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Little kid albums

Friday Keely and I cleaned-up and organized her massive collection of books and I came across these two, well-loved ones. I thought I'd share the my wee idea with you. When she was a little over a year I got a few of these small photo albums (Target or Michaels for $1.). The girl loved books and I couldn't keep up with giving her new stuff to look at.

In one I put the picture side of alphabet flashcards to help her learn the names of different objects/animals/people and in the other I put family and pet photos.  She has outgrown them now, but she loved these books when she was younger. She loved calling out the names of family members in her own album and she liked knowing all the names of every picutre on the flashcard. They are also small enough to bring out wherever you go. For older kids you can get little albums that have no white backing in the pages, that way the back of any flashcard ( the answer? the letter, sound, or math solution etc.) can be visible.  Flashcards are flimsy so putting them in little books helps them last longer and keeps them together so they won't get lost. 


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In my humble opinion-

Do you have tangrams? If not, I recommend getting some. It is the only activity that has entertained/interested Keely for whole 20 minute periods. I kind of like doing them too! I used to have some similar ones in my classroom, but all I kept were a box of the shapes. Keely and I had been playing with them and then a few weeks ago, I found this set at a thrift store that had a stack of the pattern cards too. She's pretty good at them and has played with them several times everyday. It's a good thing friends. A goooood thing. 
* You can print tangrams off the internet or you can trace shapes and make your own. 

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Rain, Rain, Go Away…

Yeah, so it has been pouring here all day long. Thank goodness it is naptime. I don't like to go anywhere in the rain because no one seems to drive well and no where is worth going if you might get smooshed…so we've been trapped inside. Here's our day: because I KNOW you care.

Make more muffins because a certain little person really likes them and because we already ate Monday's small batch.

Clean out kitchen drawers, and straighten up the pantry, and refridgerator. 
"Hey, how about Keely play with cars and mommy will sew for a little bit?"
"NO! I don't want mommy to sew. Let's play dollhouse!"  drats.
play dollhouse, turn chairs upside down and pretend to vacuum the house, play horsies, read books, color, take a shower, make beds, carry Keely through the air to fly like an airplane over and over again.
I say, "Hey, how about Keely plays with dinosaurs and mommy will sew for a little bit?"
K says, "How 'bout NO!"  right then. Cheeky little monkey.
Give Keely brushes and water and let her screen paint while I make lunch.
Clean the windowsill after seeing how yucky it was in the photo. 
Make lunch, eat lunch, clean kitchen, read every Maisy book. Clean-up Keely's bookshelf. Could she have anymore books?
Cuddle on the couch.
Tell the rain to go away. 
Rain did not go away, if you can't beat it, join it. Keely goes onto the mini-deck to get drenched. There was a downpour right after I shot this one.
Is it naptime yet? please. One hour to go.
Keely decides it's time to sing. She must get dressed up before every show. We sang all the "show" tunes in her repertoire-various Wizard of Oz songs, I Want To Be A Producer! (from well, duh The Producers. Was it just me or was the movie really bad?), and every Sesame Street song we could think of. 

This girl can really belt it out.  The show ended and naptime was finally here. It is still raining.

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A new kid site…

I was just scanning my bloglines and Loobylu has a wonderful new kid site called kiddley! It sounds a bit like MS Kids (which is no more) perhaps it can fill that void. It looks really awesome, go check it out.

2 Comments May 16, 2006

The possible return of theme-o-ramas?

