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Lucas @ 7

lucas7cLucas you’ve decided that you would like to stay 4. You wished you could stay little forever. Me too. Thankfully, you’re still small enough that we can pretend you are younger than 7. At 7, you are doing first grade work but you are reading way ahead of your age. You like reading and doing your work. You are a wiggle worm through it all, but you manage to do a good job still.  You are taking one class at co-op this semester and doing fine there too. You still are initially nervous about going. At home, I switch through all of you doing schoolwork and during your breaks you play alone or with Milo if he isn’t busy. You two scream and fight a lot, but you also laugh hysterically at each other and call to each other when you aren’t in the same room after a few minutes. You love to play Minecraft together on the Kindles currently. I think you both would do that all day if I let you.

You are small. Your hair grows fast and we have to cut it constantly. Your nails are always dirty. You have a few freckles across your nose and cheeks. You still look like a little boy. You have lost a few teeth. You do not like your head to get wet. You do not like socks. We have a hard time finding shoes that don’t bother you. You don’t like tags in clothing. You are particular about which clothes you will wear. Only loose, soft, comfortable items that aren’t at all too big or too small. You are a still a picky eater. I’m always worried that you don’t get enough protein. I hope 7 is the year your palette becomes adventurous.


You only play with Lego’s now.  All your other toys sit unloved, but I can’t bring myself to get rid of them yet. I’m not ready for you to not be the baby, I guess. In the evening, Milo and you go into your room and make up crazy games to play before bed. There is currently a giant slide off your bed made from your Nugget cushions. You two laugh so hard I don’t know how you breathe.  I usually let you keep playing way too late, because I’m so happy you have each other and I want you to enjoy this time of your life together.  I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t be leaping off of things wildly at 10:30 at night though.


Lucas, are so sweet, caring, and loving. You don’t like me to go out anywhere without you because you said, “Home just feels better to me when you are here.” Could you be any sweeter, baby? When I do go out, you spend some of that time looking out a window or sitting on the porch waiting to see our car return. Then you run to greet me. I love you, Lucas.  You give us all hugs at dinner every night and tell us that you love us. You hug anyone who is crying or feeling sad.  You always tried to fix whatever is wrong for them if you can. Your feelings get hurt easily too. When someone snaps at you or criticizes something you are doing, you run off crying and sit alone sobbing.  I have to come and love on you for awhile until you are past it.  You still scream loudly when you get mad and you cry very easily when things just aren’t going your way. You forget you have words to use.

lucas7dYou have your desk by our backyard window because you like to see outside. You always tell me when there is something out there of interest…a bird, butterfly, or pretty cloud. You like to go places and check out new sights. You like animals, especially ours. You cry if you do not get the first licks or cuddles when we come home from being out. You still like music more than your siblings did or do.  There are always a few favorite songs out that we are not allowed to change the channel on. At night, you play CDs in your bedroom.  You have a whole stack of them to choose from now.

Everyone loves you and looks out for you. You know you are protected by us all.

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Lucas at 6 1/2

My sweet Lucas is now 6 1/2 years old. You are definitely still my baby though. You call me, “mama”, one million times a day. You say, “I love you.” to us all throughout the day and run over and give us hugs. We all love those moments with you. You are funny and wiggly and full of life. Our home would be so dull without you.


We finished up kindergarten this summer. You did great with your first year of school and you can read really well already. You love to look at books on your own and try to figure them out. You love figuring out time and everything about every kind of clock. You always tell us what the time is and how long it is before we have to do something or go somewhere. You are interested in the calendar too and how much things cost.

You still love music. We bought you a little cd player for your bedroom. I gave you some of our old music and you go through them all and pick out your favorites. You play them very loud and drive your siblings bonkers. I love to peek in at you and see you jamming out while building Lego’s. Sometimes I’ll even catch you singing just a little bit. I hope you want to play an instrument one day. I think you would be so good at it.

You ask a lot of questions. Just about every time we speak, we know you are going to ask, “why?”, or “how come?” or for us to further explain. You have a great vocabulary for a six year old. I think you picked them up from your internet videos. “We should use the proper method to fix this.”

