Milo at 9

December 10, 2016


Now you have reached nine Milo! You have jsut grown a lot taller, but you still look like my sweet boy. Your hair is just as blonde. Your eyes just as sparkly blue.  You are just as loving and cuddly as always.

This year you have become quite helpful and responsible.  You try to help out around the house. You clean off the table, bring in dishes, tuck in the chairs.  You tell me when things are out of order or messy. You often fix couch cushions that Lucas has messed up.  You like things to be orderly, like me. You don’t like when people leave lights on, doors open, or put things in the wrong spots.  I can relate. We just got our new puppies last month, Luna and Cooper, and you love them.  You are so good taking care of them.  You are kind and gentle.  You take them outside and even clean up after them.  You keep telling me how much fun it is to have puppies or how glad you are that we have them.  You really love animals.  You still adore Midnight, of course.  You want him in your bed with you ever night and you are so upset if he is elsewhere.  You carry him around and try to put him in whatever room you are in during the day.


You still enjoy nature and observing all that there is too see.  You notice beauty and oddity and always point it out to us, so that we can take note of it.  You’re sad when we see a dead bug or trees being chopped down. You have a gentle spirit.

You are pretty quiet around other people.  At home, you talk all the time and run and climb on everything.  You shimmy up and down door frames. You hang from casings.  You rock and spin in every chair you try to sit it. So much energy in your little body.  You aren’t interested in playing any sport or organized activities yet.  I keep trying to get you interested in some kind of music lesson, but you aren’t having it.  You take 3 classes at co-op now…Biology, Astronomy, and Celtic Choir.  You like them well-enough and you do a good job.  You don’t really hang out with any other boys though.  You don’t seem to want to.


You love your siblings.  You get frustrated with both of them often, but you also would do anything for them.  You don’t ever want them to be hurt or sad. You try to fix things when there is a problem.  You do still have your temper. When you are wronged, you get really mad.  It’s a whole different Milo then.  You usually just want to be left alone to calm down while the storm passes.  You don’t walk to talk or be hugged. You just want to be in your room.


You spend most of your non-school time playing Legos and Minecraft. You are more into the coding and mod side of things though.  You love computer stuff and you’re really good at it…like your dad.  You are a wonderful reader too.  You fly through books and spend an hour or so reading before bed every night.  You stay up way too late doing it.  I have to make you go to sleep when I do.

Milo, you still sit next to me and want to hold my hand when we walk someplace.  I love that.  You try to help me when you see that I’ve got too much to do or that my arms are full.  You give me hugs out of the blue and tell me that you love me.   I love you to my boy.  I don’t know what we’d do without you.  It’s been a wonderful 9 years with you in it.  Happy Birthday Moo!


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