If you have no children and/or know that you really don't give a flip about the corny activities (which are sometimes even educational!) that I do with my 2 1/2 year old…then go ahead a skip this way too long post.  
One of my long time readers (Is 4 months a long time?) asked if I would consider posting some of Keely's corner themes (which I previously posted here). I told her I stopped posting that stuff because 1. I didn't get much feedback, so I thought no one was finding it useful 2. I don't know what most people do and don't do with their children in this respect. I don't want to tell you no-duh kind of stuff or sound like I'm talking down to anyone.  However, I am posting this week's theme!  We haven't done any for about a month because Keely got all into dress up and her corner was overtaken with scarfs, bags, hats, and shoes. Lots and lots of shoes.  We decided we' have a dinoasaur theme this week, so we set out to find  all her dinosaur stuff. I'm always impressed by what she finds and how excited she gets to gather the goods.  This is what we came up with.
*3 dinosaur books:How do Dinosaurs Say Good Night?, How do Dinosaurs Eat their Food?, and  Oh My, Oh My, Oh Dinosaur.
*her box of little dinosaur figurines
*a dinosaur (who is sometimes a dragon) puppet
*a dinosaur shape tracing and puzzle 
*Her small magnetic board with magnetic dinosaurs (target $1.00)
After she kindly let me take the picture, she insisted we play with the stuff right away. She is always re-interested in the toys once we have them gathered. If I put out any new stuff, I always give her ideas of what to do with it or if it is a puzzle I show her how to do it. The puppet enjoys reading the books and also talking about real dinosaurs (where they live, what they eat etc.). Besides just pretend play, the figurines are good for counting, grouping, sorting and also to act out any of the dinosaur books. Feel free to gather any other props for acting out stories too. If you have a child that isn't really interested in books or reading, using props to act out and read a story is one way to get them more involved.  Keely enjoys her toys saying lines from stories. Also we try to find the kind of dinosaurs that are in the books. "This page has a spiney one on it  (Stegosaurus) let's find your spiney one" etc. Older kids could use reference books to figure out the real names themselves or at least find their picture.
We also drew a landscape for the dinosaurs to play in on her table. I did most of the work here just so I could give you the idea.
Normally, she would do most of the drawing. I would ask for her input and have her draw what she thought the dinosaurs would like. She also tells me what she wants me to draw and I oblige.  Here we had to have water, trees, grass, flowers etc. I then labeled them. We say the letters together. I say,"Here is a lake. Luh, luh, laaake. What is the letter for Lake?" "What letter makes the sound Luh?" She says, "L because she already knows the letter sounds." You can gear this to age and ability of the child you are with. I then write the letters for Lake. Saying each one out loud, sounding them out and then saying the word. Use your finger to point to each of the letters as you sound them out. Keely does this herself now too and she likes to tell the dinosaurs that "This word says, Lake!" as she points to it. Let's go swim in the lake now."  You get the idea right? Please know that I am not forcing this stuff on my kiddo. She wants to know letters and sounds and will ask for the info. until you give it to her. She started this at 15 months old.! EEek! I only do learning workish kind of activities when she is in the mood and usually only for about 10-15 min. a day and some days not at all. Most of the time she just plays with the stuff.
If you have older children, they can make a more detailed and time consuming landscape using more crafty stuff (contact paper, constuction paper, scrapbook paper, FABRIC!!!, blocks, or toys from other sets- like trees from Playmobile collections etc.) Older children will do this on their own, but it can't hurt to introduce some of these ideas when they're younger. It can spark their own creativity. I don't stop her from adding funny things like "balls so the dinosaurs can play" and "milk for them to drink" from the drawing. She can do whatever she wants. She drew balls and a bottle of milk and then asked me to write the words under them.
Alright, I hope that gave someone help or a few ideas. Let me know.  

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Food sort

When you get bored playing the same thing over and over again you just gotta get a little more creative. Keely decided we would not be "eating" the food, but instead we were gonna sort them by color! It looked pretty when we were done and now she is ready for kindergarden. Ha! I don't even know if we are sending her to K yet. Such educational fun. So now get your kiddies toys together and go color sort. Buttons are fun too. 

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Playdough recipe

When moving my old post over I came across my first playdough post and saw that someone had asked for the recipe. I never saw that comment before so I didn't reply. Sorry.  I made a new batch of tie-dyed looking blue playdough yesterday and thought I'd give out the recipe now for those of you who don't already know it.
  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 tbsp oil
  • 1/2 cup salt
  • 2 tbsp cream of tartar
  • 1 cup of water
  • food coloring and/or food flavorings ( i.e vanilla, peppermint for smell), you can also add glitter for kicks but if you have very small children you don't want them eating  glitter.   
That is basically it. You mix it and cook it slowly in a double boiler until it starts to pull away from the sides of the pan. Don't over cook it or it'll be really dry. Knead it and let it cool. It lasts in an airtight container for quite awhile.   
This is for you Tasha: The bunny tea party with the "table". 

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Cheerio Necklace

For breakfast we made cheerio necklaces. She was quite pleased with this project. I didn't think she'd be able to put the cheerios on the plastic string, but she was! It would be prettier with sugary cereal, but we don't have any of that stuff around here. If you do this, be prepared for the crumbly cheerio mess after each bite. ;-)  

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We had a Maisy afternoon today. Busted out all the books and read them with the Maisy doll. These are cute books. I just found out yesterday that there are movies too. Anyone seen them? I've heard they are cute, sweet, and nice. We like Maisy. There is a neat Maisy website. You can read/look at some of the books online. Keely likes to do that with us. There are also printable coloring pages. A few weeks ago I was going to try and use the coloring pages to draw up some patterns for softies to go along with her book-a Charlie and a Tallulah would be nice. That's about as far as I got with that. I don't think I have the knack for softies. It was a nice thought though.

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fabric fun

This is one of the other "new" fabrics I said I had bought, the Alexander Henry one. I was going to make bean bags out of it, but I couldn't cut it up. Sooooo, I just stretched it over a canvas and put it over Keely's little kitchen table. It's provided much entertainment for us. Sometimes we pick out who we think certain ones look like….this one is grandma, this one is mommy…etc. And the latest fun started by Keely, is picking one of the characters and then posing like they are. It's quite funny. Then we pick another person and we have to make their funny pose. Four hours later…we are still posing. kidding. Some of their positions are impossible to duplicate since we have bones in our limbs and are not made of rubber. What entertainment we have. This is what you do with no cable, people.

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