During your free screen time in the afternoon you currently watch: Thomas the Train, Bob the Builder, Backyardigans, or some Minecraft gamer. You still play Minecraft with Milo sometimes. You play Lego’s, construction trucks, matchbox cars, and playmobil. Outside you love to ride your bike and your scooter as fast as possible. You like to play with your trucks in the gravel too. Our neighbor, Jackson, is still your friend. You two yell a “woo-ooo” sound over the fence when you come outside so that the other person will come out and talk.


You play with Milo half of the day and scream and fight with him for the other half of the day. I guess that’s normal, but it makes for a loud house. You love each other and are bored not playing together, but together you spend so much time planning your game that by the time you are going to play you are on each other’s nerves and the fighting begins.

You love us all so much. You are worried when something is wrong. If one of us is sad, you will give us love or bring us a cup of water or something that you think will cheer us up. You are still so generous too. You will always share or give up something of yours if one of us doesn’t have any. I love that about your heart.


You like to go places as long as it’s not too far away. You still get motion sick. You wear seabands in the car and they help a lot, but you still don’t feel great. You can’t look at books or out the side windows and sometimes just staring straight makes you feel bad, so car trips are not fun for you.

We try to go to lots of places around here to expose you to interesting things without having to travel far. Recently, we’ve been to: traveling art shows at the Hermitage, the Chrysler Museum, historical sites, fairs, state parks, a few beaches, fossil hunting, rocket launches, the zoo, The Jefferson Lab, the boardwalk, Pungo for strawberry picking, Mariner’s Museum, fireworks, ODU, planetariums, and the aquarium. You seem to have fun on all of our adventures.


We have a little bit of summer left and it’s been 100 degrees, so we’ll get in some more pool time and lazy days before it’s on to first grade and the busy-ness of our normal routine. I love you little Lucas. I’m so glad to be your mama.

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Lucas at 6


Lucas, my last baby, you have turned 6. You didn’t seem to care about turning older, but you were very excited about your birthday.  For weeks before your day, each night you would tell me that you couldn’t go to sleep because you just couldn’t wait until your birthday!  You mostly love getting new toys, but you also looked forward to your decorations and cake, of course.  You picked a birch bark woodsy cake and blue decorations.  Lego’s and Playmobil were on your wishlist and you got a few of them both.

You’ve had a few little growth spurts lately and are looking taller and more big boy in your face. You have pretty blue eyes and lovely little freckles across your nose. Your sweet birthmark is still on your neck with no signs of fading. Your hair grows ridiculously fast and we have to cut it too often. You only agree to that event because you get a lollipop each time. You have the sweetest little lips and the skinniest of feet.  You love to flip and roll.  You do it constantly and drive us a bit crazy with it.  You start rolling when we are talking to you, doing school, playing a game, or watching a show.lucas6a

You love being outside.  You like to dig, play with your big trucks, and just explore and collect things.  You got into Bear Grylls this year, so you do a lot of making shelters and surviving in the wild. It’s adorable. You like to play the puppies outside, but they are bigger than you and knock you over when they are too excited. They get a little intense and treat you like a puppy.  You still love them though and always want to take care of them and be near them.

You started homeschool kindergarten this fall. You are learning to read now and it’s so cute to see you with your own books sounding out words and just figuring it all out. You love listening to us read to you too. Writing is not that appealing to you though. You took your first co-op class this fall and loved it. I registered you for an art class this spring and you cry and cry and refuse to go in without me. So we have to just pal around together while Keely and Milo are in their classes.


Lucas you are a sweet and sensitive boy.  You tell us all that you love us 20 times a day.  You will share anything you have. You even give things away to your brother just because he likes it.  You are so generous. What a wonderful quality to have.  You do not like anything remotely scary…not the dark, high staircases, suspense, or mean faces. If there is anything violent or loud,  you are done.

You love certain songs now. You never had favorites in the past, but now you have requests and if they come on while in the car we are not allowed to change the station.  I love to see you singing in the backseat. You like “I Can Make Your Hands Clap”, “Let Me Love You” and “Adventure of a Lifetime” right now. You seem to really like music. You request Bach on my computer often and you like musical toys and you even mentioned that you might like to play the violin, so maybe we will look into that soon.  You will not dance though. Never. Never. No. No. You just will not dance. You keep it to singing, humming, and bobbing your head a little.


Mealtimes have not grown easier yet. Your adventurous palate has not yet made an appearance. You still eat the same handful of foods every day and will not ever try new foods, not even a new cereal. You act like it’s poison.  I’m thinking any time now you are going to grow bored with the same meals; but no you are perfectly content with your repetitive, loyal nutrients.


