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Milo at 8


Now Milo you have turned eight! Eight seems so old for my little you. Your face has taking on an older kid look lately and you are growing taller bit by bit. You’ve lost quite a few teeth and are missing several currently.  Your hair is just as blonde and your eyes just as sparkly blue as always. There are a few more summer freckles scattered across your nose and cheeks though.  We are homeschooling again and you are in second grade. You like to learn new things and you like to listen to me read to you.  You still do not like to write and math you like to do in your head and never want to show your work. You avoid all writing. You have gotten into drawing this year. I think you draw every day. You are getting really good and I love receiving drawings from you. You started piano this school year and have already decided that you don’t really like it. “It’s not fun and too hard.”  I’m not sure if we’ll push you to continue or not.  You also are taking an Egyptian class through our co-op. You seem to like that.

milo 8 b

Minecraft is still your favorite activity and watching Stampy videos. You even requested a Stampy cake for your birthday this year.  You also still play with Legos, but you really like to build them more than play. Your room is like a Lego museum.  You decided you wanted a hamster for your birthday and that is all you asked for from us. So, you got your first hamster.  He bit you twice the first day and now you’re scared to hold him, but you still like him. You’ve been very responsible, so far, about taking care of him.

You like to run. Where ever we go, you will run.  You have a hard time sitting still. At meals, you climb all over your chair and rock it around and drive us nuts. You fall sometimes, but it doesn’t stop you. Every chair is a jungle gym. You climb our door frames and walk on the back of the couch.  You talk Lucas into having “battles” with you where you basically, just crash into each other and try to push each other off the living room rug.  You make up a lot of games for Lucas and you to play when ever we go anywhere too. Who can find the most red cars, yellow cars, or who can say a certain words the most. You change the rules of the games a lot and usually win.  Then, your brother screams and cries and you tell him that he won instead.

milo 8 a

You still run to me every morning and give me a big hug and want to cuddle for a little bit. You get very mad if I’m not available for the long cuddle or if I’m with Lucas.  At night, I lay with you in your bed and we snuggle and a read a chapter out of our current book.  We’ve been through quite a stack of chapter books this year.  Then, I leave and you read some of Harry Potter.  We set a timer for 40 minutes of reading.  I leave. The timer goes off and you add more minutes to it and end up staying up until 11:00 most nights. It’s a good thing school doesn’t make you wake up early.  You enjoy reading and love for Midnight to lay with you in bed.

milo 8 c

You still love maps and love to explore on google maps, collect real maps, and print maps of fictional places.  You like making list of how to do or make something also. You hide lots of secret writings in envelopes and take them to your room.

We’ve had a few medical issues come up this year.  You’ve developed eczema on your hands, had a real problem with frequent nose bleeds, and we found out that you have an osteochondroma  near your left knee.  As far as we know, none of these things are too serious, but still no fun to deal with each day. Hopefully, they will remain low threat.

I love you so much my little Moo.  I hope you always stay as sweet, smart, funny, cute, loving, caring, and creative as you are today.  Happy eighth birthday.


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