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“valentime’s” cupcakes

Cupcakes were finally made, iced, and sprinkled…
and they were quickly sampled…

Goopy red painted handprints were stamped…

Baths were then had and someone decided it was probably time for another cupcake. She's actually licking her lips here.

 *I think I'd better steer away from reds and pinks for awhile. This whole blog is going all hearty, ultra-girlie looking.

10 Comments February 15, 2007

glitterfool and scones

Heart-y photo of the day 

So we made some potato stamps and I gave the gal some paint and stamps. She liked it well enough…
But then came the glitter. I mean, "OH YAY Mommy! Glit-TERRRR! Sparkly, red, shiny, glitter, glitter!!!" Everything thing I gave her or asked her was followed by an anxious/excited "and then more glitter!?"  "Here Keely want to use this gluestick to make something." "Yeah, but then we need lots more glitter."  "Keely do you want any more heart punches? "And then more glitter!" She had a half-crazed look in her eyes. What's in that stuff? I checked the label to see if there was anything I should be worried about. I guess we've begun our glitter era and she will be now known as Glitterfool.
After the heart crafting, we tried scone baking.
They were nice to make. They smelled good. I like how they look. I like the ideal of them, but the taste….not so good for me. Keely spit hers out. "You can eat ALL this mommy. It's too blucky." I don't know if I made it wrong or if I just don't like scones-kind of tasted like a biscuit with no sugar.  Now, I confess I like me some sugar. I'm not proud of this. I know it is bad, but I need sweetness in many things. I think it's a genetic disorder. My biological father used to always keep a bag of sugar cubes in his glove compartment to eat throughout the day. Yuck. I'm not that bad. My coffee is little more than cream and sugar though. And you know when you are pregnant and you have to take that sugary glucose drink test? Well, when the nurse tested my blood after I drank that toxic stuff there was no trace of the drink.  My body sucked up that sugar and then some. Freaky. I always seem to have a low blood sugar level when I've been tested-not low, diabetic low..just lower than average. So anyway, no more scones for us. Cupcakes maybe.

24 Comments February 8, 2007

Favorite toys

O.k. As I've said before most of Keely's toys are from thrift stores. We don't generally buy things with batteries or flashing lights. No thank you. A lot of her toys are rotated so she becomes interested in them again when we drag them out. We have most of the toys that Katurah listed the other day, except the Waldorf style dolls-someday I'll make one of them. Someday.  I, too, would recommend all of her children's favorites and they would be the top things on my list. However, since that would be silly for me to post the same things, here are my additions:

1. Nesting town blocks. (can't fix this weird spacing here)


This is a set of 10 blocks. Each one is painted like a town store or building and they all stack inside of the largest one for easy storage. You can find this set here and I'm sure there are others out there. Luckily, I got our set for .99 because I don't spend $25. for any toy.

2. The doll house.

It is made by Plan and again I found hers second hand for cheap. It is currently decorated with mostly cheap plastic stuff since she is still young and destructive. I have dreams of fully decking the place out with cute Plan-made furnishings in the future.

3. Puppets

We have a basket filled with them. They are fun to use when acting out a story or letting them vigorously chew on play food. You can always get creative and make your own or buy cheap sets from Oriental Trading Co.

4. Tea Sets.

We have a large plastic set that usually resides in the bath, a set in her play kitchen for cooking, and a miniature porcelain set that belongs to the stuffed animals. All sets get used a lot.

5. A dress-up box and a costume jewelry box/bag/basket whatever.

Her box has old things of ours (clothing, purses, cell phones, ties) and also children's costumes from thrift stores, especially from Halloween time. There is also scarves, hats, and wands. Oh yes, and TONS of shoes.

6. Chalkboard and/or dry-erase boards. You don't need a photo for that, right? right.

7.And the hodge-podge shot:

Musical instruments: maracas, tamborines, recorders, a drum, kazoos. 

Wood stacking blocks. Melissa & Doug offer lots of these things. We have several different sets and she has almost outgrown them all, but I still like them dangit! so they make the list!

The doctor kit! She loves, loves her doctor kit (and also, not shown, her cash register).

Letter tiles. They aren't just for me! You can find these at teacher supply stores or just use the pieces from your old games-scrabble, boggle, etc. We've made up lots of games using our sets.