 Lucas, you are my perfect boy.  I love you so much and I’m so glad I get to spend my days along side you watching you grow and explore and that I am on the receiving end of your cuddles. Happy 6th birthday my baby.



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Lucas @ 5 1/2


Lucas, my littlest one, you are a sweet handful. You are growing so fast and turning into a big boy.  You often tell me that no matter how big you are that you will still be my baby and you will still give me love.  You hug me, kiss me, and say, “I love you mommy.” all through the day.  You like to get cuddles in the morning when you first wake up and when you go to bed, but for the rest of the day you are a busy guy.  You are always running, flipping, climbing, and making noise.  You love taking all of the cushions off the couch and chairs and building houses out of them or giant slides to roll down. You can tear up a room.

You love playing with blocks and cars, Minecraft, and  sometimes Lego. You like looking at books, too.  You enjoy watching Clifford and Paw Patrol in the afternoon.  You love eating Tortilla Chips and request them several times a day.  You also love caring around our little fan and putting it right in front of you while you eat your bowl of chips.  The two things just go together for some reason.  You love mostly unhealthy food and still do not have an adventurous palette.  Fingers crossed, that this is the year that changes.

lucas 5.5 aYou are starting kindergarten this year and you are nervous that you wont’ be able to read.   I promised you that you will.  You are excited to be able to read all the road signs we pass and be able to read things in Minecraft. This is the first time I’ve had to really homeschool all three children, so I hope that goes well.  You are also taking your first class at our co-op.  It’s a hands-on science class for little ones your age.  Hopefully, you’ll have fun and make a few friends there.  Our new neighbors have a little boy that is your age and you two have become fast friends.  You talk over the fence with each other and he comes over to play every time he sees you outside.  He invited you to his birthday party too. You two get along really well. I’m happy you have your own friend.

You and Milo love each other, but fight constantly.  He bosses you around and you scream incredibly loud at him and cry. A lot. It gets very tiresome until we just break you two up.  Keely tries to help you out or take care of you sometimes, but you aren’t really open to that most of the time.  You just yell for me.  You will play by yourself for a little while, but you say you don’t like too.  You go up into your room sometimes and play music on one of your electronic toys while you play.  It is really cute. When you’re done playing you tell me how messy your room. You act so frustrated and overwhelmed by it.  I usually help you clean it up when you are done.

lucas 5.5c

This spring you learned how to swing yourself and you were so proud.  You ran to swing at every opportunity for awhile. It was so cute and you were so happy.  This summer you have loved being in the  pool, but you still do not like any water on your face. You scream every time someone splashes you.  You really wanted to learn how to swim.  We tried to help you learn to hold your breath or put part of your face under water, but you are just not ready yet.  You do enjoy just swimming around with your arm floats.  We’ve had a pretty lazy summer.  We did go to Busch Gardens and you loved most of it-only a few rides had you crying. We also went to the Outer Banks.  You had fun there and really like staying at a hotel and playing in a new space. You do get really hot outside though and your little face turns so red it scares me.  We took a few trips to house hunt also and you got car sick on each trip. Now you think that every time we drive somewhere you’re “going to get a car sick.”  It is not fun for any of us.

lucas 5.5b

Your are growing fast, but thankfully you still do some little guy things. You always say the cutest things and I just want to freeze time and eat you up. My eyes fill with tears when I look at your little innocent face sometimes. I just love you so much.  Some adorable things that you say incorrect and I refuse to correct for now…You call the Empire State Building the Entire State Building.  Supposed to is Uh-posed to. Lynchburg is Lunchburg.  You still can not remember which meal is Lunch and which one is Dinner. You get them mixed up every day. Also, potatoes and tomatoes are always reversed.

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Lucas @ 5


Lucas, my last baby, you have turned five! It is hard to believe you have been with us that long.  I have a hard time thinking of you as not a baby. You still act pretty young, so I can fool myself awhile longer.  You let me call you “my baby”, but you tell me that you are not really a baby.  You are a little guy, but you are certainly a handful.

