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Keely at 14.

Keely you are now 14. You are funny, witty, sarcastic, beautiful, loving, and highly-opinionated. You are as tall as me now (5’4). You’re skinny and your feet are still smaller than mine. This past year your love for make-up has grown. Actually, your love for high-end make-up. You won’t even look at cheap stuff. Sephora is your favorite stop now. All you really wanted for your birthday was make-up and money for make-up. Anytime we ask you where you want to go, the answer is the mall. You love to go to Sephora (and ask for a sample) then you swing into Lush (and ask for a sample) and then you stop by Teavana (and snag another sample). It’s pretty funny and you are pleased with your free shopping when you don’t have any money to spend.

You spend almost all of your free time still staring at your phone. Hours and hours a day are spend scrolling away. You love memes. You save all your favorites and revisit them to share them and laugh at the funny ones. You’ve deemed yourself Meme Lord. You watch videos, make-up tutorials, and you tubers. You text friends too. You’ve had a lot of friend drama this year. You have friends a co-op and you talk to old school friends through texting and Facebook, but your two closest friends are Isis and Katie still. Their lives are much different then yours and you are so jealous of some of their freedoms. It has caused our family a lot of drama, sadly. I hope you understand when your older that we are just trying to do what we think is best for YOU, our daughter.

You don’t enjoy any aspect of learning or school or anything that resembles work. You are not academic. We’ve decided that we aren’t going to start high school this year and instead practice some skills that you need for high school classes and let you mature a bit more. You started kindergarten when you were really young, so you’ll still graduate at 18. Hopefully, it works out for you. You are taking a few co-op classes and a self-defense class this semester. This summer you and your dad made a deal that if you practice the ukelele you could get Instagram on your birthday. So, you did-but you still have to keep practicing that. You didn’t want lessons, so you are learning it yourself using things you find online and you’re doing really good. I hope you can see that you CAN learn anything that you put some effort into. When you are motivated, you are perfectly capable.

Your brothers love you to pieces and are always looking out for you. They are also always watching, so when you get more of something or have a freedom they don’t- they love to call it out and whine. You get so mad. They always want to see what your looking at online and you lose your mind because they are over your shoulder being nosey. You do watch out for them though and love them fiercely. No one will mess with your brothers. Milo loves when you include him in your world.

Cooper is your buddy now. You love when he comes to lay with you or wants you to pet him. You also really like when he gets all excited and bites/plays with you rough…until he gets too rough and then you scream like crazy. He’s confused. You’ve been good about walking him with us every day. He needs to get outside and move and so do you.

I hope this year brings you brings you peace and closer to knowing yourself and how to take care of yourself. I hope we can be understanding of your wants and make the best choices for you. I hope you will know how much we love you (even when we are upset). I hope you can find a new friend that will be a good match for you and will help bring out your best qualities. We love you always Keely. Happy 14th birthday!

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Keely at 13

IMG_3312 We have officially reached the teen years Keely. You have celebrated your 13th birthday.  It is hard to believe that we’ve been together that long.  You have grown so much this past year. You are almost as tall as me now.  You can wear my clothes now and sometimes my shoes.  You are tall and beautiful. You’ve let your hair grow out and it is dirty blonde with lighter highlights and has a little curl to it. You have a gorgeous smile and sweet laugh.

This year has been all about your phone and social media. You are certainly obsessed. You spend almost all of your free time online-watching videos and make-up tutorials, scrolling through endless photos, and reading every thing that pops up that sparks your interest. I worry about what you’ve already seen and been exposed to at your age. What message the world through your phone has given you about life and women and your place in it all.  We try to talk about what you see and hear and hope that you can navigate it all.  There isn’t any avoiding it in the time we live in.  We can only try to educate you and do our best to keep you safe.


