sets that you are interested in on YouTube. You beg to do that every day.  For any holiday, all you ask for is Lego’s-not one other thing is on your list.  You know what you like.  You do not like people to mix your sets up and you don’t really like people to play with them.  Keely has been playing with you some lately.  You give Lucas his own handful of bricks to keep him entertained and mostly out of your prized sets.

We are homeschooling again this year for first grade.  You are almost done with the public school’s curriculum for this year, but we are mostly using are own.  You love for me to read to you and you can read and decode words really well.  You impress me with you number skills too. You can just figure out things before I even finish explaining a way to complete a problem. Yay! to that!  You like learning about space too.  We even went to watch the launch of a rocket and to see the International Space Station flyby a couple months ago.  Unfortunately, the rocket exploded but the experience was still pretty neat.  You also made models of the rocket with Lego’s.  Writing is still not your thing.  You want to spell everything perfectly and if you can’t, then you don’t want to write at all. You are taking your first co-op class this semester.  You like it a lot and you look forward to it each week.  We are trying to get you interested in taking up an instrument or trying out a sport this spring.  You still aren’t that interested in playing with other kids.  You are happy to be with your siblings and mostly be at home.  You tell me that you will never, ever, ever, go to public school.

milo 7 c

You still adore our pets and always want them with you.  Keely and you fight over who gets to hold the cats or whose room the cats will lay in.  Since Keely is home this year, you are spending more time playing with her and less time with Lucas. He makes you really mad because he doesn’t play with your things the way you want him to.  He, of course, thinks you are the greatest thing and wants to be with you and do whatever you do.  Keely and you are much closer this year and get along about half of the time.  You do yell at any sibling who enters your room. That is sacred ground and the Lego’s must be protected.

milo7 b

You are still very sweet and love to be cuddled, especially at night. Each night I lay with you for a little bit.  I have to tell you a story about putting each of your body parts to sleep and then I have to “give” you a dream to think about while you fall asleep. You like your routines. You are good about helping out and cleaning up after yourself. You even clean up after Lucas. You don’t like dishes or toys to be laying around out of place.  You do like your Lego’s to be all over every table surface of the house though!  You also don’t like wasting things.  If there if food left on your plate you want someone else to eat it.  If there is a broken toy piece, you don’t want it thrown away. “We can use it for something else! Don’t throw that away, mommy!” Your temper is still there too.  You get so angry, so quickly.  You yell, growl, storm off, say mean things, make the maddest faces, and slam doors.  You usually get over it quickly and apologize. You tell me that you just can’t help it and that when you get so mad you just have to let the madness out in mean words.

milo7 a

Your food choices are still limited, but you just started trying new foods on your own-finally!  You even admitted that you are kind of bored eating the same kinds of things. I almost fell over when you voluntarily at some green beans! I hope seven is the year of varied food choices for you.  A new development this year is that you don’t like me to take your picture anymore. You used to always jump in front of my camera, but now you get annoyed and make a face or run away. I guess that means fewer pictures from now on.


You requested a Minecraft birthday this year and were so excited about your cake and presents. You counted down the days until your birthday for the whole month and you screamed with happiness over your gifts.  You are good at being excited and fun to give gifts too, that’s for sure.

Happy seven years my miggity-moo.  I couldn’t love you more!





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Milo @ 6 1/2


Milo at 6 1/2 you are still very much my little boy.  You are still loveable and love to snuggle. You especially require some love before bedtime and when you wake up. You are still small and certainly do not look like you are 6 1/2. You take after your daddy in that way. You also look just like him as child.


Currently, you are very much into playing Minecraft. Lego’s have taken the backseat lately.  You play with Lucas for most of the morning in some sort of invented game with cars and Lego’s. Then you guys make up some crazy, run away / chase or catch each other event through the house or in the backyard.  Before lunch you are done with each other and fighting usually.  We eat our lunch together and then Lucas takes his nap. We do the majority of our homeschool work during nap time, so that we aren’t interrupted.  You can read so good now.  I am constantly impressed by how many advanced words you already now.  You are great at math too.  You just pick it up very easily.  Writing, though, you can not stand.  It is  torture to you.  You’ve done great for kindergarten though and we are done for the year now.   At this point, I think we are going to stick with homeschooling for next year too.