Right now, you are all about Lego’s.  You like Playmobil too, but Lego’s are winning the race. You mostly like to follow the instructions to build a set and then destroy it, so that you can rebuild it. You do a really great job at sets that are aimed at 8-12 year old kids.  At the beginning of our school year, you loved doing your school work and would beg for me to give you more.  That has wore off some now and you would much rather play.  This fall you will be official kindergarten age, so your real schooling begins then.   You know all the letters and can write them. You can add and count to 25. You haven’t shown an interest in reading yet.

lucas 5 b

You greet me with a giant hug every morning and cuddle with me every night.  All the hours in between you are a squirmy, loud, running, guy.  You scream and yell a lot, mostly at Milo.  He tries to control the games you two play and you screech at him.  You two get along pretty well though and are almost always together.  Of course, you get on each others’ nerves and have to be separated sometimes.

You twirl your hair all of the time. You create giant knots and we have to cut them out. You can’t stop yourself.  You don’t mess with my hair much anymore though.  You grab my face and ask, “How many kisses do you think I’ll give you?”  I have to pick a number and then you kiss all over my face that many times and say, “You were right!”  Whenever I leave to go somewhere and as soon as I come home, you are the first to find me and hug me.  I love that.

lucas 5 a

You say really cute things often.  A few recent examples are:  When you see someone with an infant, you sweetly whisper to me, “Do you wish that you had a little baby?”  I tell you no because I have three babies already.  You smile and look thoughtful about it.  One night while we were watching Jeopardy, you came over to me and asked sadly, ” How come the people answering the questions never tell Alex that they love him?”  I tried to explain it, but you still seemed confused.  You also thought it was weird that they never tell him, “Bye” or give him a hug when the show was over.  You ask a lot about volcanoes and earthquakes.  You seem to be wanting confirmation that we will not have those things happen here.  You keep saying, “They won’t happen here because we don’t have a hot spot here. It’s colder here, right?”  One day when I had to go to an appointment, you asked daddy, “When would I be done at my disappointment?”  It was so funny that I will forever call my appointments disappointments. They usually are.

lucas 5 c

You tell us that you are bored all of the time.  If you are eating. If you just stopped playing after an hour.  When we go to bed.  “I’m bored.”  You don’t like to go to bed because there is nothing to do. It is sooo boring!  You also tell me you’re tired in the middle of the day and then turn your body limp and moan a lot, dramatically, for a few minutes.  Good times.   Then you’re up running and jumping over furniture.  You are the most pickiest eater of the house.  You refuse all new foods and drinks.  You live off of various types of noodles, pizza, cheese, yogurt, milk, apples, grapes, potatoes, tortilla chips, and some secretly altered home-made baked goods.  Please start eating more foods soon, son.

I love you so much Bear. You are my favorite Lucas in the whole wide world. Happy 5th birthday.


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Lucas at 4 1/2


My sweet, funny, loud, baby Lucas you are 4 1/2 now.  You were always such a small little guy and then a couple of months ago, you just kept growing over night.  We’d wake up in the morning and you would just look bigger and older.  You’d run over to our dining room door to see if you were taller than your last growth mark, and we’d be amazed to see that you actually had grown.  This happened for a few days and was very strange.  The other day you ran over to the door and said, “Let’s see if I’m all grown-up today!”  Oh, Lucas.  Don’t grow up just yet.  You’re my last little baby. My last four year old.

You are still the funniest little man.  You always make us laugh. You say such grown-up things sometimes and your expressions are so cute. You love your siblings and always try to do what they are doing. Your feelings get very hurt when they don’t want you around.  You scream and cry. You throw yourself on the floor.  You run to tell us about the mean thing they said or did.  You also do all of that when we answer a request of yours with a “no”.  You just do not accept not having or getting what you want.  You will scream for so long about not getting another snack or someone not wanting to play with you.  Eventually, you will calm down enough and then tell me something like, “I would stop crying if I had some ice cream.”  You being completely serious.  I have to just give you a hug and try not to laugh.  Other times you will say something on your body hurts and that you think having some cookies or candy will make it feel better.  This never works, but you do try.


You ask a lot of questions about the world now and how things work.  You always ask very thoughtfully and listen to our answers. You are a smart guy. You are building your own neat inventions with Lego’s now and you watch Milo build with great interest.  You love to color and draw and write.  You make us awesome pictures all the time.  You always hold them behind your back and tell us to guess 5 things that we think you drew. Then you will show us your work.  You love for me to set you up with jobs or projects.  You also help me with any grown-up job I’m doing if you are around. You will try to mop, sweep, rake, feed the animals, put away dishes.  You do these roles  with great pride.


