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Lucas at 18 months

Lucas how can you be 18 months old! I just can’t get over how fast these young ages go by. You have quite a big personality and we all just love you so much.  You roam around the house freely and you have lots of little activities that you like to do. Lots of them are things we’d like for you to not do, but there is no stopping you.  Any cabinet or door that is not locked, you will get into to. You love tearing up rolls of toilet paper, dumping out all the contents of drawers, removing batteries from any device, throwing dishes all over floors and stuffing straws down the heater vents.  If we leave anything within your reach, your baby radar goes off and you are on it. You zoom to it to take, dump, or hide the object.

You finally are able to climb up on chairs now and, of course, then lay on top of tables. You also have learned to move big chairs where you want them and climb up anywhere you’d like to be! Fah-bu-lous. You are on our computers often banging on the keyboard and checking over your shoulder to see if we are coming.  Last night, you got on daddy’s computer and had a google search up for the lyrics to “Come all Ye Faithful.” What?

You always have something in your hand.  A small toy, piece of chalk, cracker, or a handful of pebbles.  You study them for awhile and then just carry them around until you find a good replacement. Outside, you love our gravel pit in the playground. You pick up rocks and stuff them inside of containers, shovel them into piles, carry them, and try to sneak the tastiest looking one into you mouth. When I catch you, you spit and say, “yuck.” and look at me like I made you eat something gross. You don’t really like food still. Crackers, cookies, chips, and peas are all you actually eat. Good thing I’m a milk machine for you.  You like to nurse whenever you want to. If I sit down, you zip over to me and start yelling at me.  You have the loudest yell of all of our children. It is ear piercing.  Thankfully, it doesn’t last too long.  You often throw yourself to the floor while you scream in protest to some offense. You then run to a person who did not divert the offending behavior looking for sympathy. You usually calm down quickly.

You love markers—bright ones and unwashable ones!  You eye markers whenever Keely and Milo have them and as soon as you have an opportunity to sneak one, you do. We realize you are out of sight and know right where to find you. Behind the chair in our library. You have marker all over yourself. It’s always blue, green, or red and looks very lovely covering your body. You run when find you and then point to your skin and gasp in shock at these foreign marks. You, my sweet, are a handful.

Lucas you are also so very loving and sweet. You shower us all with hugs and kisses. You like to be carried and cuddled. You pat our backs and say, “aaaaw” to us.  You wrap your arms around our legs and squeeze us tightly. If anyone lays on the floor, you quickly get over there to plop down next to them and lean your head next to theirs.  No one can get enough of your sweet baby love.

You don’t have too many words still. You have started making lots of animals noises lately and nature sounds like thunder and rain.  You say, “daddy” a lot and “I…I….I….I”.  Words aren’t your thing yet.  You bring me books to read, you bring me balls to throw for you and point to the toys you want down from your shelf.

You love to get your shoes on to go outside and you like riding in your stroller when we are out and about, as long as it is outside. You and stores/shopping are a bad combination. You scream and cry and throw things and try to jump out of the cart. We hold you and you twist and squirm. It is impossible to shop. Who needs food anyway?

You love Caribou and sometimes you are gentle to him and pet and kiss him, other times you chase him relentlessly and he growls and snaps at you. You think it is just hilarious.

Your brother and sister fight over you all the time. They want your hugs, kisses, and attention and get so upset if one of them gets it and the other doesn’t. It often becomes a big issue. Thankfully, you still keep doling out the love.


Lucas, we are so thankful for having you in our lives. I feel so lucky to spend my days with you-watching you explore and receiving so much of your sweetness. You are so cute that it hurts and you are funny and all that love is just so good. I don’t know what I would do with you my baby.  Thank you for being mine. You are wonderful pook-pook.

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Lucas at 15 months

Lucas my boy, you are 15 months already. I can’t stand it. Please stay little longer. Well, you are physically little at least. You are only in the 15% for size. You are our smallest baby. You do have a big personality though. You are just full of life baby. You clap and “yay” us and everyone around you, anywhere that we are. Even the grumpiest souls break out into a smile and clap their hands and “yay” you in return. How nice that is for you to lighten up life for others?  You wave bye to everyone too.