You are usually very helpful and thoughtful. You really love to help with food preparations. You come running if you hear me getting out the cutting boards.  If I drop something, you will pick it up without being asked.  You usually clean up after yourself too. You help Lucas if he needs help with something (unless you are mad at the time).  You still have your temper though and can quickly change from sweetheart to frowny brow and clinched fists.  You really get mad at things you think are unfair .  If Keely gets to do or have something you don’t, you will go on and on about it forever-sometimes for days!  You fight a lot with Keely.  You get hurt a lot too, emotionally and physically.  You can be so pitiful sometimes.  I have to wrap you up and just love on you until it passes.


You love your animals and if you are not up and playing- you always want an animal next to  you.  You cuddle and love on them so much.  You are always worried about their well being.  They all love you in return.  They know you have a tender heart.DSC_1154

You love to know how and why things work.  Right now, you are all about airplanes and road rules.  You have so many questions.  I try to answer them all, but I’m often stumped. We have to turn to the internet for answers. You love to go to the airport and watch the planes take-off and land.  It is kind of funny because we have at least 20 planes a day flying low over our own back yard.  They are military planes though, so I guess that’s different.

You just got  your very first loose tooth.  Oddly, you aren’t in the least bit interested in it!  You didn’t even notice it before I did.  You never wiggle it or anything. You were happy to know that you will get some money when it falls out.


You like being with your family still and are just not interested in being with other kids at all.  You won’t even go to the park if it’s crowded.  You’d rather just play with your siblings.  You like for us to go to outdoor/nature walks though. You like to learn about plants and animals and love finding things that you know the names of.

DSC_1182You are an awesome little boy who I am proud to call my son.  You are so funny, smart, gentle, and loving. What more could any mom want?   I love you Moo-Moo.

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Milo at 6


Milo, you have reached six. It is so hard to get used to my babies aging.  You are all still little to me. Six seems so big kid, but in my mind you are my little cuddly moo-moo. I see photos of you when you were 2 or 3 and in mind, that is how you still look.  Then, I realize you are so different in reality.  Your legs have grown so long and some of the baby-ness has left your little face.  Thankfully, you have not lost your desire to cuddle or that sweetness that is so you.


This year you have matured a lot.  You play by yourself for long periods of time and usually can entertain yourself. You love Legos. It is the only thing you play with and you build really awesome stuff.  You have a great creative mind and you can figure out anything that you want to.  You also adore our kittens.  You would be so happy if they (and we) would let you carry them around all day and night.  You love to be loved on and have someone cuddle you.  If they don’t want to be with you, you take it very personally. You think, “they don’t like me and they’ll never let me hold them again. Not ever.”  Your feelings are so easily hurt and tears quickly follow sadness and anger for you.  You stay very mad for about 30 minutes before you will let us reach out to you and love on you to bring you back around.  Then you are ready for hugs and moving on with your day.

We are doing homeschool officially this year.  We did it last year some, but now it is kindergarten work and it is daily for us.  You are doing so good.  You are reading and you seem to really enjoy being able to write. You write notes to us constantly.  You like writing on itty-bitty scraps of paper in the smallest of letters too.  You often write notes that say, “I love you. Be Happy. Enjoy. Love, Milo”  So sweet.  We also work on speech daily and you have progressed so far. You catch yourself often and correct your pronunciation on your own.  You also talk non stop. You follow me room to room talking, talking, talking. Upstairs, downstairs, to the bathroom door, outside, getting in the car, driving, walking through the store. You can go and go.  You have so much to say and ask.


I don’t know what the future holds for us in schooling, but for now having you at home is working out.  You never want to go to public school because of listening to your sister complain about it.  You think it just may be the worst place on earth.  I have offered to take you to classes or get you involved with groups so that you could be around other boys your age, but you want nothing to do with it. You are perfectly content to just be with your family for now. You tell me almost daily that your best,  most important, or favorite thing in the whole world is your family. Then next is your pets, then your house and then your Legos.  You’re good like that.


