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Lucas at 6 1/2

My sweet Lucas is now 6 1/2 years old. You are definitely still my baby though. You call me, “mama”, one million times a day. You say, “I love you.” to us all throughout the day and run over and give us hugs. We all love those moments with you. You are funny and wiggly and full of life. Our home would be so dull without you.


We finished up kindergarten this summer. You did great with your first year of school and you can read really well already. You love to look at books on your own and try to figure them out. You love figuring out time and everything about every kind of clock. You always tell us what the time is and how long it is before we have to do something or go somewhere. You are interested in the calendar too and how much things cost.

You still love music. We bought you a little cd player for your bedroom. I gave you some of our old music and you go through them all and pick out your favorites. You play them very loud and drive your siblings bonkers. I love to peek in at you and see you jamming out while building Lego’s. Sometimes I’ll even catch you singing just a little bit. I hope you want to play an instrument one day. I think you would be so good at it.

You ask a lot of questions. Just about every time we speak, we know you are going to ask, “why?”, or “how come?” or for us to further explain. You have a great vocabulary for a six year old. I think you picked them up from your internet videos. “We should use the proper method to fix this.”

During your free screen time in the afternoon you currently watch: Thomas the Train, Bob the Builder, Backyardigans, or some Minecraft gamer. You still play Minecraft with Milo sometimes. You play Lego’s, construction trucks, matchbox cars, and playmobil. Outside you love to ride your bike and your scooter as fast as possible. You like to play with your trucks in the gravel too. Our neighbor, Jackson, is still your friend. You two yell a “woo-ooo” sound over the fence when you come outside so that the other person will come out and talk.


You play with Milo half of the day and scream and fight with him for the other half of the day. I guess that’s normal, but it makes for a loud house. You love each other and are bored not playing together, but together you spend so much time planning your game that by the time you are going to play you are on each other’s nerves and the fighting begins.

You love us all so much. You are worried when something is wrong. If one of us is sad, you will give us love or bring us a cup of water or something that you think will cheer us up. You are still so generous too. You will always share or give up something of yours if one of us doesn’t have any. I love that about your heart.


You like to go places as long as it’s not too far away. You still get motion sick. You wear seabands in the car and they help a lot, but you still don’t feel great. You can’t look at books or out the side windows and sometimes just staring straight makes you feel bad, so car trips are not fun for you.

We try to go to lots of places around here to expose you to interesting things without having to travel far. Recently, we’ve been to: traveling art shows at the Hermitage, the Chrysler Museum, historical sites, fairs, state parks, a few beaches, fossil hunting, rocket launches, the zoo, The Jefferson Lab, the boardwalk, Pungo for strawberry picking, Mariner’s Museum, fireworks, ODU, planetariums, and the aquarium. You seem to have fun on all of our adventures.


We have a little bit of summer left and it’s been 100 degrees, so we’ll get in some more pool time and lazy days before it’s on to first grade and the busy-ness of our normal routine. I love you little Lucas. I’m so glad to be your mama.

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