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Keely at 13

IMG_3312 We have officially reached the teen years Keely. You have celebrated your 13th birthday.  It is hard to believe that we’ve been together that long.  You have grown so much this past year. You are almost as tall as me now.  You can wear my clothes now and sometimes my shoes.  You are tall and beautiful. You’ve let your hair grow out and it is dirty blonde with lighter highlights and has a little curl to it. You have a gorgeous smile and sweet laugh.

This year has been all about your phone and social media. You are certainly obsessed. You spend almost all of your free time online-watching videos and make-up tutorials, scrolling through endless photos, and reading every thing that pops up that sparks your interest. I worry about what you’ve already seen and been exposed to at your age. What message the world through your phone has given you about life and women and your place in it all.  We try to talk about what you see and hear and hope that you can navigate it all.  There isn’t any avoiding it in the time we live in.  We can only try to educate you and do our best to keep you safe.


You are in love with all things make-up.  You want all the most expensive brands and you wear make-up almost every single day. You have a beautiful face naturally, but you don’t think so. You think you need to cover it up. You love to mess around with theatrical looks also. You are into horror stories and creepy things, so some of your looks go down that route. Halloween should be interesting this year.  Free reign.  You spend a long time on your make-up.  You have started to enjoy going through the clothes at thrift stores now too.  You know you can actually get a few things, since it isn’t a fortune.  Your closet is overflowing.

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Black is your favorite color. We painted  one wall black for your birthday room make-over. The other three are a light aqua. You got all new bedding too. It looks good and you really like it. It is definitely a teen room. You still read, but not as much as before. You still dislike school of any kind and wish that all things math would fall off the planet.  We are not doing therapy currently since we saw no benefits from it last year. You know that if you feel like you need and want help with something that we will find someone for you.  At this point, you aren’t interested.  We are just trying to do our best for you. We want you to be happy and know that you are loved, no matter what.  We want you to know that you can have a nice future and a decent job and that you will be able to take care of yourself, but you have to put in some work.    You are thinking that you want to be a make-up artist and that you might join the military after you graduate.  I think that is a really good plan for you.


You’re taking classes through our co-op again and you seem to get along with a lot of people there and you like going. You don’t like doing the work for the classes though.  You are also taking voice lessons again.  I hope that can turn into something good for you. Your teacher really likes you.   You are still good friends with Isis and you text and Skype with her.  You go over each other’s house too.  Danielle and you don’t see each other often, but you don’t talk sometimes and go walk around the mall together. Your favorite stores are Sephora and Hot Topic.

You love your little brothers, although they annoy you a lot and you get frustrated with their requests and noise. They love you too.  You think Milo is smart and Lucas is cute.  Lucas says a lot of sweet and cute things to you and you smile and say, “awwwww.”  Milo and you argue a lot, but you also laugh together a lot too.  You joke the same things and it is nice when you two have those bonding moments.  You look out for your brothers and no one is aloud to mess with them.  I hope you three are always close and protective of each other.


We love you so much Keely and can’t believe you are a teenager.  I hope you can slow down and enjoy your life where you’re  at right now. I always tell you that you have your whole life to be a grown-up.  Get all the perks of being a kid while you are one.  Happy 13th Kinder!


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