Milo at 9 1/2

June 10, 2017


It is spring time of your ninth year and you are growing taller and filling out a bigger body. I still see my sweet little boy in your face though. This winter was filled with school, co op, mine craft, our dogs, and still looking at houses.  You’ve become close friends with Eli and hang out with him in classes and then in the afternoon you play Minecraft online with him and sometimes with other friends too.  At classes, you are happy to be trailing around with your group-playing games, chasing each other, and discussing important gaming matters.  At home, you still don’t enjoy school work.  Writing is still agony for you.  You are really quick with math. You get how numbers work. You also love to read. You would spend your whole school day reading if I let you.


You love battles.  Battles in video games, reenacting battles in your viking class, battles with Lucas, battles with toys. You also can’t stand for a single creature to be hurt, displaced, or inconvenienced because of humans.  If there is an ant in the house, you freak out and arrange a rescue mission for him to be  taken outside.  You have a big, gentle heart.  You love the puppies and want them to just lay all over you at all times.  They do not often cooperate.  When they do, your are blissed out.


You are still my cleanest child.  You like things to be in their place and will sometimes even clean up after others. You always put your dishes away or pick pillows up off the floor.  Thank you my son. Strangely, your room and Lego’s are not kept very tidy.  Also, your Lego’s aren’t getting much play time lately.  I hope you come back around to them soon.  You have thousands of dollars worth of them to get use out of and your mom needs you to not be done with toys yet.  Stay little longer.

You and your sister were in choir together this semester and you wanted to do a solo for your concerts.  I was and still am shocked. You have never sung out loud before. Ever.  You were so cute and brave at your coffee shop gig. I was  proud of you.


In the winter time, we went to Adventure Park and got to walk on obstacles hanging through the trees…tight ropes, webs, ziplines, and the like.  You didn’t have a second thought about going.  You tried everything and had no fear. We also finally went kayaking this month. You and I rode together.  You weren’t scared at all to get in the bay or the boat.  We worked together really well, yelling left! right! to get our paddling in sync.  You were so happy that we were the fastest boat and that daddy said we looked like we were seasoned kayakers with our rowing.  It was nice working together with you.


You are both a big kid and my little guy still.  You still love to cuddle with me.  You give me hugs and tell me that you love me all through the day.  You are funny, sarcastic, smart, loving, gentle and you still have the cutest face (and feet).  I am always telling you how cute your feet are and you think I’m crazy.  I love you moo.

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