You are very gentle and sweet if anyone is not feeling well.  You will run to get them a glass of water or cover them with a blanket and pat there arm or back.  At dinner, you always reach over and rub my arm and smile at me for no reason.  You tell me a million times a day, “I love you too, mommy.”  I get lots of hugs and kisses from you. You love to cuddle with me and you still wrap your fingers in my hair and twist them around when your tired.  I still try to breath in your baby smell that is only slightly still there.  You often wake up very early in the morning, right after I get up and you run downstairs to find me.  I lay with you on the couch in the dark until you fall back asleep and you are still there when everyone else wakes up a couple hours later.

lucas 4.5d

You like to watch and play Minecraft, just like Keely and Milo.  You don’t like t.v. or movies very much and you don’t really like music either.  You only occasionally sing nursery rhyme songs or your own made up jingles. You do love to play your little electric keyboard, xylophone, and recorder very loudly around the house. You also love to build things with blocks and drive matchbox cars around. I love listening to your story lines when you are playing alone.  I wish I could secretly record them for you.


You love for daddy or me to play with you in your room. You ask us every night if we are going to play with you in the morning after we get up.  You then ask a hundred times in the morning when we are going to play.  Sometimes you go and set up something to play and then follow us around telling us it is all ready now. You are persistent.  We all love you so much Lucas and are so happy that we get to spend our days with you. Happy 4 1/2 my Lookah Bear.

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Lucas at 4


Lucas, you are now four!  You told me you were still my little baby though.  You also keep asking how many birthdays you will have and if you keep getting bigger all the time and not littler. You don’t look like you are four, so I’ll pretend you’re much younger for awhile.

 lucas 4a

You are the funniest little man around.  You crack us all up with the funny things you say and do.  Even when you are mad, you are still funny. We try to contain our laughter at those moments though. You call yourself, “Pookah Bear” and I usually call you, “Bear” now.  You tell me that I am your baby all the time. You still twist my hair at every opportunity too.  You will pet my head and tell me that you are taking care of me. It is so sweet.  You also have a doll in your room that you cook for and carry around and gently tuck into blankets. It melts me. You can be so tender.  Whenever you are not feeling happy or you get injured, you cry and tell us that your feelings are hurt.  “I can’t walk because my feelings are hurt.”  You yell at us if we leave you at a table eating anything alone.  “I don’t wanna be awe awone!”  You do not like if anyone gives you a mad face. You whine and tell us that you don’t like when we make those mad faces at you.  You only like happy faces.


You always greet me by running into me with big, open arms and yelling, “Mama!” You never call me that at any  other moment.  I’m mommy for the rest of the time.  You love for me to play with you and insist on a long play session every day.  We have to play with your wooden house, “dad” game, kitty game, and kitchen game.  They are all your choosing and made up by you.  You love to draw and color.  You always have paper and pencils at the ready.  You draw lots of cats and houses.  During our school time, I have to print you off many coloring pages related to whatever topic we are on so that you can have your jobs to work on.  You can write your name and Milo and cat right now, too.   You want to do school work when I work with Keely and Milo, so I always have something ready for you to work with me on and some things for you to do alone.  You like to paint and do lots of art projects and you are still practicing with “schissors”.


You love playing with cars, trucks, Lego’s, and Playmobil right now. You also like a little bit of time to play a game on my phone or watch Keely and Milo play Minecraft. You are often found curled up with books next to a heater vent too.


Naps are no more for you.  You wake up around 7 am and cuddle with me downstairs and are on the go for most of the day. You spend the hours running, playing, and talking constantly. You crash out by 9 pm.  You are still a picky eater, just like your siblings were.  Your diet is not varied at all.   You would eat some kind of noodle for every meal, every day, if we let you.  You like us to go out places still. You want us to drive somewhere and do something and when we are done, you ask us to go “just one more place.”  You really like to go to Target now and walk down the “noisy toy truck” aisle, so that you can press every sound making button.


