Lucas at 6

March 11, 2017


Lucas, my last baby, you have turned 6. You didn’t seem to care about turning older, but you were very excited about your birthday.  For weeks before your day, each night you would tell me that you couldn’t go to sleep because you just couldn’t wait until your birthday!  You mostly love getting new toys, but you also looked forward to your decorations and cake, of course.  You picked a birch bark woodsy cake and blue decorations.  Lego’s and Playmobil were on your wishlist and you got a few of them both.

You’ve had a few little growth spurts lately and are looking taller and more big boy in your face. You have pretty blue eyes and lovely little freckles across your nose. Your sweet birthmark is still on your neck with no signs of fading. Your hair grows ridiculously fast and we have to cut it too often. You only agree to that event because you get a lollipop each time. You have the sweetest little lips and the skinniest of feet.  You love to flip and roll.  You do it constantly and drive us a bit crazy with it.  You start rolling when we are talking to you, doing school, playing a game, or watching a show.lucas6a

You love being outside.  You like to dig, play with your big trucks, and just explore and collect things.  You got into Bear Grylls this year, so you do a lot of making shelters and surviving in the wild. It’s adorable. You like to play the puppies outside, but they are bigger than you and knock you over when they are too excited. They get a little intense and treat you like a puppy.  You still love them though and always want to take care of them and be near them.

You started homeschool kindergarten this fall. You are learning to read now and it’s so cute to see you with your own books sounding out words and just figuring it all out. You love listening to us read to you too. Writing is not that appealing to you though. You took your first co-op class this fall and loved it. I registered you for an art class this spring and you cry and cry and refuse to go in without me. So we have to just pal around together while Keely and Milo are in their classes.


Lucas you are a sweet and sensitive boy.  You tell us all that you love us 20 times a day.  You will share anything you have. You even give things away to your brother just because he likes it.  You are so generous. What a wonderful quality to have.  You do not like anything remotely scary…not the dark, high staircases, suspense, or mean faces. If there is anything violent or loud,  you are done.

You love certain songs now. You never had favorites in the past, but now you have requests and if they come on while in the car we are not allowed to change the station.  I love to see you singing in the backseat. You like “I Can Make Your Hands Clap”, “Let Me Love You” and “Adventure of a Lifetime” right now. You seem to really like music. You request Bach on my computer often and you like musical toys and you even mentioned that you might like to play the violin, so maybe we will look into that soon.  You will not dance though. Never. Never. No. No. You just will not dance. You keep it to singing, humming, and bobbing your head a little.


Mealtimes have not grown easier yet. Your adventurous palate has not yet made an appearance. You still eat the same handful of foods every day and will not ever try new foods, not even a new cereal. You act like it’s poison.  I’m thinking any time now you are going to grow bored with the same meals; but no you are perfectly content with your repetitive, loyal nutrients.


 Lucas, you are my perfect boy.  I love you so much and I’m so glad I get to spend my days along side you watching you grow and explore and that I am on the receiving end of your cuddles. Happy 6th birthday my baby.



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