Milo and Lucas. Lucas and Milo.  We three are together, mostly at home, all day and night. Lucas pretty much drives you bonkers.  You try to play with him, but he does not follow your game rules and usually just grabs, breaks, throws, or yells.  You have given him one Lego Storm Trooper, and one Light Saber that he is allowed to do with what he wants. That mostly pleases him.  He copies everything you do and really looks up to you.   If he ever is sad or hurt you are right there at his side to comfort him.  You will fix his broken toys and help him find things that he’s lost too.  You do often try to trick him to get him away from things that you want though too.  I guess you have a dose of typical older sibling in there too though.  You love to run, scream, and jump like crazy men together.  He loves when you play that stuff with him.  I often find you two cuddled up together, looking at a book or holding a cat.


Keely and you don’t have much in common right now.  You look up to her and are still sweet to her, but she pulls a tweenager attitude towards you and it hurts your feelings and then you two are at war. The weekends are the only time you two seem to find some moments of niceness together. I guess that is pretty normal for brothers and sisters who are over 4 years apart.  She is jealous of you that you get to stay home in the day and she doesn’t and that you don’t have the oodles of homework that she does.  That has not been good for your relationship.

You love technology games and beg to play on a phone or computer everyday.  Currently, you are into Minecraft.  You can really figure out any game on your own.  I have no idea how even get started in those games.  I’m always impressed with your capabilities.  I can’t wait to see what you become when you grow up… but not just yet, of course.  I have to keep you little for much longer.


You really still love nature and always come running when I tell you about the events in our yard: the morning glories have turned to seed, the squirrels are building nests, the Dogwoods have buds, Jupiter is out tonight, etc.  I’m so happy that you care. I try to teach about whatever you are interested in. Each week we pick a subject/topic/interest and try to fit it in to our school time.  We’ve been through lots of bugs and nature topics so far.

You are still a pretty particular eater. I think you’ve only added 5 new foods to your diet this year. You are seemingly healthy and growing fine though, so I guess you are o.k.  We keep encouraging new foods and you are better about at least trying them. So, here’s to at least 5 more foods this year!

Pajamas are your clothes of choice. You get very annoyed that we change clothes every morning and night.  “Why do we have to do this Why?” However, when allowed to pick out your own clothes at the store-you pick out pretty snazzy button down dress shirts.  I had no idea you would want to wear that style, but you think they look nice and they feel fine to you.  I love that you have your own style already.


You are pretty much a homebody, like your mother.  You like to go on little family outings, but mostly you rather be at home doing your own thing.  I get it.  I just want you to know there is a whole, big world out there full of beautiful things and I want you to experience and see as many as you can.  Take all the good stuff you find and make it part of you. Your home and your family will always be here waiting for you when you get back.


I love you my sweet little Milo.  You are my best Milo.  You are always snug in my heart.  Happy sixth birthday.



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Milo @ 5 1/2


Milo my heart, you are 5 1/2 years old now.  You insist that you are not going to go to school just because you are now 5. Also, you do not want to grow any taller.  You like being little.  You are still the best and most cuddly little boy I have ever met. I’m so lucky that I get to be the recipient of a lot of that love.  You like to sit on my lap all the time. If I sit down in a chair, you are there within seconds to scooch in there. You give tight, warm hugs. I am usually the first one up in the morning and when you wake up you run downstairs, find me and give me a hug and tell me, “good morning mommy.”  I love that.  You greet every one that same way when they wake up too.


You are still very sensitive and your feelings get easily hurt.  A little scratch on your finger has you panicking for an hour. A mean look from someone brings tears to your eyes.  I never really understood the dynamics of the middle child, but I’m starting to now.  Lucas gets a lot of attention for being the baby and Keely gets big girl attention for school and social things and you are often lost in the middle.  It is hard to take care of all three children at the same time when you all need something.  You are the most mellow and sometimes I feel like you thoughts and feelings get ignored.  I’m aware of it and I hope that you don’t feel that way.


DSC_5828You love you little brother and you so want him to play cooperatively with you, but he is not there yet. He’ll play cars for a little while, but it almost always ends with him throwing the cars or hitting you.  You think that means he doesn’t like you and you always tell me.  I so hope that when he is a bit older you two will have the best of a brotherly relationship.  You do take care of him if he needs helping and are always telling me of his naughty pursuits.  You try to play with Keely, but you two have very different interests.   She is very much into being with other girls her age right now. You want nothing to do with another boy your age.  You do like to play with our little girl neighbor though.

