Milo at 8 1/2

August 17, 2016


We have finished up second grade and you’ve done pretty good. You still can’t stand to write and now think math is too hard, even though you are good at it.  You don’t like to write down math problems. You would rather figure them out in your head no matter how long it takes. You enjoy reading National Geographic kids magazines with me every day and you do a lot of reading on your own too.  You like learning about history and science. You watch a lot of science videos too.  I can’t believe you heading in to third grade already!

milo 8.5b

You still love Minecraft and watch some sort of video about it each day.  You can talk about it forever. You enjoy setting up Lego scenes and building new creations, but you aren’t really playing with them anymore. You like for us to go explore new places-the woods, beaches, parks, etc. You don’t care for long car trips though.  You are grossed out very easily. You decided you aren’t going into the ocean anymore because it’s filled with living things and cells! You don’t like to hear about anything medical or see anything gross.  You’re a sensitive one my love.  You almost pass out at doctor’s appointments because you get so uncomfortable with them talking about medical things.

Your osteochondroma has started bothering you lately and we are considering having the surgery done.  I don’t want to put you through it.  I know you will be so scared and the recovery does not sound fun.  I don’t want you to be hindered by a hurt  leg though.  Eventually, it will have to be dealt with.  I just want to do what is best for you.

milo 8.5c

You and Lucas fight for most of the day now.  You make all the rules to all the games. You boss him around and always try to win or have the best powers or skills.  He always screams and cries.  This pattern runs in a loop all day here. It drives us all crazy. You do love each other but there is always competition and we spend so much time together, I guess you just get on each others’ nerves.  Lucas adores you and wants to do everything you do and that makes you so mad.

You still love nature and like to take in your surroundings and see the how and why things work. You’re pretty observant. You love animals and are often scared of insects, but you don’t ever try to hurt them.

milo 8.5d

You still are a wiggly guy. You never sit still or sit normally in a chair. You run, jump, roll, rock constantly.

You decided that piano wasn’t for you and we let you stop. Now you go to speech therapy instead to work on your R sounds mostly.  I hope we can correct that soon and stop going and practicing it. We don’t enjoy it much. You made more friends this year at co-op and have some buddies you like to talk to and play Minecraft with.  You have fun at park days with them too.


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