Milo at 10

January 1, 2018


Milo you are a decade old. You’ve made ten whole trips around the sun. I keep telling you to not be so old. I just can’t stand how fast you are growing up. You don’t listen though. You look older and you’re a bit taller, but you’re just as cute as ever. Some kids at our our co-op decided to vote on who the cutest kid was and almost all of them voted for you!

This year you’ve been really into astronomy. You love reading just about anything to do with space. You are fascinated with black holes and you also love space rovers and satellites. We go to our beach every time their is a launch from Wallops Island hoping to see something. We also try and spot the space station when there are fly overs. We go to the bay to see the full moon risings, especially the super moons. You wanted a telescope this summer, so we got you one. You figured it all out and set it up by your window. You love studying the moon and Jupiter when their within view.


You also still love Lego’s and Minecraft. You build some very detailed creations and tell us every single thing about them and how they work. You want to get into coding now too. You also enjoy reading and you fly through all the books we give you. You read for at least an hour before bed most nights. You still stay up way too late.

You’re doing fine in school although you are easily distracted and I have a hard time getting you to just focus and finish your work. You hardly ever will just sit in a chair and get it done. You cry about having to write things still, although you are a great writer with a wonderful vocabulary. You also get very upset about math, although you are able to understand it pretty easily. You enjoy science and reading the most. Sometimes you like to draw too. You are a perfectionist and get frustrated when your creations are as you think they should be.

milo10bMilo you are a sensitive boy. This summer you gained a new compassion for every living creature, especially ants and beetles. You have to rescue every bug that is in the path of danger. Taking a neighborhood walks became quite tedious. You love your pets and want them to cuddle you at all times. You do get really mad at Cooper for eating your lego’s, but you quickly forgive him and go back to loving on him.

You are still sweet and cuddly yourself. You like to wrap up in blankets and sit near me on the couch. You tell me you love me many times a day. You are protective of your family and like to be with us and explore places together. You do not like to go to stores, unless their are Lego’s. Lucas and you play together most of the day. You two fight a lot too, but mostly their is friendship. Each night while we are downstairs watching a show, you go into Lucas’s room and hang out with him for awhile before going to your own space. You guys usually get loud and crazy, but we let you for awhile because it’s so nice that you two want to be together.


We still go to co-op two days a week. You are taking 3 class right now and have your core group of friends there that you talk to and run around with at lunch break. You all are very opinionated, so you seem to just yell over top of each other to get your ideas across. You guys eventually settle on some sort of tag game and run screaming wildly through the grounds chasing each other.


Happy ten years my Miggity moo. You are sweet, cute, intelligent, funny, and driven. I wonder will the next year will take you. I love you baby.

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