You are in love with all things make-up.  You want all the most expensive brands and you wear make-up almost every single day. You have a beautiful face naturally, but you don’t think so. You think you need to cover it up. You love to mess around with theatrical looks also. You are into horror stories and creepy things, so some of your looks go down that route. Halloween should be interesting this year.  Free reign.  You spend a long time on your make-up.  You have started to enjoy going through the clothes at thrift stores now too.  You know you can actually get a few things, since it isn’t a fortune.  Your closet is overflowing.

keely 13 a

Black is your favorite color. We painted  one wall black for your birthday room make-over. The other three are a light aqua. You got all new bedding too. It looks good and you really like it. It is definitely a teen room. You still read, but not as much as before. You still dislike school of any kind and wish that all things math would fall off the planet.  We are not doing therapy currently since we saw no benefits from it last year. You know that if you feel like you need and want help with something that we will find someone for you.  At this point, you aren’t interested.  We are just trying to do our best for you. We want you to be happy and know that you are loved, no matter what.  We want you to know that you can have a nice future and a decent job and that you will be able to take care of yourself, but you have to put in some work.    You are thinking that you want to be a make-up artist and that you might join the military after you graduate.  I think that is a really good plan for you.


You’re taking classes through our co-op again and you seem to get along with a lot of people there and you like going. You don’t like doing the work for the classes though.  You are also taking voice lessons again.  I hope that can turn into something good for you. Your teacher really likes you.   You are still good friends with Isis and you text and Skype with her.  You go over each other’s house too.  Danielle and you don’t see each other often, but you don’t talk sometimes and go walk around the mall together. Your favorite stores are Sephora and Hot Topic.

You love your little brothers, although they annoy you a lot and you get frustrated with their requests and noise. They love you too.  You think Milo is smart and Lucas is cute.  Lucas says a lot of sweet and cute things to you and you smile and say, “awwwww.”  Milo and you argue a lot, but you also laugh together a lot too.  You joke the same things and it is nice when you two have those bonding moments.  You look out for your brothers and no one is aloud to mess with them.  I hope you three are always close and protective of each other.


We love you so much Keely and can’t believe you are a teenager.  I hope you can slow down and enjoy your life where you’re  at right now. I always tell you that you have your whole life to be a grown-up.  Get all the perks of being a kid while you are one.  Happy 13th Kinder!


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Keely at 11


Today at 1:20 p.m. you turn eleven years old. How did that happen? When you are sitting next to me I still see the little in you, but when I see you from a distance- I’m shocked at what a teenager you are becoming. I think by next year you will be as tall as me. You wear glasses all the time now. Your black framed ones are your favorite. You are letting your hair grow out too. It is light brown and wavy, but sun-bleached right now.  You mostly wear cotton shorts and graphic tees for comfort, but you like to dress-up a bit if we are going out or you are seeing your friends.  You love to put on lipstick, nail polish, sometimes eyeshadow and a temporary tatoo.  Slow down Keely.

Currently, you are in love with rap music and being a D.J. You make up your own songs all the time and research other artists online.  You love to get on iTunes and listen to the top songs of the week and research the song lyrics . You told us you want to be a teacher or a rap star when you grow up. You also think you want a child, but only a girl.

k 11 b

Fifth grade finally ended and you were so happy to be done with St. Pius. The experience was not what we had hoped for.  You made a few friends, but you really learned nothing.  You did not get the education, a feeling of community, or the help that we wanted you to.  So, after much pleading from you -we are going to try and homeschool you this year and see how we do.  I’ve never taught 6th grade before, so that should be interesting. I do hope we both are successful.  I don’t want it to strain our relationship. You do fine in most subjects, but you still really struggle in math and it gets you so upset. I think you could grasp most of the new  concepts if you would relax and believe in yourself a little bit.  We are all here to help you.

k 11 c

You now have two best friends, Isis and Danielle.  You write letters to Isis a lot and we arrange days on the weekends for you two to hang out.  You had a sleepover at Danielle’s house and went over there a few times too. For your birthday you decided to take them both out to dinner and out for ice cream. Then you all came back to our house to swim late in to the night. You all begged for it to be a sleepover and we decided to let you go for it.  You all stayed up until about 2:00 talking in your room until you finally crashed out.  You were so happy on that day.  All smiles and squeals and jumpiness. On your real birthday- we had a family party with lunch, cake, and presents. Then, you and I went to get your ears pierced! You were very excited.