Tangrams. I posted on these before.

and lastly, magnets. We have a container filled with all different kinds of magnets-animals, farm sets, alphabets, and all the other random kinds that seem to collect in our house.She fills her magnetic dry-erase board with every magnet we own and then takes them down again. Fun. Of course, there is also the standard alphabet magnets to spell out things or line up in abc order. She is also enjoying hanging up her artwork using tons of magnets.

Alrighty, that's my contribution. I hope it is helpful to someone.  This gal has so many awesome toys I have no idea what to do for Christmas. Shall I make some red peppermint scented playdough? ha. What a lame mom. I'm stumped on this.

20 Comments December 7, 2006

Rice, Rice, Baby…(and other weird toys)

I thought I'd share a few things I've gotten together around here for Keely.Perhaps it will help out one of you who needs a new activity for your little one. Up first is colored rice.  I thought she could use some more hands-on, tactile, sense filling activities and this is a good one.

Lots of fun, cheap and easy (Put a little bit of alcohol or vinegar in a baggie, add a few drops of food coloring. Throw in your rice. Mix it all up and then spread it on a sheet pan. Let it air dry or put it in the oven at 200 degrees for about half an hour. You can mix the coloring with just water if you need to, but the alcohol makes the colors a little brighter. You can also add a scent if you want.). I got one of those wide shallow plastic storage boxes, so she could go crazy with the mixing, measuring, pouring, and raining and it doesn't make a giant mess that takes me hours to clean up. Hiding little figurines in a the rice and slowly excavating them has also proven to be enjoyable.
You must make several colors for added entertainment. I've also gotten the homemade playdough with a giant box of cookie cutters and other tools out and left them within her reach in the kitchen. This way she can play with it whenever she wants to. Brave, huh?

 I also got a few other little boxes and filled them with things like this.

Starting to look like I'm running a daycare isn't it? This is all for my one child. Yep.  Soooooo, first is a box of colored penne noodles and shoestrings for stringing lovely necklaces. Then, a box of giant screws, nuts, washers, hinges, & pvc pieces (the larger pieces are waiting to be cut-up still).  She loves playing with this stuff when her daddy is doing work around here, so why not give her her own box to explore at her leisure? Lastly, my buttons and a little divider box. She likes sorting them into the little spaces and putting her favorite ones here and there. The buttons have been well loved this week. The child has tons of wonderful toys (mostly thrifted), but she is not really a fan of them unless I am playing with her. I do play with her often, but sometimes…well, you know.  In step the above odd mix of manipulatives. She is quite happy to play with all of these goodies on her own and she has become quite creative in how she plays with this stuff. I'll have to come up with some more ideas to get us through the winter I'm sure, but for now-we're good.  And we can almost always count on the hour long bath for some fun.

 Happy December everyone. Have a great weekend. Go Deck some halls.

24 Comments December 1, 2006

Hemming and tape bracelets!

I hemmed my first pair of pants. This is huge. Oh, don't you so what? me! You don't know how hard it is for me to find a pair of pants that fit me nicely and that I like. If I do find a nice fit, they are almost always a foot too long. I'm short. Not leprechaun short or elf short, but still shorter than clothes designers want me to be. And I have wide hips but a smallish waist.  Anway. I finally found a nice pair of chocolate colored linen pants while a-thrifting for $2. They are H&M and really cute and they look decent enough on me, but no lie, they were at least a foot too long. Are you all this tall? I decided it was time to try hemming pants. I did it. It was easy and I'm going to do it again. I think I hemmed them both the same length too! Amazing. This sewing thing is so handy. 
Now, Keely and I were going to make some nature bracelets today out of packaging tape. Fancy, huh? The idea came from MS Kids I think. You are supposed to wrap a piece of tape, loosely, sticky side out around a kiddos wrist-and go about hunting for nature bits to stick on it. Then, put another piece of tape on top of it to seal it together. Tie it off however you like when it's done. Well, we weren't out the door yet and she was getting upset about the tape sticking together and twisting on her, so we quickly opted to just go for a walk and bring a bag to collect things in.
We came home and she picked out what she wanted on her bracelet. Mostly she wanted dandelions. 
The tape didn't stick down too well on those chunky bits though.
 So we made another one with flatter leafs and such.
They'd be cute little bookmarks or place cards too for kids to make.
I also let her loose with some glue and leaves. 
I working on giving her more opportunities to create. She's been drawing and painting, but I think it's time that glue, glitter, markers come into play now. I'm also getting together some other stuff for her to explore with indoors during cold weather. I'll share those things later.

