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Keely at 14.

Keely you are now 14. You are funny, witty, sarcastic, beautiful, loving, and highly-opinionated. You are as tall as me now (5’4). You’re skinny and your feet are still smaller than mine. This past year your love for make-up has grown. Actually, your love for high-end make-up. You won’t even look at cheap stuff. Sephora is your favorite stop now. All you really wanted for your birthday was make-up and money for make-up. Anytime we ask you where you want to go, the answer is the mall. You love to go to Sephora (and ask for a sample) then you swing into Lush (and ask for a sample) and then you stop by Teavana (and snag another sample). It’s pretty funny and you are pleased with your free shopping when you don’t have any money to spend.

You spend almost all of your free time still staring at your phone. Hours and hours a day are spend scrolling away. You love memes. You save all your favorites and revisit them to share them and laugh at the funny ones. You’ve deemed yourself Meme Lord. You watch videos, make-up tutorials, and you tubers. You text friends too. You’ve had a lot of friend drama this year. You have friends a co-op and you talk to old school friends through texting and Facebook, but your two closest friends are Isis and Katie still. Their lives are much different then yours and you are so jealous of some of their freedoms. It has caused our family a lot of drama, sadly. I hope you understand when your older that we are just trying to do what we think is best for YOU, our daughter.

You don’t enjoy any aspect of learning or school or anything that resembles work. You are not academic. We’ve decided that we aren’t going to start high school this year and instead practice some skills that you need for high school classes and let you mature a bit more. You started kindergarten when you were really young, so you’ll still graduate at 18. Hopefully, it works out for you. You are taking a few co-op classes and a self-defense class this semester. This summer you and your dad made a deal that if you practice the ukelele you could get Instagram on your birthday. So, you did-but you still have to keep practicing that. You didn’t want lessons, so you are learning it yourself using things you find online and you’re doing really good. I hope you can see that you CAN learn anything that you put some effort into. When you are motivated, you are perfectly capable.

Your brothers love you to pieces and are always looking out for you. They are also always watching, so when you get more of something or have a freedom they don’t- they love to call it out and whine. You get so mad. They always want to see what your looking at online and you lose your mind because they are over your shoulder being nosey. You do watch out for them though and love them fiercely. No one will mess with your brothers. Milo loves when you include him in your world.

Cooper is your buddy now. You love when he comes to lay with you or wants you to pet him. You also really like when he gets all excited and bites/plays with you rough…until he gets too rough and then you scream like crazy. He’s confused. You’ve been good about walking him with us every day. He needs to get outside and move and so do you.

I hope this year brings you brings you peace and closer to knowing yourself and how to take care of yourself. I hope we can be understanding of your wants and make the best choices for you. I hope you will know how much we love you (even when we are upset). I hope you can find a new friend that will be a good match for you and will help bring out your best qualities. We love you always Keely. Happy 14th birthday!

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