This summer you have swam a lot, read a lot, and gotten a little closer with your brothers.  You enjoyed watching America’s Got Talent as much as possible. I somehow got you to read the old Babysitter’s Club books and you actually got into them!  You became very protective of all of our pets. It’s almost comical. You run to their rescue with lots of “OH! You poooooor baaaaby!” when they so much as meow.  You also decided that you love gum and tear through a whole pack in record time.

We took a number of small road trips (mostly to the mountains and you did great in the car as long as you had food, drinks, and loud music of your choosing. You have convinced us to let you ride your bike, scooter, and skateboard a little around the neighborhood alone too. You do that multiple times a day now.  I feel so nervous when you are out of sight and all alone.  We live so very close to an interstate ramp and I’m so fearful you could be snatched up and gone in a second with out anyone knowing it.  I’m trying to put my fears aside a little and give you some growing room though.  I wish we lived in a place where you could run around as much as you wanted.  We still are considering moving somewhere more rural in the future.

k 11 d

Keely, you love to hear and see anything with drama.  If there isn’t really drama there, you will even invent it. You think every new car on our street is a criminal. Any person walking down the sidewalk is up to no good.  You love when family tells us a story of something “exciting” that has happened.  You are wide-eyed and full of questions.  However, if anything actually happens to us, you completely freak out and are a stressed out mess.  You just like the fun of using your imagination I think.


Keely, you don’t know how smart, funny, creative, and beautiful you really are.  We tell you all the time, but you still don’t really believe us. I hope you can soon see how special you are.  You have so many unique gifts and you are so loved. Happy 11th birthday baby.



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Keely at 12


Keely, you are inching so close to the teenage years.  You want to be an official teenager badly.  I wish you would enjoy being a child a little more, a little longer.   You are 5 foot, 2 already and will probably be as tall as me by the end of this year. You have always been a tall and thin girl. You become more beautiful with time.  You don’t see how lovely you are, but everyone else does.  Your smile can light up a room and your laugh makes us all smile.  You love to take care of your hair now and wear any make-up you can get your hands on.  You take really, really, long showers and love to lay in bed for hours after you wake up in the morning.  You stay up late and almost always sleep in your sleeping bag on your bed.


Homeschooling was a little rough last year and somehow we are agreeing to try it again this year for seventh grade. Going to our middle school is not  a good option.  We are going to start you with a learning counselor this year and see if she can help you relax a little, gain some confidence and make some progress academically with math.  I hope she can help you.   You are very hard on yourself about your abilities in math.  You don’t understand why you can’t  instantly just know how to figure out a problem. It sends you into a panic and your self worth plummets more each time.  I wish you would not focus on the negative aspects of the life  you have, but see all the good that surrounds you and that is you.

We all love you so much. Your parents, your brothers, your grandparents, your pets are all on your side.  You are so creative and bright. You can whip up a story in no time. You are witty and funny and sarcastic. You have the most beautiful voice. I catch you singing and I just have to stand and listen secretly.  My eyes fill with tears to hear your gift. I’m trying to find a voice teacher for you this year and I hope that is a successful experience for you.  I know you can do it.  I want you to hear someone else tell you that you have a talent, maybe then you will believe it more.


You love to read at night and you love Minecraft.  You have invented characters and a whole story line about “Steve and Madeline” and they are now part of our daily life.  Every one who comes in contact with you knows about them too. You are creative and funny. Such a great story teller.  I still think you would be a terrific actress, but you say no way to that idea.  You still really love to hear any story about drama, aliens, ghosts, or someone wronging another.  You get so worked up and hyper.  It’s instant energy to you.  We have no idea where any of that comes from. You also still love to be out in nature (if the temperature is just right and you are prepared and dressed appropriately).  Standing by the ocean calms you down, walking in the woods lights you up too.  You do not like to be hot or uncomfortable in any way though, so we have to take advantage of all the good weather days around here. Oh my Keely. You just feel all the feelings.

Your best friends right now are Isis and Danielle, sometimes you hang out with our neighbor- Kayla. You call them often and talk forever on the phone.  You go to their house or they come over here to hang out.  Sometimes you go to a sleepover.  I’m glad you have a few close friends.  You just got your first real phone  and you are glued to it so far. You have been texting  non-stop for two days already.

Happy 12th birthday Keely.  You are always my baby and I am always on your side.  I love you Kinder.