You don’t really talk much still, not with real words anyway. You have a pretend mimicking kind of talk you do. We’ve got no idea what you are saying, but you seem pleased with it. You have an adorable crooked little smile. Your bottom jaw goes to the side when you smile.  You hair is lightening up now.  You may end up being blonde too. Your eyes are just as sparkly as your siblings too.

You run at full speed through the house. Milo and you chase each other and scream while you do it. Our house is noisy. You love flopping on pillows and our couch.  Anytime anyone is on the floor- you immediately run to them and lay across their head. If their head is not down, you try to push it to the floor so you can lay on it. Strange. You still pull my hair a ridiculous amount and love to hold it while you go to sleep.

You just started taking a seriously short nap in the am and a longer one in the afternoon. I think soon you’ll be down to one a day. I hope it’s a good one. You can wear your momma out.  You still love to throw all the contents of every drawer on to the floor and every book of the bookcase into a heap on the floor. Sometimes you’ll just sit in front of the book case and fling books off one at time -super speedy- right over your shoulder. Fling, fling. fling.

I love how you cross your feet when you sit and when you nurse. So cute.  The sweetest development this month has been kisses. You pucker your little lips and make a smooch sound as you give us kisses and you hug us so tightly and pat us on the back. I can’t get enough of that combination. It rocks. I love it. I want more. Please don’t stop. Thanks.

Food is not of interest to you still. Except tortilla chips and popcorn pieces. You’ll run for those treats. You also run to hear a song you like or people clapping. If you hear the clapping, you must join in and you look to us all to clap and yay too. You’re fun like that Lukie-Schmookie.  We all call you schmook-pook and pook pook now. I can’t explain these weird names my babies get, but you just have to roll with it.


Whenever I change your clothes you think we are going somewhere and you happily assist the change and then you start waving and saying, “bye bye” until we do leave. If we don’t go anywhere, you act very confused.

Milo is sharing his toys with you now and you love playing with the giant trash trucks and pushing them around the house. You also like cups and boxes and putting things inside of them. If I leave you in your room for a minute and you don’t want to be in there, you start throwing your toys over the gate and making them bounce down the stairs. You have a lot of heavy, wood toys, so that’s a lot of fun. I can’t believe the things you can lift over the baby gate and throw. It’s comical. One day your bed will be out there.

Lucas, you are a beautiful baby who brings light into all my days. I’m glad to be your mommy. Thank you for snuggling with me at night and petting my head. Thank you for sweet kisses and forehead sucks and for leg hugs. Thank you for lifting your arms for me to carry you. Thank you for being mine little pook pook.

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Lucas 13 months

You cute little guy. You seem to grow before my eyes now. Each time I look at you I just can’t believe how big you are.  You are shining more and more each week. You’ve got spunk and preferences and silliness and sweetness all wrapped up in your yummy little self.

You often come over to us and wrap an arm around us for leg hug or flop against us for a quick cuddle. We all freeze and take you in when the moment comes. Even the siblings now how sweet those times are.  Sometimes you are very still and we get to cuddle and rub your skin or just breath you in and that is wonderful.

You love getting into drawers and cabinets. I can’t believe the quickness of your disasters.  You try to reach into anything that looks interesting.  I put a few latches on a couple of cabinets, but mostly we just have to let this stage pass.  You spend most of your day toddling around opening up things finding interesting items carrying them around banging on things and then pushing your wagon around.

You love to say uh-oh.  It usually follows you throwing things where they shouldn’t be repeatedly. Uh-oh. Uh-oh. AAAAAAAH-ooooooooooh.  You think you are funny. You also clap a lot and say, “Yay!” You love music too. You drop everything to find the source of it and listen to it. You’ll do a little swaying dance too.  You hum songs that you know and will listen to any tune that comes your way.  You prefer women’s voices. You do not like to be sung to though. I try lullabies with you, but you won’t have it.  You fight against nap time almost every day. You scream and protest no matter how tired you are, no matter what time I try to help you to sleep-earlier, later- you just must protest loudly.  I won’t miss that passing. You love to find noisy objects to bang on other noisy objects too. You watch our faces as you do it.

You still love climbing on people. If you see a body on the floor, you are ON it. Usually, you lay across our heads.  You love to pet Milo’s hair now. He loves that. You’re very gentle about it too.