Lego’s are always on your brain. You adore them. They are all over the house and you play with them almost all day every day.  You are really a great builder and I love listening to the stories you make up while playing with  your figures.  Ninja characters are your current favorite and you talk about them endlessly.  They really are the only toy you play with lately.   You play with Lucas and I if we bust out some others toys though.


You like walking on the beach and finding treasures. You like to run down the streets in our neighborhood. You love watching birds in our yards and exploring what is blooming or growing around us.  You are pretty observant and caring.  You are not interested in school work right now and you seem to have lost all interest in books and reading.  We did homeschool a bit this year, but we stopped when the weather turned nice.  We are not sure what we are going to do in the fall.  I just can’t imagine you in public school, but I also don’t know if I’m up to homeschooling.  Time will tell.


You are very smart in math and you impress me with things you figure out already.  You do still have a little speech issue and we are hoping it resolves itself with age.  We may get you testing anyway just to make sure.  A lot of people have a hard time understanding you and it sometimes gets you frustrated.  You talk really fast too.  I don’t want you to feel bad about it though, so I hope we can approach it gently and help you along.


You still like to surprise me with nice little things like a heart note, a pretty flower, a set table, or a cleaned sink.  You love when I think you are being exceptionally helpful, kind, quiet or anything else that I point out. You are very proud of yourself and then you want more love.   Sometimes you say the sweetest things.  One day you woke up and you said, “Mommy, I couldn’t wait for it to be morning so I could wake up and be with you again.” I mean really, son. You made my eyes tear up. You tell me I’m pretty and even prettier when I wear fancy necklaces.  If I go out somewhere without you, when I return you tell me that you were thinking about me the whoooooooole time I was gone.  You’re a good one Milo.  So much love in that heart of yours.

Besides being so sweet you are just beautiful.  I can’t get over the perfection in your face sometimes. You have the most crystal clear blue eyes and that yellow hair!  We still get stopped in public because of your good looks.


You also have a angry side, of course.  You can hold on to your madness for quite awhile. You face looks hurt and your brows super frowny and you mumble lots of things.  Usually time alone and then some love brings you back around though.  I sure hope that always works.

I’m so lucky to have you as my son Milo. I love you so much. My world is so much brighter and better because of you.

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Milo at 5

How on earth are you 5 years old. I really do think time speeds up the older I get. You are less “little” every week. I can see the big boy you are becoming and the man you will be in brief moments here and there. You are still my daily companion. You are almost always right by my side or at least in the same room as me. Occasionally you will go alone to your room and play for a bit. If you are not calling me every 5 minutes to see something or help you, you might get really interested in what you’re doing and forget you are alone, but as soon as you realize you’ve been gone for too long. You close up shop and get back to where I am.

We started to homeschool this fall. You technically wouldn’t start kindergarten until next fall, but you seemed ready to start reading and writing. So far, you really love it. When Lucas takes his nap, we work on your school stuff. Watching you read your first book was awesome. Your sweet face just lit up when you realized that the words you were reading made a sentence and made sense. You were so proud. Writing is a little harder for you and makes you tired and frustrated. Math is a piece of cake for you so far. You are still always full of questions and you do still talk all day and narrative almost everything.

Lucas and you have hit a rough patch lately. You are frustrated that he wants everything you have and takes every toy you try to play with. He screams and yells at you and you hold strong on your belongings. There are battles. You try to engage him in your games, but he is still too little to understand your rules. You usually get mad and huff away. Lucas usually goes to you and hugs you to make up. He loves you and is always saying, “My-mow” in the sweetest voice. He brings you your clothes and pats your back too. You love to go in his room with him and play and sometimes you offer him your toys as peace offerings. You’ve got a sweet heart Milo.

Keely and you aren’t doing too much together lately. She’s in school all day and your age differences aren’t helping. You don’t want her to think you are a baby, so you try hard not to do anything she wouldn’t approve of. She can be rough on you, but if anything happens to you she is so upset. If you are sick or hurt, she falls to pieces. She loves you. She just wants you to know she is so grown and you are not, right now. You do have your inside jokes and secret meetings in her room. You both love to play old computer games on daddy’s computer and practice wizard works and look for fairies in the backyard at night. You watch the movies she likes and you get into them too. You’re good like that.