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10 1/2


Keely, you are 10 1/2 now. You are 57 inches tall and skinny.  You wear glasses now and are trying to let your hair grow out.  You are easily embarrassed and very concerned with what other people think of you right now.  You are wearing a school uniform right now every day, so we don’t see your fashion flare lately, but occasionally on the weekends you will put together an awesome ensemble.  You also will put on lip gloss and perfume.  You are into reading Percy Jackson books, playing on your kindle (mine craft, right now), listening to your current favorite music on your shuffle, and making rainbow loom style bracelets.

You can not stand school.  It is “the worst place in the whole galaxy” and can’t wait to be a grown up so you can “do whatever you want”. You do not like any of your teachers and homework makes you so angry.  You stay after school sometimes to get extra math help because you do not want to fail and have to go to summer school.  You wake up as early as possible so that you can get to school super early. You  are worried about being late. As soon as we get home we have to sit down and complete all of the homework before anything else can happen.  It is not a fun routine.  You stress out a lot about school.

You are fitting in now more with your classmates.  You get along with most of them and have a circle of friends.  You have a couple of girls that you hang out with the most.  You still are best friends with Isis, from your old school too.  You write each other letters every week and try to get together on the weekends to visit.   You say you want to be like everyone else, so you won’t do anything that you don’t know for sure that your peers are not doing.  It drives me insane.  I hope that passes soon.  You have low self-esteem and it breaks my heart.  No matter what we do to try and build you up, you still think you are not smart, not pretty, not good at anything.  I hope this is just a temporary thing that you are going through.  You have some difficulties learning new skills, practicing, and with anything that requires memorization and that really stresses you out and makes you feel bad.  We are trying to get you some help in those areas right now.


You are incredibly funny, witty, and creative.  You can write a poem in two seconds.  You can make up the best creative stories with no problem. You can read at a 8th-9th grade level.  You LOVE animals and are super protective of them. You took horse back riding lessons with Grandpa Don this winter and did really well.  You have a natural way with animals.  You also still love being outside. Walking in the ocean, picking flowers, riding your bike -all bring your peace.  You also love to sleep in your sleeping bag and sleep in as late as possible on the weekends.

You like me this year which is nice.  You want to be with me and talk to me and gossip about school. I hope that continues. You’re quite good at imitating your teachers.    You do get really mad at me for not letting you do things that “every other kid gets to do”.  You will bring up the list of current things several times a week and get so mad at me.  Right now your complaints are that: I won’t let you have a cell phone, watch horror movies or The Hunger Games,  or ride your bike alone through the neighborhood.  I’m sticking to my guns on all of those for this year.

Next year you are begging me to home school you and we just can’t decide what is best for you.  I have no idea what we are going to do.  You are really looking forward to summer break though. I hope we can start getting outside more now that the weather is warming up and plan some nice summer activities to unwind from a stressful school year.

I love you my Keely.  I will always be on your side and be here for you.  I hope you just be true to yourself, follow your own path, and look for the good in yourself and the world.  You’re always my baby girl. xoxo


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Keely at 10


We have arrived at the double digits my baby girl. You are now a ten year old young lady. Sometimes out of the corner of my eye, I catch a glimpse of the lady you will become .  When you are sad though, I can still see my little baby in your big eyes and pretty face.  Now we get to navigate 10 together.

k 2

You finished up fourth grade with a wonderful honor roll report card. You even got a B in math!  You stayed friends with Isis, but she was really your only close friend. There were a few mean girls in your class who made many days very upsetting for you.  Summer couldn’t come fast enough.  Of course, once summer arrived you didn’t know what to do with yourself for a few weeks.  Suddenly having free time again is confusing.  We took lots of little day trips and made a lot of outings. We got down a summer groove and a loose daily schedule.  The pool got up and you spent hours in it. You so love being in the water.  You alternate between swimming and floating calmly to splashing and screaming frantically in it. You made tons of smoothies in the magic bullet and watched a lot of Scooby Doo with your brothers.  You started spending time with Milo and including him in things. You also spent a ton of time fighting with him.  Lucas just follows you both around and watches and gets into your things.  Lucas started coming to you for comfort more when he was upset or hurt. You love that.  You love when he wraps his arms around you and wants you to carry him.