Music has you very interested. You hum songs that you know and will listen to any tune that comes your way.  You prefer women’s voices. You do not like to be sung to though. I try lullabies with you, but you won’t have it.  You fight against naptime almost every day. You scream and protest no matter how tired you are, no matter what time I try to help you to sleep-earlier, later- you just must protest loudly.  I won’t miss that passing.

We adore you Lucas. You make us all smile with you sweetness and all your little ways.

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My little Schmookers loves to open and close doors on me. He sometimes slams them quickly and runs away giggling and other times it’s a more slow-mo / peek-a-boo kind of thing.  He just laughs and laughs at me as he does it. So cute.

It’s so easy to make him happy.

Oh, did you see that his room was featured on Apartment Therapy last Friday? I thought that was pretty fun.  Check it out here.

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Mr. Lucas Invites You to His Room

This room used to be my craft room. It was disorganized and upstairs, so not very practical either. Once Lucas was here, we decided it would be better to convert this upstairs room into his room.  We cleaned it out (now all my fabric is in bags in the attic!?) and painted it pale yellow. It is the sunniest room of the house. He was so happy when we gave him his own baby space where he could crawl around and not have us deterring him (like we have to do downstairs).

This is the left side. The cubby shelving serve as his dresser for now. The mobile was his birthday present last week. It’s so awesome and fun to watch. I’ve got a thing for mobiles.

No seriously. I love mobiles. I have to refrain myself from hanging things from the ceiling in every room of our home.  This mobile even has glow in the dark parts! WHAAAAT? Yeah, it does.

So awesome. Mmmkay. Moving along.

Here he’s got his little star night light (from Ikea) and our what-would-we-do-without-you noise machine/sound spa thing there. The little framed prints are free from Mr. Printable. Cute, no?

Now for the right side of the room. The large mirror used to be over a vanity in my grandparent’s house. We saved it knowing that we’d use it some day. It’s really large and heavy. It is also perfect for playing, kissing yourself in, and seeing around the whole room. That shelving unit holds lots of stuff. The top is full of all the children’s toys that used to be in our old playroom.

The lower shelves are for Lucas. They are great because they are so low and accessible to him. Yeah sure he likes to clear everything off of them with wild sweeping arms and then crawl through it like a tunnel, but I guess I’d do that too if I was his size.

Lucas loves this old kindergarten classroom dollhouse. The lid flips open and closed and the windows are the perfect size for reaching through and grabbing toys. Open, close, open, close, back and forth, back and forth. Go crazy baby!

His scarf/silks  rack that I previously wrote about is in the corner there .

Lucas has a queen-sized bed… on the floor. I know. I know.  I was very hesitant about this. I didn’t want it to look all sloppy and flop house like, but it’s not so bad in appearance and all the children love it. It’s the best bounce spot. Lucas loves sitting on it and playing and looking out his window.  I’m working on a few more star pillows for his bed too. One looks a little lonely.

O.k. there ya have it. I hope you enjoyed the very formal baby room tour. Please return your headsets at the courtesy desk before you leave.

*****Oh and just for fun- this is what the room looked like when we bought the house…

and while renovating…

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a birthday, scarves, and baskets

We finally had a little party for Lucas. He’s not much of a food eater. He didn’t even try a cupcake. He did smoosh it with his hand though.  He was thrilled with his little new toys and everyone cheering him on. He was all smiles.  Lucas isn’t too hard to please usually. I hope that personality trait sticks around.  Whenever he starts getting cranky, I can just take him up to his room for a little quiet play time. He will happily play on top of me or toddle around in his space.   We all kind of gravitate to his room. It’s a nice, sunny place on most days.  There’s also pretty things to look at.

We all love the scarf wall.  I made it in about a half hour one day and surprisingly it has held up.  Lucas sits under it and flaps all the scarfs around or pulls one down for peek-a-boo. Keely takes them and ties them around herself for dress-up costumes. Milo uses them for nature scenes (water, grass) and he makes a “machine” with all the clips as buttons and gears. The machine can make all sorts of things. I think it’s just pretty to look at.

One of Lucas’ favorite things is these small lidded baskets.  I always put little things in them and it is usually the first thing he goes to in his room.

I could barely take a picture of the baskets because he won’t leave them alone. Take the lid off, put it back on.  Take out the toys, put them back in. Eat the basket, throw the basket.  He just loves them.  If you have a little one, I highly recommend finding yourself some.