18 Comments November 20, 2006

Beach picnic.

Went to the post office. fun. Then took Keely over to her "castle" beach park for a little while. We walked down to the beach (not our normal beach spot) only after much coaxing. She only wants to play hide-and-seek in the castle. Over and over and over. Finally, I get slow-pokie-joe-frazer (We make up a lot of names in our house, terms of endearment really.) to walk with me and, holy moly, it was a beautiful beach day.

No one was there and the weather was clear. There were gentle waves laping at the shore and the sky was beautiful shades of blue. Lovely. I said, "Keely let's hurry up (HA HA HA) and go home and get lunch and we'll bring it back here at have a picnic on the beach!" She liked the idea, but it took forever to get her back to car. Finally, got dawdler-the-toddler home and threw a lame lunch in a bag and ran back up there (We live less than a mile from the water.)  I carried her heavy little self awhile and finally, we were back at our little haven (I like parenthesis.).
At the beach, in OCTOBER! Sweating, getting a sunburn, and playing in the water.
I have a really hard time getting my horizons straight in my photos no matter how hard I try to line it up in the view finder/frame when I am shooting (see above photo and why am I pointing this out to you who may not have noticed? Not wise, me thinks. Now all you see is crooked horizons. great.). I was starting to think it was the camera, or some optical illusion of shooting long open stretches of skylines, but I think I figured it out. My right shoulder has bad tendonitis and I don't have full range of motion with it, so when I hold up the camera, my right arm doesn't come up as high as my left one and this results in my photos often being tilted down, to the right. It's an identifying feature of my fabulous photography. I'm going to trademark that fancy technique and make millions. ha.
We had fun playing in the water up to our knees and being stalked by seagulls who wanted our lunch. It was perfect until about 1 o'clock and then the sun was baking us and the tide started coming in fast and it almost got my camera! The nerve of the bay, huh?  'Bout lost my mind. I was running like a crazy person trying to save the bag holding the camera from a wave. AH! Don't mess with my camera. 
Keely doesn't like the waves, so It wasn't too hard to convince her that it was time to go, but then we had the long and sloooooow walk back to our car. Oh, sweet Pete. come.on.child. She's all about running at full-speed when she is leading, but if I try in the slightest, kindest way to lead her somewhere, turtle legs come out. And everytime I look back at her, trailing ever so slowly behind me, she stops walking all together and does something like veer off the path to investigate a pine cone or lay on the ground to examine the sidewalk. stinker. I guess it's a little funny. I need a micro-foldable-lightweight-compact stroller that's fits in a pocket to whip out in these situations. seriously. So, all-in-all, a nice day was had at the beach. In October.

10 Comments October 4, 2006

sleepy blogworld

Well, hello out there. Where is everyone?

*chirp*   *chirp*  *chirp*

right then. 

If no one is interested in buying any of the "sheet" that's left at the store, I think I'm going to pack it all up and stuff it in the attic. I'm done with it now. I must reclaim our space. I'm not making any money of the goods now. I'm just trying to get rid of them. sigh. Oh yes, and my salesman walked off the job and went back to making tea & muffins.

So, this weekend we watched our first subtitled foreign flick in years!  "The Girl From Paris". It was pretty good and it made us want our farm life more…or maybe just the farm land.  We also went to the zoo and decided after this guy…


we need a piggy on our farm too. He was so friendly. The goats were nice too. I'm thinking we'll adopt some old, retired animals. Keely really likes animals and so do we.
This cave thing is neat. You climb in and look up through these bubble windows to watch prairie dogs.
But as always, Keely didn't care about doing what your supposed to do at the zoo and she mostly enjoyed walking around with her "new friend goose." I think he liked her too. He just stayed next to her and walked while she talked, and talked, and talked.
She practicing being a lion here…roaring and all that.
In other news, I made a few pillow cases/covers for Keely's room. How long did it take me to figure out how to sew a cover for a huge bolster/body pillow? I mean, it is basically a big cylinder, but I had to sew and mess it up THREE times before I got it right. Ay, ya, ya. Now it is done. Well, done enough for now.  I still haven't figured out my bird drawings for her walls. I guess I don't have much to say which is one reason I am not posting much. I'll go now.  As always, I'll post more on FlickR.