You play and read on your favorite “toy”- your purple cased Kindle.  Daddy bought it for you at the end of the school year as a reward for doing so well. We couldn’t keep you off that thing at first, but now you’ve moderated your time on it.  You still prefer to have “real” copies of your favorite books. You like to reread them and have the collections on your bookshelves. You don’t play with any kid toys now.  I think you played with your Barbies 3 times this summer and that is it.  You spend time sorting through you collections of key chains and jewelry.  Sometimes you clean up your clothes or rearrange the tops of your shelves and dresser.  You make your bed every morning and put your things away. Your room stays pretty clean except for papers and actual trash that you will just throw on the floor and leave.

At night, you stay up very late reading in your room. I often have to come up and tell you lights out because I am going to bed. When I come up to tell you goodnight,  you try to keep me in your room by talking and asking questions. It takes me about a half hour to leave.  You’re a  chatty and silly thing most evenings, but I usually hang out with you since we don’t get much brother-free time in the day.  You seem to really want and need that.  You’ve become a lot less sensitive to clothing this year and you’ve not had quite as many full of melt downs. They still come around, but not nearly as often.

k 1

This year I’ve heard you make many observations about your environment and how it makes you feel.  Usually it is something about nature.  You’ll tell me you love the sound of the leaves rustling in the trees or the sound of the rapids in the rivers.  “Oh mommy, you have to come and see the moon tonight. It is so beautiful. Like magic.”  If it is raining you will try to sneak outside without your brothers, so that you can sit under a tree and listen and feel it all around you.  It is so reassuring to me that you are aware of those things and that they bring you peace and make you feel happy, yet calm. When you see pretty things outside you command me to come and take a photo of it and if I don’t act fast enough, you snag my camera and take a picture yourself.  I find many photos of things you’ve captured on my phone, mostly of nature things, but sometimes of self portrait goofy faces or of you and your brothers being silly.

You still watch for fairies in our yard and are certain that they live in an old tree we have.  You say you have seen glistening sparkles there many times.  You want there to magic in your world so badly.


For your birthday, you had a lunch date with Isis and went swimming together.  Then, on your real birthday, you took cupcakes to school and we picked you up with helium balloons. You still really love balloons. We waited to do your family party until after school started so your grandmothers could be here.  You  chose a white and pink color theme and requested money, jewelry, and a bike.  You received all of that. You also got tons of girly things….like body sprays and washes, lip gloss and nail accessories. Our whole upstairs smells like a tweenager now.  You so love using all those products and accessorizing your outfits with jewelry, scarves, and headbands.  You also finally got your bike and could right it as soon as you got on it. Such freedom.  We don’t really have a neighborhood that’s good for bike riding so we’ve held off for years, knowing we couldn’t safely just let you go off alone riding your bike.  Now you beg us everyday to wander the hood with you so you can zoom around while we race to keep our eye on you.  Ugh. Overprotective parenting is so over rated.

k 3

At the end of the summer, we started school shopping for 5th grade and your anxiety kicked it. You really didn’t want to go back to your old school because of all the mean kids.  We know homeschool isn’t right for you because you like to be around other girls (nice ones) your age, so we started searching around for alternatives the last week of summer break.  We ended up going to a Catholic school, taking a tour, and signed you up the next day.  The next 3 days were filled with getting uniforms and supplies because they had already started school.  We all took you to school for your first day and I walked you to your class and left you all alone with you big, scared eyes.  I could barely make it out of the building before bawling like a baby.  I felt so bad leaving you in such a new, strange place.  Everyone at the school has been together for all the grades. It is just one class per grade and they all move up together to the next grade. They all know each other well and the school.  You are such an outsider right now.  I was so stressed and worried for you.  Over the next couple of weeks you did alright. The school is very different and there’s lots we don’t understand yet.  They write in cursive-all the kids and the teachers do on the board- and our public schools don’t teach cursive, so that is a huge problem for you since you can’t read anything the teacher is writing.  We get to practice that in addition to all the homework each night.  You like the students and the daily schedule of changing classes there, but you do not like the work and for that reason you have decided that you just want to stay home and school is awful and please don’t make me go back ever is what we hear each night along with crying.   I hope you settle in and things get easier for you soon because I just don’t know what other options we have right now.


