Keely at 12

October 10, 2015


Keely, you are inching so close to the teenage years.  You want to be an official teenager badly.  I wish you would enjoy being a child a little more, a little longer.   You are 5 foot, 2 already and will probably be as tall as me by the end of this year. You have always been a tall and thin girl. You become more beautiful with time.  You don’t see how lovely you are, but everyone else does.  Your smile can light up a room and your laugh makes us all smile.  You love to take care of your hair now and wear any make-up you can get your hands on.  You take really, really, long showers and love to lay in bed for hours after you wake up in the morning.  You stay up late and almost always sleep in your sleeping bag on your bed.


Homeschooling was a little rough last year and somehow we are agreeing to try it again this year for seventh grade. Going to our middle school is not  a good option.  We are going to start you with a learning counselor this year and see if she can help you relax a little, gain some confidence and make some progress academically with math.  I hope she can help you.   You are very hard on yourself about your abilities in math.  You don’t understand why you can’t  instantly just know how to figure out a problem. It sends you into a panic and your self worth plummets more each time.  I wish you would not focus on the negative aspects of the life  you have, but see all the good that surrounds you and that is you.

We all love you so much. Your parents, your brothers, your grandparents, your pets are all on your side.  You are so creative and bright. You can whip up a story in no time. You are witty and funny and sarcastic. You have the most beautiful voice. I catch you singing and I just have to stand and listen secretly.  My eyes fill with tears to hear your gift. I’m trying to find a voice teacher for you this year and I hope that is a successful experience for you.  I know you can do it.  I want you to hear someone else tell you that you have a talent, maybe then you will believe it more.


You love to read at night and you love Minecraft.  You have invented characters and a whole story line about “Steve and Madeline” and they are now part of our daily life.  Every one who comes in contact with you knows about them too. You are creative and funny. Such a great story teller.  I still think you would be a terrific actress, but you say no way to that idea.  You still really love to hear any story about drama, aliens, ghosts, or someone wronging another.  You get so worked up and hyper.  It’s instant energy to you.  We have no idea where any of that comes from. You also still love to be out in nature (if the temperature is just right and you are prepared and dressed appropriately).  Standing by the ocean calms you down, walking in the woods lights you up too.  You do not like to be hot or uncomfortable in any way though, so we have to take advantage of all the good weather days around here. Oh my Keely. You just feel all the feelings.

Your best friends right now are Isis and Danielle, sometimes you hang out with our neighbor- Kayla. You call them often and talk forever on the phone.  You go to their house or they come over here to hang out.  Sometimes you go to a sleepover.  I’m glad you have a few close friends.  You just got your first real phone  and you are glued to it so far. You have been texting  non-stop for two days already.

Happy 12th birthday Keely.  You are always my baby and I am always on your side.  I love you Kinder.


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