Right now you are into matchbox cars and Lego’s. A good section of your bedroom floor is covered in your Lego creations. All you really wanted for your birthday was Lego’s and you got it. That’s a lot of little pieces. You like to invent your own little things to build- mazes, games, animal lands, traps etc. You are also into finding secret treasures. Everywhere we go your eyes are on the ground searching for lost little objects. You fill your pockets with pins, change, beads, and other random bits. At home your dump your pockets to inspect your loot and then dump the goods into your treasure jar. It’s filling up fast. When I ask you if you want to go to a new place you always ask if they will have good treasure for you to find.

You do not have any desire to play with other children outside of our home. You get so upset if another child touches your things or plays with something in a way you don’t want them to. You almost hide from children who are your age in public. You do wave, smile, and say hello to younger children and babies though. You are shy around people you don’t know. You work your way behind my legs or pretend like you don’t see them at all. You are also kind of a germophobe. You got that from me. Sorry about that. Sort of. You have to wash anything that some other person (who you have randomly deemed germie) touched before you can touch it. You do not like your hands to be dirty and you can’t stand if your nose is drippy. You go crazy and beg me to take care of it for you. You also do not like much food still. Very not adventurous in that department. I think you would happily eat the same three meals everyday. Cinnamon toast for breakfast, some cheese/bread/pasta combo for lunch, a sectioned tray of bananas, dried cereal, cheese, and an extra for dinner. I keep trying to slip in new items but you won’t even try anything. Vegetables are the enemy. Thank goodness you like V8 juices and vitamins. Maybe this is the year for new food? I hope.

You are still very sensitive and your feelings get hurt quite easily. It breaks my heart and makes my eyes water when I see your face when your feeling like that. I just have to hug you and pretend to erase the hurt. You do still have your temper too. If you are wronged or if you are asked to do something you don’t want to do, you get so mad. I think I can see the steam coming off your head. Lowered head, frown brow, clinched fists and the meanest look comes from you. Sometimes you will just stand and stare at us and other times yell and tell us how mean we are. Lately you tell me you are mad at me about 100 times a day because I’m not doing what you want me to do with you or for you. That’s fun. I try to acknowledge your feelings, but keep moving on and engage you after you’ve had a pout. Eventually, you come and hug me and apologize and we move on. Lucas has been yelling at you every time you try to sit on my lap lately and I often have to help Lucas with something before you and that seems to be getting to you a lot lately. I think you feel a bit displaced and that’s why you are “mad” at me so much. I’m trying to make up for in whenever I can. Parenting 3 is a wee bit harder than I expected.

You are still interested in nature and watch all the happenings in our yard and the sky through the seasonal changes. You question the hows and whys of it all. I’m glad (at this point anyways) that I usually have an answer. You still collect rocks and berries outside. You call the tiny berries on our Liriope- wish berries. Every time we go to the car- you give me a few and I have to make a wish for each and throw them in the air. Milo’s rules are: If they disappear and you don’t know where they fell, then you get your wish. You don’t like to be cold and go outside when it’s chilly is not your cup of tea. You like to have your head covered but you look stiff and uncomfortable in non-balmy temperatures. However, in the summer your face turns so red and you’re so sweaty that you like you might pass out. I guess your a moderate climate guy. You do like to curl up in blankets since fall is here and are often found perched on our heater vents…the modern hearth.

You still pick out a small stuffed animal to sleep with each night and you still wake up at about 6:30 and rush downstairs to sit next to me. You give the best hugs and you are a wonderful cuddler. Your eyes are just as sparkly blue as ever and your light yellow hair is so gorgeous. Your smile and your giggle lights up my heart. You will always be my baby Milo. I love you so much and I think you are such an awesome, beautiful boy with a very special light in you. I’m lucky to be your mommy. Happy fifth birthday Miggity.

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Milo at 4 1/2

Milo you are 4 1/2 already. You’ve grown a lot in these last few months. You are starting to look less like a little kid and more like a big boy. You’re still shorter than other 4 1/2 year olds, but you look huge to me. You beautiful yellow hair and crystal blue eyes have not changed a bit though. You do have a lovely scattering of freckles across your cheeks and nose now. No matter where we go, people always tell you and I how handsome you are and they always comment on your eyes. You have gotten friendly to strangers lately. You will randomly wave at them and finally speak to them. Mostly you tell them about Lucas.