I love you my tall, beautiful, smart, funny, witty, daughter.  You are growing up so fast and I miss the little you, but I am hopeful that the young lady you will become is going to be just awesome.  I know life and rules are so hard for you sometimes and all of your struggles really weigh you down, but we are always here for you. We want you to be happy and enjoy your life now and as you grow up.  We will always do everything we can to help you. Just  be kind, be honest, and do your best.  I love you so much Keely. Happy 10th birthday.



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Keely at 9 1/2


The year is flying by for you. You are doing really well in 4th grade. You have a great teacher and a pretty nice class.  You even made honor roll.  Math is still a struggle for you, but you are really trying.  Sometimes the hard stuff really stresses you out and it affects you emotionally.  We tell you that we just want you to try you best and that is all anyone can ask of you.  You do not like anything that requires studying or practicing. I almost  fell on the floor one night when I came in your room to tell you goodnight and you were “studying” your history notebook for a test. Whaaa?  You looked so grown laying on your bed reciting history facts.


You have a best friend in your class and you two are happy to have each other.  You even exchanged little broken heart best friend necklaces. Her mom does her hair with crazy color streaks and lets her wear make up sometimes, so I get to hear all about how unfair I am for not letting you do those things.  It’s all coming Keely. You have your whole life to do those things.  What fun things to look forward to I tell you, but you just moan at me. “Not fair!”


Your energy level has not waned at all. You still are zooming around and flipping over the couch, jumping on things, and rolling on the floor upside a lot.  You sing and often make strange noises when you are nervous or excited.  You love to eat on your own schedule and help yourself to making food all the time it seems. You pick one favorite a month and eat the beejeezus out of it until you never want it again and it’s on to the next thing.  You still love any junk food or soda. You would live off of it if you could. When you grow up that’s what your house will be filled with, you tell me.  Junk all day long.  Alrighty.


You laugh a lot.  You get humor and you are witty and quick.  You’ve gotten us good with your one liners a lot lately.  You seem so proud when you make us laugh. You like being the funny one in your class and at home. You are goofy too. We like that.  Sometimes your humor can be directed unkindly towards someone and we are trying to steer you clear of that. You are afraid other people won’t like you if you act like you like someone they don’t.  Classic peer pressure situation.  Hopefully, our endless talks on kindness and empathy will sink in eventually.  We also have to make sure we practice what we preach.  You are often our mirror.  We see our flaws coming at us large and raw in many of your behaviors.  This parenting thing gets awfully rough sometimes.  I hope you know we are trying to do the right thing for you and always trying to help you be a good person.


You love Lucas and want to carry him around and mommy him. He lets you often and it melts you.  You are so happy, calm and peaceful when he wants you to hold him or sits in your lap.  It’s so sweet.  You then want to swing him around and play crazy games with him and he is not having that! There is screaming.  Milo and you have your ups and downs.  You fight as hard as you love.  I guess that is normal.  I really don’t know.  I hope you always take care of each other and have each others back.  You definitely have your own skills and interests and it is hard for you two to agree on something to do together lately.


Reading and  writing poems and songs are your skills right now. You stopped reading as much as you used to for some reason.  You are one of the highest readers in your class though.  You are interested in outer space right now and googling things on the internet-which can be dangerous.  You so want your own computer and cell phone, but it’s just not going to happen yet.  We give you time on our computers and you love to play games on daddy’s computer.

You are tall as can be and growing more into a young lady.  You want your hair to grow out long so we are trying that out. You want to wear what all the other girls wear and are often frustrated that you can’t because of how it all feels on your body. Lots of tears are shed when you can’t wear a pair of jeans or the ruffle shirt.  You try to wear the same thing for many days when you get frustrated.   You and I picked out 5 outfits that are acceptable to you and we try to get you to wear one of them each day with no repeats until the following week when everything has been laundered.  When you are having a good week that system works.  I hope you magically grow out of this sensory thing at some point.  You think that we don’t understand and if we did we would just let you wear the same thing every day without ever washing it. Ugh.  Frustrating for us all.