Your expressions and mannerisms seem like they belong to someone much older than you.  You are a riot with your raised eyebrows and head nods and your, “whelps,” and hands in the air telling us about how that’s just the way something is. You also are super cute when you are happy. You get so excited by snack time or a special event.  You squeal and clap your hands and jump around.  This is the first year that you were really into Christmas, Valentine’s and your birthday.  You were so thrilled with it all.  Lucky us who get to be around you Lucas.  You make us all smile and I just want to hug you all the time and breathe in that little bit of lingering warm baby smell  you still have.  Lucas, don’t get to five too fast my little Bear.  I’d be lost without you. Happy Birthday my baby boy.


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Lucas at 3


My littlest last baby is not a baby anymore.  Lucas you are three. We can’t believe it.  I remember holding you the moment you were born and you and I spending our first night alone together.  You were so perfect…tiny, beautiful, and so calm.  Now you are so big,  funny, loud,  capable and really adorable.


You keep our house busy son.  You are so full of energy and noise.  You make all your demands known and all your grievances.  You still have the loudest scream.  You have perfected the angry screech.  You also have the most wonderful giggly laugh too though.  I have to stop whatever I am doing when I hear you laugh, just to savor the sound.  It really is like the perfect music.  It sometimes makes my eyes tear up because I’m so thankful that you have that feeling of joy and you can express it so easily and fully.  You laugh at Milo’s games with you and especially when you see animals doing something entertaining.  You can laugh for a such a long stretch that you don’t even take a breath and you look like you might fall over.  You better keep that wonderful giggle baby boy.


You sleep next to me every night still and I treasure our warm cuddles and the lingering special baby smell of you. I know these days are numbered. You take one nap a day now and sometimes you go up to your room willingly and other days you kick and scream or you insist on bringing a toy that you loudly play with instead of falling asleep.  You wake up pretty early in the morning and drag your blanket to the top of the stairs and repeat, “mooooommy” in a zombie voice until I come and rescue you.  We sit together for awhile before you are ready to actually be awake.


During most days you play with Milo and by yourself.  You ride you scoot bike through the house, dump toys all over the place, draw, read books, build things with your Legos, and go to your room alone a few times to  play.  Your favorite toys are a few of your matchbox cars, Lego stormtroopers on Lego horses, and trains (especially one Thomas the Train).  You always have one of those in your hand.  You love to take the toy stroller and fill it to capacity with lego bricks or matchbox cars. Then you push them crazily through the house.  You like to be held and carried still as much as you like to run and climb everywhere.  Your favorite books are:  Go Dog, Go and Goodnight Moon.   You just started singing with me and will sing by yourself too.  My heart explodes when it hears your tiny song voice. Itsy Bitsy Spider and ABC’s are your biggest hits.


You like mealtimes- although you have gotten much pickier about what you will eat.  Butter bread, yogurt, baked beans, noodles, and rice are your most requested foods now.  If something is deemed “yucky” by you now, you will throw the full bowl across the table or on the floor.  It is lovely.  We tell you that it is not okay to do that and you always replay, “Whhhhhhhy?”  We try to get you to help clean it up and you will eventually say, “Oh, fine” and help.  You say lots of humorous things.  When you want to do something that we have said no to you say, “I’m allowed to…..”.  “I’m allowed to draw on the chairs.”  “I’m allowed to chase the cats.” Then in your sweet moments you say, “I really do LOVE you…uh, huh. I do!”  If I (or anyone else) leaves the house-you say, “I think I lost mommy”.  You say it in such a sad voice too.   If you think someone isn’t being kind you say, “HEY! You tryin’ to be mean!”   When we drive fast in the car you say, “Whoa! nice run daddy!”  The post office is called, “the purple dolpey” and every rabbit is called a “happy bunny”.  Love them all and I’m keeping most of them as part of my vocabulary forever and ever.


You loved to play with Milo and are so happy when he lets you into his big kid game.  You get bored quick and want to do your own thing though. You are pretty good at entertaining yourself with your toys and sometimes just with your hands. You hands talk and jump and have lots of noisy battles.  When your energy does start to wane, you start moaning and saying, “I tooooo heavy.”  Usually that means you are tired. You only take one short nap a day around 2 o’clock.


When you are feeling tired or upset you twirl your hair.  You always have a piece of hair sticking out because of it.


You like for us to go places and almost everyday want us to go out.  “So, where we going today?”  When the weather is decent, going outside to play or take a walk is good enough for you.  You love running and swinging and finding rocks. You like watching squirrels and birds and you always let me know when the sunshine is out and when it isn’t. On cloudy days or in the evening, you come running to me and say, “She took your sunshine!”  I don’t know who she is, but you let me know that I don’t need to worry because MY sunshine will be coming back.