Maybe I’ll do a little photo room tour of his space if anyone is interested.



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Lucas at One Year.

You are one Lucas! You’ve made one trip around the sun here on Earth. How lovely and wonderful you are and how happy we all are to have you.  Last month you started walking and within 3 days you pretty much had it mastered. You zoom around the house so fast. You really tire yourself out now though. After about 3-4 hours you’re ready to crash.

You’ve started a lot of really cute things this month, besides walking. I mean a short little walking person is pretty adorable. You really are enjoying  the little red wagon. You sit in it for us to push you and you love to just push it around the house. You scream when you crash into something and can’t maneuver it any further. Once you get it free (or we help you) you push it really fast and say, “Weeeeeee, Weeeeee,”.

You’re into rocking chairs too. You know how to sit and rock it, but mostly you like to sit backwards in them and stand.

Your vocabulary is growing. Now there is a happy little “Yay!” and attempting to clap your hands. You say, “momma” pretty good now. You also say, “Keely”.  When daddy leaves to go to work you run to the back door and yell, “BYE! BYE!” and wave your hand over and over. You’re too much. You melt us with your yumminess.

Your teeth seem to be coming all at once now and giving you lots of trouble. You do look cute with all those toofers.

You love to open and shut doors and cabinets. You go in a room and close the door and then open them just a little bit and say, “HI!” and then quickly close it again to repeat the game. One of the sweetest developments is that you now walk towards  us with wide open arms whenever we come into view for a giant hug. You hug us so tightly and for so long. It is wonderful. Now you’ll also lay on us sometimes in a very sweet calm way. When you wake up from your nap you sit up on your bed and stare at the door until I come in. When I come in you smile and put your arms up for me. I hug you and we lay and love on your bed for a few minutes. You are so very loveable in those moments.  I try to turn on the recorder in my mind at those times. Such sweetness that I don’t want to forget.

Milo and you chase each other through the house for good portions of the day. He rarely leaves you alone. He loves to play your toys and make up games for you to play with him.  You cooperate sometimes. He likes to carry you around and you don’t go for that so much.

It’s been a really mild winter here but we had some cold weather. I got you a few of those fleece footed pajamas and after two nights you developed eczema. We switched back to loose cotton clothes, but the eczema seems here to stay.  I’m so sorry you inherited that gene from me. We now have to be so careful of your skin. Anything can start a new rashy spot. My poor baby boy. I know it can be far worse, but skin issues are no fun.  I hope there is a magic cure in your lifetime. In the meantime, I’ll do my best to keep you comfortable.

You still love Caribou, but he is not too fond of you. Every time he barks you come to me and tell me…”Car-ooo bark.” You like to take his toy from him and grab his hair. You don’t get that gentle thing yet.

You like to explore your toys a lot now. You will sit and open and close things or move beads or pages very deliberately and with much concentration. I love watching you. You are into balls right now and push toys too. You still love to climb up on your giant bed and play with a toy too. You get something and then climb up there all by yourself and have a good ole time for a few minutes.

You love to go in the kitchen and tear things out of the cabinets now. We didn’t put up latches and we’re hoping not to. You enjoy taking every Ziploc bag out of the box and every container lid out of the drawer. You found my cabinet of glass pitchers and brutally threw one on the floor before I could stop you. I scooped you up quickly and cleaned up the mess. Within minutes you were back for another round. I’m going to have to do some rearranging I guess. Post-it notes are also a hoot. You really enjoy flipping the pages like a flip book and then tearing each one off. Good fun messes around here.

You are a sweet little boy who is so loved. You are so lucky to have siblings who adore you. I hope you three stay close and always have each other. Keely and Milo were so sad that you started walking. They wanted you to stay a little baby forever. I promised them that toddler Lucas will be wonderful and fun too.  I love you pook-pook my little schmoo-cas.  Happy First Birthday baby boy. You are the little bringer of light we hoped for.



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Lucas at 10 months

Lucas you are the fastest crawler. You are everywhere and we spend most of our time chasing you. You still crawl with one leg bent up-not on its knee. You love to hold loud, heavy objects in one hand while you crawl so that it bangs on our wood floors. Bang, slap, bang, slap.  You can make it up about 6 stairs super speedy and we come to rescue you. We have to put up the stair gate now I think. You are trying to climb up things and starting to stand on your own also.