On Sundays, you and I started having an afternoon date together. We have a fancy drink and a snack. We sit in your bedroom together, uninterrupted and just hang out.  You usually talk about school or what you’ll do when you are older.  I think it has helped our relationship some.  We don’t have much alone time with the two boys around because someone always needs something from me and we are always disrupted.  Hopefully, we can continue our private dates.   It’s nice when you seem to like me again.  Sometimes old photos of you come up on my computer and I have to stop and stare at them to remember when you were little.


I love you Keely.  You always ask me who my favorite kid is and I say you are all my favorites for different reasons.  You say that you are my favorite because you were born first. I guess that is one reason. You did make me a mom and you are always teaching me how to be a better mom. I do keep trying.  Some of the other current reasons you are my favorite are: for the way you smile, the way your eyes sparkle when you are happy, because of your sense of humor, because you are smart, because you are so creative, because you sing so beautifully, and  because I know you have a caring and gentle heart.  You are always my baby.  Happy 9 1/2 Kinder.

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Keely at 9


My first born baby girl is nine years old now.  I can’t believe it. I remember being 9. You’ve grown and changed a lot this year. We’ve just finished a pretty good summer.  We went on vacation and you spent most of your days at home swimming in our pool.   You just love water–well, outside water sources anyway— and  you would practically climb into any public fountain or pond if we didn’t stop you.  You’re our water fairy. You’ve become a great swimmer this summer too.


Keely at nine years old is beautiful, witty, tall, and funny. You are such a great (and fast) reader and witty and a bit snarky. You sometimes want to be very grown-up and mature and other times you want to be a little kid. You are often jealous of Milo for his age and that he gets to not go to school. You two have gotten close again this summer and that has been nice.

You run around through the house and yard playing strange games that make you both laugh hysterically and scream over top of each other. You still fight a lot too though and we often have to break you two up.  You both adore Lucas and fight over him constantly. Who gets the most love from him? Who does he like the best? That’s stuff is no fun.  Lucas doesn’t seem to know what’s going on though. He thinks you both are pretty entertaining…until you won’t let him get in on your games or take your things.

You get very upset when you are unable to do something you want to know how to do, but you will not be patient and practice at it. You just scream and cry. That is frustrating for us all. You loose things a lot and that is always a source of much distress in our house. You get SO upset about that.  Your clothing still bothers you and you return to the same few articles of clothing repeatedly. You change out your clothes throughout the day depending on what activity you will be doing. There is always piles of your stuff all over the house.  You try to keep things clean and organized for about a week and then “it is just too much work to put things where they go” and you stop.  You’re lucky I’m a neatnik.

You have great style when you do want to get dressed prettily.  You’ll put the greatest outfits together-complete with scarves and jewelry. It looks so awesome.  I’m always taken aback when I see them.  You also have a beautiful singing voice that still surprises me when I hear it. It’s just so pretty. You’ve been a fabulous singer since you were 2…and you just get better each year.  You can also make up really great songs. Sometimes they are slow and melodic and other times crazy and dance club themed. All of them are pretty dang good.  You’ve got a musical gift I think.   You also still love to listen to certain kinds of music and get really mad if we are talking and not letting you hear it. You want to take it all in without distractions. You snag away noisy baby toys from Lucas and shush us with waving hands and screams so that you can hear the words or the instruments in songs.  Classical music and women sung pop/dance songs are you favorites.

You love playing the few very old school video games that Daddy lets you play on his computer. Super Mario is your current favorite. You are good at it too. You beg for computer time.


You also love the idea of magic in the world. Fairies still hold your imagination and you so wish you could really be one and live outside and fly around wherever you wanted to. Your favorite places to go is the Koi Pond downtown.

You lay next to the water and dream. You relax and get lost in your thoughts. It one of the few times that you are calm.  Nature and music speaks to you.  You sometimes will dress up still when you are so inspired by a movie or book.

You think it may be too babyish to do so, but without anyone here criticizing it– you dance in the back yard in full regalia. I hope for you to never lose that.  I’m glad you feel safe enough and confident enough to play still, at least at home.  You still sleep with Duckie too. Your favorite beloved animal. He is looking rough, but he’s been by your side forever.