You are a pretty awesome little guy.  You have a giant personality. You say the cutest things and you have some of the most wonderful mannerisms and expressions.  You keep me on my toes and always make me smile.  We are so lucky that you are ours Lucas.  Happy Third Year baby!  I love you always.







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Lucas @28 months


Lucas, my boy you are so adorable. We all love you to bits.  You fill our days with a bit of crazy but so much cuteness that it often hurts. You are a short, stocky little guy and you are always on the go.  You are so mischievous. We always know if you are not within eyesight of us, then you are up to something. Usually, you are clicking around on someone’s computer, have stolen a cell phone to play on, or have gone into Milo’s room to explore the Lego heaven.  You scream and throw yourself around when we stop you from your adventures. Poor guy.

DSC_6767You love to go places and now insist on walking everywhere. You will not ride in a cart or stroller. You must go and be like your siblings now. It is a lot of work keeping you three together and safe and still accomplish our tasks. You are not scared of anybody or anything. You will climb stairs, walk on anything, and will just go wherever you happy little gait will carry you.  You fall often and get hurt, but only cry for a second and then you are back at it. We are always chasing you down. “Get away from the water!” “Stop! CARS!” “Get back on the sidewalk!” It’s a tad stressful, love.  When we have to pick you up and carry you somewhere  you turn into a heavy, squirmy, screaming, kicking, wet noodle that is intent on falling out of our arms.


You are the best little talker now and you say awesome things. Everyone can understand just about everything you say. You always ask me, “You o.k mommy?” and you lean your head on me. You love to raid my necklaces and put them on and pass them out to everyone in the house to wear too. You say, “Pretty nake!”  You love pizza and screech when we have it for dinner. You call it, “putzy”.  “Yummy putzy, want more putzy!” We all call it putzy now too.  You call all people, “dude”-man or woman.  “What that dude doing?” You love to see babies out in the world and wave to them and say hello and make sure we all see them too.  “Awwww, see the cute bah-beeeee mommy?”  You are a trip. Our family favorite is what you call ice cream- “Gronky”.  No idea how that word came about, but you love when we have Gronky. Your siblings laugh like crazy when you say it.  Finally, you started talking about yourself now too. You call yourself Pukas, Pook-Pook.  It’s pretty wonderful stuff. It makes me smile each time. You pat your chest when you say it too. You sure know how to up the adorable level.

We let you run around upstairs now and it thrills you to climb the stairs and wander freely in the other rooms that were previously off limits.  You get into a bit of trouble up there. You always tell us you want to go room and that means let you go upstairs. You love jumping on all beds, wearing all my shoes, and playing in Keely’s closet.  You love to go with Keely and Milo everywhere. You always try to do what they do.  The still fight for your attention too.


You adore cars and trucks. You love being in our back yard and swinging on your belly.  You do not like it to rain on you or have any part of you get wet. You don’t like dirty floors or dirty hands. You cry and tell me it’s yucky.  You do love baths and pouring water on other people and playing in the sink and dumping water on the floor and spilling the dog’s water everywhere. You also love to chase Caribou and make him nip at you. You think that is hilarious. Turkey.


You love to wrap up in towels and blankets. You cuddle with me only when you are tired. You still play with my hair when you are next to me. You tell me when you are sleepy and you put your little feet up on my legs as you lay next to me. I still love to smell your head and snuggle my face in your thin hair.  Sometimes we play a little game that you invented. You say, “kiss” and we kiss, then you say, “huuuuuug” and we hug and then you say, “FEET!” and you put your feet over my eyes and laugh. We must repeat this many times. Goofball.


Your laugh is so good. It’s deep and giggly and your little toothy smile is so cute. You melt me every time with it.  Happiness is so easy for you. Keep that quality baby.  Lucas you are growing so fast and you just keep getting cuter and funnier. I can’t imagine a day without you.  I love you baby.

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Lucas at 2 years

This is you. You are now two years old. Incredibly adorable and full of personality. You are spunky, energetic, opinionated, and so cute we can’t stand it. I can’t believe you’ve been in our lives for two years already. It seems like you’ve always been a part of us, but also like we just brought your home from the hospital. You were such a quiet, calm newborn I wondered if that personality would stick. It didn’t.

