Lucas @ 5

June 11, 2016


Lucas, my last baby, you have turned five! It is hard to believe you have been with us that long.  I have a hard time thinking of you as not a baby. You still act pretty young, so I can fool myself awhile longer.  You let me call you “my baby”, but you tell me that you are not really a baby.  You are a little guy, but you are certainly a handful.

Right now, you are all about Lego’s.  You like Playmobil too, but Lego’s are winning the race. You mostly like to follow the instructions to build a set and then destroy it, so that you can rebuild it. You do a really great job at sets that are aimed at 8-12 year old kids.  At the beginning of our school year, you loved doing your school work and would beg for me to give you more.  That has wore off some now and you would much rather play.  This fall you will be official kindergarten age, so your real schooling begins then.   You know all the letters and can write them. You can add and count to 25. You haven’t shown an interest in reading yet.

lucas 5 b

You greet me with a giant hug every morning and cuddle with me every night.  All the hours in between you are a squirmy, loud, running, guy.  You scream and yell a lot, mostly at Milo.  He tries to control the games you two play and you screech at him.  You two get along pretty well though and are almost always together.  Of course, you get on each others’ nerves and have to be separated sometimes.

You twirl your hair all of the time. You create giant knots and we have to cut them out. You can’t stop yourself.  You don’t mess with my hair much anymore though.  You grab my face and ask, “How many kisses do you think I’ll give you?”  I have to pick a number and then you kiss all over my face that many times and say, “You were right!”  Whenever I leave to go somewhere and as soon as I come home, you are the first to find me and hug me.  I love that.

lucas 5 a

You say really cute things often.  A few recent examples are:  When you see someone with an infant, you sweetly whisper to me, “Do you wish that you had a little baby?”  I tell you no because I have three babies already.  You smile and look thoughtful about it.  One night while we were watching Jeopardy, you came over to me and asked sadly, ” How come the people answering the questions never tell Alex that they love him?”  I tried to explain it, but you still seemed confused.  You also thought it was weird that they never tell him, “Bye” or give him a hug when the show was over.  You ask a lot about volcanoes and earthquakes.  You seem to be wanting confirmation that we will not have those things happen here.  You keep saying, “They won’t happen here because we don’t have a hot spot here. It’s colder here, right?”  One day when I had to go to an appointment, you asked daddy, “When would I be done at my disappointment?”  It was so funny that I will forever call my appointments disappointments. They usually are.

lucas 5 c

You tell us that you are bored all of the time.  If you are eating. If you just stopped playing after an hour.  When we go to bed.  “I’m bored.”  You don’t like to go to bed because there is nothing to do. It is sooo boring!  You also tell me you’re tired in the middle of the day and then turn your body limp and moan a lot, dramatically, for a few minutes.  Good times.   Then you’re up running and jumping over furniture.  You are the most pickiest eater of the house.  You refuse all new foods and drinks.  You live off of various types of noodles, pizza, cheese, yogurt, milk, apples, grapes, potatoes, tortilla chips, and some secretly altered home-made baked goods.  Please start eating more foods soon, son.

I love you so much Bear. You are my favorite Lucas in the whole wide world. Happy 5th birthday.


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