You don’t really play with any toys now. Occasionally, Barbies or Littlest Pet Shop critters will keep your attention, but mostly you like made up games. You play school a lot, where you get to make the rules and be the boss. Milo sometimes will willingly  sit and be your student.  Third grade was not so good for you. You had a rough time of it and it effected you and our family a lot.  The stress of it all and some bullying really made for a bad time.  You were a wreck.   It took a few weeks of summer to get you back to being with us and being more yourself.  I hope this school year is better for you.  I want you to have a great fourth grade year.  Thankfully, your birthday was not on the first day of school this year!


We love you so much Keely. Happy 9th birthday! I hope this year is wonderful for you.

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K 8 1/2

Keely you are 8 1/2 now. You are in third grade. You love all the social-ness of school, but not so much the work.  You have friends and seem to be liked by most of your peers. You try very hard to not ever get in trouble at school. Math is still a big struggle for you, but you really are working at it. You have a hard time going to school on Mondays and after breaks, but during the week you are alright. You are even good about getting your homework done.

You get very caught up in the who has what and what other kids get to do or have, if it is different from you. You want to be like everyone else-wear their clothes, watch their shows, say the things they say.  We keep trying to convince you to just be you. You’ve got great style and a really fun personality. When you are in a good mood, you shine. You are silly and giggly. You are also witty and smart.

School has brought us lots of germs and sickness this school year. You are sick every other week! It’s ridiculous.  Being sick seems to just be the way of life for you lately-colds and stomach bugs.  It is really starting to get to you. I can’t blame you either. My poor girl.

When you aren’t sick, you love to eat. You eat dinner and then you eat two more dinners after that. You eat from the time you get home from school until you go upstairs to bed. You couldn’t be any thinner though. You’re like a string bean. Tall and lean. You still have a crazy sweet tooth too. You’d love to carry a bag filled with candy around with you all day. You bring a lunch to school every day and complain that I don’t give you enough food. You are pretty picky about what you’ll eat in it though.  I pack you a note and a small treat every day too.

Milo and you get along half the time and the other half of the time you tease him or try to get him upset. I think you try out the bullying you see at school on him.  You usually apologize later. Other times, you love him and laugh at all the funny things he does. He wants to be your friend, but his feelings get really easily hurt by you.  Lucas adores you. He even says your name.  You love to carry him around and make him laugh. You don’t want him to get bigger. He’s your little doll now.

You’ve been really sweet to Caribou lately. Cuddling with him and taking care of him. He loves to curl up next to you whenever you sit down. He follows you around to see when you’ll end up at, so he can join you. It’s sweet. He’s a grumpy, old man now, so it is good that you are caring for him.

I can’t hardly take any photos of you because you always make goofy faces at me. Ah well. You at age 8 I guess.  You don’t really play with any toys now. I guess you are too big for that. It is sad that those young ages are over already.  You do still have a zoo of stuffed animals. You are scared of ghost and monsters and having trouble going to sleep at night. You have your millions of animals to keep you safe and a few night lights.

You love to sing still and your voice is really very pretty. You still like to read a lot. At night, we’ve started watching Little House on the Prairie and you love all the drama between Laura and Nellie. You get so excited and roll with laughter at their antics. I think you wish you could act out the way they do when some one bullies them. You live vicariously.  No one ( and no animal) is ever allowed to get hurt or die in any book or show or you will fall to pieces in tears and refuse to read or watch it ever again. That sensitivity still remains.

I don’t get to spend very much time with you between school and the boys. It’s kind of sad.  I only get to really talk to you at night before bed. I hope this summer we can have some nice time together. You are growing up so fast. We already have glimmers of the handful of a teenager that you’ll be.  I must make time to enjoy the little girl you while I can.  I love you Keely. You are always my baby girl


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the weekend

This weekend we saw our only snowfall this winter.


Yep, that’s it. It was pretty and we all shrieked with joy to see it falling. We take what we can get.

My girl was feeling under the weather so I put her in the bath for a long time and she came out feeling better…and looking so grown.


But later in the day she succumbed to the bed. Poor thing is so sick now.  I can’t stand my babies being sick.

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