You are talking a lot more now and you copy funny noises that people make. You also copy odd gestures that people do. You try them out and laugh at yourself. You yell a lot too. Your brother and sister always are trying to get you to do something and you scream at them so loudly if they try to control you! They don’t stop though until we jump in. There is so much yelling. If they kiss you or hug you when you don’t want it- you scream, “OW, OW” repeatedly-and often fall to the floor dramatically. Or you’ll throw yourself down in protest and then lift an arm up for us to assist you in getting up.

Thankfully, when you wake up in the morning or from naps you love to greet everyone with a hug and kiss them and a soft, “hi.” It is all of our favorite daily moment with you. I love getting you up when you are all warm, calm, and snug. You still have a bit of that special Lucas babyish smell and I have take it all in while you let me. You like me to wrap you in your blanket and put my head on your lap. We sit quietly for about one minute and then you are ready to get running.

Lucas, you love cars. You have a car in your hand all the time. They drive a little and crash into things often. You love when we walk through parking lots and cars are backing out and pulling in. You scream, CARS! CARS! OH CARS! so excitedly. You carry around your hard giraffe and polar bear sometimes too…but nothing beats out the cars. You like to make roads out of blocks for your vehicles and they drive on it for a few minutes and then you throw the giant, heavy blocks across the room. It’s dangerous around here. Milo and you chase each other wildly through the house many times a day too. Sometimes you scoot on your riding cars and sometimes he chases you with balls. All balls in our house are called, “fireballs!” and that must be yelled while attacking each other with them. So, yeah… it’s loud here too.

You like to sit on mommy and daddy’s lap a lot. You do not like anyone else to sit there. You do not like to be confined anywhere either. You get mad if people even sit on both sides of you. You do not like to be flipped upside down or leaned back in any abnormal sort of way. Your siblings love that stuff, but not you. You take off your clothes a lot too.. and your diaper. That’s fun. Socks don’t last 5 minutes on your feet either. You keep us busy baby.

Photographs have you very interested lately. You name everyone in the photo except yourself. You call yourself Milo. We’ve tried to teach your name, but you won’t have it. Water is also very popular right now. Washing your hands is one of your favorite things to do. You grab the foot stool and push up your sleeves and go crazy splashing around. We have to carry you out of there kicking and screaming eventually. You’d run the water for hours if we would let you. You also love drinking water out of normal cups. If we hand you any lidded cup you cry and tell us “no” SO angrily. You want cup after cup of water just so you can act so grown and casual while you wander around drinking (and spilling) it. You do often get the kitchen towel and clean up the floor though. You like to help me clean up when you are in a good mood. You like to dust and put laundry away and sometimes you’ll help clean up your toys.

At nap time you usually tell me that your “tied” (tired). You like to walk up the stairs to your room and not be carried. You hop in your rocker and I rock you for a few minutes. I have to watch you sleep for a few minutes before I leave so I can try and memorize that sweet, peaceful, little face of yours. I know how quickly you will grow. You still hold on to my hair as you fall asleep. My sweet baby.


You love for the family to be together. You don’t like when some people go off to the store or outside without the other half. You must be included in all outings. If anyone puts on a coat you are all over the backdoor yelling for your coat and shoes and you want to “Go! Go!”. You still love just wandering around our backyard. You are brave enough to climb our fort ladder and go on the slide now. You do it about 100 times in a row and you are so happy while doing it.



I thought we might be passed the messy, into everything stage, but we are not. You still can hurricane any space. Yes, hurricane is now a verb. You will empty any box, drawer, container, closet, any vessel onto the floor and spread it or throw it to all four corners of the room. We’ve had to rearrange so many closets and drawers just to keep you out of danger. All of our higher up storage spaces are a disaster from holding all of the lower spaces stuff. You also really enjoy putting things down our air vents-straws, Cheerios, dogfood, spoons, cards, etc. “Uh-oh mommy,” you say afterwards. Uh-oh indeed Lucas.

Lucas we love you to pieces. You are loud and messy, but we can’t imagine a day without you. Your cute little walk and your fast run. The way you laugh and your hilarious expressions. Your big eyes and thin hair. The way you hug us so tightly and lean your head on us. Happy second birthday my baby boy. We are so lucky to have you.




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