10 Comments October 3, 2006

Tea & Towels

I got a few of these Bavarian teacups this week. They are very delicate and froofy. I'm attracted to these small pretty things, but in our home almost all of our dishes are solid white.  Anyway, I looked these cups up online and they sell for $25….for one cup and saucer! That price is from a replacement china place, so I guess if you are shopping there you really want the piece and will pay that. It is just crazy to my cheap brain.   

Speaking of teacups, we had a tea party yesterday. First, we made blueberry muffins together. I let her do all the stirring and muffin linings. We cleaned house while they cooked and then she got dressed-up for the party. We turned on some Getz & Gilberto too.

She used all kinds of "please's" and  "thank you's" during our party. And said cute things like, "Tea parties are my favorite!" "Muffins are so yummy" "Mommy, you have pretty blue eyes. They are like mirrors."

I was surprised that she liked chamomile tea. She loved eating in the dining room and using glass instead of plastic. Then later, after we took our shower she asked me to dry her hair like I do mine. I love this photo. 

This weekend I hope to get a grommet thingy at least, if not start on the curtain too. Also, if we have some nice weather I hope we can go on a little family outting around town. Enjoy your weekend all and spend time doing what matters to you. ;-)

19 Comments September 15, 2006

the evolving blog

Well, since you all are so nice and encouraging about the posting of the kiddie stuff, I am going to keep posting some of it-not every day mind you. I've mentioned to several people that the blog evolves. I started this blog with the intention of being all super crafty. That ain't going to happen. I've accepted that. I really only like to craft things that I have a need for and/or for gifts. Occassionaly, I like to try something just because it looks neat. I always am hesitant to post too much mommy & me stuff because I feel like I've mislead some people. The ones who put me in their links under "crafty" or "inspirational".  I think that is really nice and flattering. Thank you to those people.  It does make me feel a little guilty when I go weeks without making something though.  So, right now this is more of a mommy blog I guess. Life evolves, I evolve, the blog evolves. It's all good. I'm trying to do a little more photography to fill my artistic needs, since that is something I can do with Keely, wherever we are.  Anywho. Yesterday we did this little activity, among other things.

She has this spastic colored letter rug in her room. It is not to my decorating taste, but it really useful and we have some good games we play with it.  For this exciting, fast-paced, action-packed game, we go on a hunt around the house trying to find things that start with each of the letters. We don't keep very much off limits and you have to RUN to find the objects. It makes for quite a few messes as she dumps out buckets of toys, searching for the Panda bears to go on the letter P and digging through our pantry to find Noodles for N, but it's entertaining and eats up a good chunk of time.  My favorite here is the cup of Water on W and then later she couldn't find anything for Y, she wanted a yo-yo and couldn't find one, so she said, "Yucky, Yucky starts with Y! Trash is yucky!" She ran off and got a crumbled up piece of paper (thankfully, it was clean trash). Mommy always has to stand on M too.  She put a photo of herself on K. cute.

13 Comments September 14, 2006

Day 2- the beach castle

Yesterday was sunny and cool so we headed down to the beach. It was so windy there, the waves were crashing and noisy-spraying us with cold water. The tide was high so there was little walking room on the shore. Normally, Keely loves when we walk on the beach but it was too much for her senses on this day-noise,wind, water, crashing.

She was not happy. "It's too loud. It's too windy. Make it stop. The sand is too hard to walk on here." Finally, we left and went down a block to the little park at the beach. She cheered right up when she saw the happy flags. 
We counted seagulls. 
 Played hide-and-seek
She spotted this and claimed it as her "castle." 
She took off, ascended the royal stair case and put on quite a show-singing and dancing-for her audience of one. 
 We stayed there for about an hour and never saw another soul. Would this not be the perfect place for a nice play date? Kids could put on an awesome show up there on the beach front stage, play in the sand, roll in the grass, & have a little picnic. 
No, I'm not going to post this stuff everyday, but I'm just trying to get us into the routine. So far, our active play time is taking up most of the day and by the time we are done with it, it's time for lunch and then a nap (all the running around has made her fall asleep nicely again). When she wakes up she is ready to play, play, play again. I'm getting very little else done and that means I don't have anythig else to blog about. Ah well. She is happy and I do get to take some pretty photos.  I put some more on flickr.

13 Comments September 13, 2006

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