You are finally eating some bananas and cheerios and very much enjoying giving half of them to Caribou. You lure him over with your treats and then try to get a handful of his hair. He's a bit afraid of you. You yell and talk really loudly and you dance and wiggle anytime you hear music. You make the sound of "pretty" when you look at lovely little things.  You have one and a half toofers. You often bite my face with them. You still pull and yank and eat my hair at every opportunity. You insist on falling asleep with it in your hands. You still love crawling full speed towards my face if I'm on the floor. Your mouth is wide open and you say, "AAAAAAAAH!" as you come in for the full face suck.

You can't stand to have your diaper changed or to get dressed. I try to give you little treasures to hold while I speedily change you but you won't have it. You squeal and flip and try to zoom away from me screaming. You also will not lay on your back for any other reason either, like  your momma's monthly picture session. I gave up this month. You refused to lay for one second.

  Our annual Christmas photo was a difficult task, but we did manage one nice one. You've got places to go and things to do right now and you've got no patience for this whole stillness thing. I get it Lucas. There's been lots of protesting from you this month. You scream and throw your head back and arch your back or turn into a wet noodle when we do anything you do not like. Such as saving you from any given dangerous situation.

We spend most of December sick with colds and then ear infections and you got Bronchilitis too. You would cough so much you could catch a breath. I'd run you to the bathroom and turn on the hot water so the steam would help you. I'd rock you and sing with you until you could breath. It was so scary. You couldn't sleep much either because you had such trouble breathing. It was so rough.Thankfully, the house was healthy for Christmas week.  You didn't enjoy our night outings much. Trapped in a car seat in the cold darkness is not your ideal of fun. You did love the Christmas tree. Pulling it branches wildly and ripping off strands of lights and shaking them around as pine needles littered the floor. Good times. 

Keely has started carrying you around and taking on a babysitter role with you. Sometimes you will go along with it. She loves when you go to her or lay your head on her shoulders. Milo adores when you try to eat his face or pull his hair. He is always laying in your path in hopes that you will do it. You still do not like other people outside of our family to hold you. You turn away from them if you think they might try to hold you. 

On Christmas day you finally started saying, "Ma, Ma!" I don't know if you are saying it at me or it's just the sound. I'll take it either way. 

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Lucas – 9 months

9 months Lucas! You finally got your first tooth this month. Now you bite me all the time. You bite my face, my leg, my arm, anything within your reach. Man are you a cute little guy. You can also sit up all by yourself pretty confidently now. You seem surprised by yourself when you are suddenly just sitting in the middle of the floor. You pause and look around a bit I can't stop staring at how big you seem.
You are all over the place. You are on a mission always to go in the places you aren't allowed- the bathroom, the pantry, and the stairway. You start crawling in their direction and we call your name and as soon as you hear our footsteps behind you you high tail in so fast to your destination. I don't know how you crawl that fast. You sometimes laugh when we catch you and sometimes you scream and arch you back in protest.
You are pulling yourself up on all furniture and trying to grab anything that is on top of it. Milo always is scooting his table top toys further back and back. Your desperate fingers dance and reach as far as they can.  Sometimes you score a matchbox car or stuffed animal. Milo loves to play with you and make you laugh. He now picks you up and moves you if you are somewhere in danger.  He always tries to hold you in his lap too.
You aren't enjoying baby food much. You take a few bites and then turn your head or make a sour face and spit it all out. You would rather chew on the spoon.  You do love to drink water from a sippy cup though. You drink until your eyes water.
Each evening you and I have a few minutes of alone play time. As soon as I lay on the floor you zoom over to me saying, "Aaaaaaaaaah" all the way until you reach me. Then you climb on me and suck/bite/slobber all over my face.  You roll all over me and then crawl away to repeat the whole thing. You love it. 
You still don't like the stroller much. Milo and I try to take walks with you when the weather is nice. He tries to entertain you but you just don't like being strapped in. You tolerate the carseat a smidge more this month.
 You are taking two naps still and usually go to sleep around 8 or 9. I usually sleep in your room with you for most of the night. It's how I get the most sleep. It's nice cuddling with you too. You really like to go to sleep holding a fist full of my hair.
You had your first Halloween a couple of weeks ago. You were really good for the trick-or-treating. You rode in the stroller a little and we carried you the rest of the time. You weren't scared of anyone. You just chewed on your teether and watched all the action.
You are in love with Caribou. You laugh hysterically at him when he is begging for food or eating. You squeal with delight over the smallest thing he does. You grab his hair now so he is scared of you but you keep trying. You shake his toy at him and try to entice him closer to you. One day he started barking and you turned around to him and said, "Care-boooooo  I guess that was your first real word. Quite a big first word Lucas!
 You are still enjoying dumping baskets, boxes, and books all over the place. It may be your favorite activity.  Also, when you hear Keely and Milo being loud and crazy, you want to get to them and join in. You laugh and yell to be part of the sibling mix. It's really cute.
Lucas you are more wonderful each day. I love you so much. Thank you for being my baby Happy 9th month.