You are next to me almost all day long. With Keely in school for the whole day, I am your companion. We have a pretty good routine going now. I do some computer work while you play Playmobil, we clean up the house together, run our errands, you play with Lucas, we have lunch, maybe read some books or work on a project, each afternoon we take a nice long walk around the neighborhood, then you and Lucas have a snack together and play for a little bit, we tidy up all the played with toys and then its time for the other half of the family to come home.

You are such a good helper to me. You love to help me with my shop-finding boxes and wrapping them up. You carry stuff at the post office for me. You like to make the bed or clean up one of Lucas’s disasters to surprise me. It’s very sweet.You still give me lots of hugs and need lots of cuddles. You always will sit next to me or daddy instead of alone. You have gotten much more spastic and active recently. You have lots of energy and you run and flip and spin a lot. Jumping on furniture, running through the house, flipping on the floor….and talking.

So much talking from you. You do not stop talking all day. You follow me room to room talking and it takes you a long time to get through your stories and train of thought. Sometimes I just have to stop you because I really have to do something else and can’t listen 100 percent to the hour long explanation. I always feel bad though and try to give you some undivided attention afterwards.

You are still a sensitive boy and your feelings are easily hurt. You also get really upset when you get hurt.You want us to get rid of the offending wall, door, furniture or whatever it was that made you get hurt. If someone else knocks something over or hits anything (accidentally or on purpose) I hear you whisper and oh so quietly  apologize to the thing. “I’m sorry Keely pushed you gate.” You don’t want anyone to hear you though.  Lately, if I am not around when you get hurt (emotionally or physically) you will sulk and delay the crying until I see you and ask what is wrong. Then you fall to pieces in my arms. My sweet little boy.

Keely and you are almost always fighting now. We can’t leave you two alone for 5 minutes without some explosion of words. It is almost out of control. When she makes you made you go to hitting her or throwing things, both dangerous so we are always on guard. It seems like a mine field around here. I hope this passes soon or it’s going to be a very long painful summer.

Your favorite things to play right now are Playmobil and Legos. You still like little things and do that you can change, build, or make do something. You’ve lost interest in books for some reason and any schoolish activity I try with you you tell me, “Mommy, let’s just wait until I’m bigger for this stuff.” Fair enough. You do know the alphabet and letter sounds and can count pretty good. You just want to run with Lucas and build stuff. I get it.

You still love nature and spotting pretty things out in the world. You still bring me crystals (rocks) that you have found and pick me flowers. You love to chase butterflies and run to pet every dog and cat you see. You love babies and talk so sweetly to them. You adore Lucas and are so sad if you think he doesn’t like you for some reason. Lucas pets your head and says, “iiiii-ooooo” for Milo. It’s really cute, and your face lightens and you take it all in.

You say cute things still…if you want to go see a neighbor or a pet you say, “Let’s go meet such and such.” or when Lucas wakes up from a nap you say, “Can I go meet Lucas.” You call the universe, “noodle verse.” It’s bigger than the whole noodle verse. I love you more than the noodle verse. Awesome. You tell me that you are special to birds and dogs and cats. You still say “scare” when you mean “stare”.  Stop scaring at me. Don’t just scare at me.   You think that Madonna’s song, “I’m Going to Dress You Up in My Love.” is saying Milo instead of My Love.  They are same to me.

You ask a lot of questions about how things work and I try to explain them to you, but you often tell me I’m wrong if you don’t like my explanation. You insist that the clouds are part of outer space. They are not part of our earth. You always think of things that you think would be SOOO cool and then you tell your wonderous ideas to me with a far off look on your face and little thrilled smile on your face. Your world is full of great stuff.

You like music, but you don’t like things that are too noisy. You get really mad. We can’t listen to songs too loud or be somewhere very noisy. You mood will sour fast. You don’t really sing or dance, but you listen to the words of songs.

You are a watcher and a learner, a wonderer, a dreamer, and such a beautiful little boy Milo. We are so lucky that you are part of our lives. I love you Milo.

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