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Lucas-8 months

8 months my big boy. How they have flown by. You become more of a capable little guy each moment. You want so badly to walk around. You crawl everywhere, still slightly dragging one leg while knee crawling with the other. You pull yourself up on every table and chair in your path. You often fall. The weather has gotten a little chilly, so we had to bust out the baby pants. They do not work for you. Crawling on hard wood floors with slippery pants or socks just makes you slide…and fall and cry. 

You try to chase Caribou around. You shake his toy at him and bend your head in his face so that he will lick you. You smile ear to ear with his affections. You, of course, still love your brother and sister. Milo is always on you. He tries to play a little more complicated/frustrating games with you than you are up for. He does take good care of you though and wants to keep you safe. Keely wants to hold you and make you laugh. You laugh so easily when she is entertaining you.

Your seventh month was filled with a really long cold which turned into a fun double ear infection. You were so sad and sleepy. You just fell asleep constantly and had a fever. You were miserable and I was so sad for you. You woke up a million times throughout the night pulling at your ears. We got antibiotics for you and it was so difficult to get you to take them twice a day. You've got good moves dude- twisting, spitting, swatting, and covering your face. I have no idea how much medicine you actually were getting. I think you are finally better. You did learn a new even louder scream during this sickness. I didn't think that was possible. I have never heard a baby scream as loud as you. It hurts my ears. Hopefully, we can not get another ear infection this fall and winter. Fingers crossed.

You don't like going out and about anymore. You just want to be free to move and crawl. It is quite a chore for me to get grocery shopping done with you and Milo.  I don't know how many comments of, "Wow, you've really got your hands full there." I have heard. You also do not like your car seat for more than 10 minutes. You start screeching and bucking incessantly after that.  The stroller also is not your friend. Carrying you and pushing a stroller while keeping running Milo out of the street is not so much fun or leisurely. All of this is seriously limiting our outings. Boo.  Hopefully, this is a short phase and we will be more happily mobile by spring?

You love to hold and eat books and also slide them around on the floor skateboard style. You love your baskets flipped over still. You enjoy eating cups and spoons. Water bottles are also good. All other toys don't do much for you. You've started to dance a bit when you hear music. It's really cute. You also start "singing" (yelling) along to tunes.  Sometimes classical music in the car will calm you down for a few minutes and that is a blessing.

You like to copy our sounds and to have your belly "eaten". You also love for me to cover my eyes with your feet and then pop out from under them. Your laughter rolls.  You still like to gnaw on my jawbone and pull my hair. Even in your sleep you rip out my hair.  Ouch. 

Your room is complete now and it's lovely. We spend time playing in there each day. You take two naps a day in there and you "sleep" with me at night. We usually have to get up and spend half the night together in your bed because of either you or Milo being noisy (crying-you or coughing-him).  I've gotten used to the routine. I do wish you wouldn't wake up so much. Milo did the same thing though so I guess eventually you will stop.
I finally let you drink water and start cereal this week. I didn't want to, but I guess it is time. You really liked it and wanted more, more, more. So I guess we are on to that milestone now. Bye bye wee little baby. Sniff, sniff. I'll try not to be too sad about it. I'm telling myself that with each passing of a sweet stage there will be a new something sweet coming soon.  You are still my little baby and you always will be.  I love you Lou-kers.  

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