Lucas at 4 1/2

August 26, 2015


My sweet, funny, loud, baby Lucas you are 4 1/2 now.  You were always such a small little guy and then a couple of months ago, you just kept growing over night.  We’d wake up in the morning and you would just look bigger and older.  You’d run over to our dining room door to see if you were taller than your last growth mark, and we’d be amazed to see that you actually had grown.  This happened for a few days and was very strange.  The other day you ran over to the door and said, “Let’s see if I’m all grown-up today!”  Oh, Lucas.  Don’t grow up just yet.  You’re my last little baby. My last four year old.

You are still the funniest little man.  You always make us laugh. You say such grown-up things sometimes and your expressions are so cute. You love your siblings and always try to do what they are doing. Your feelings get very hurt when they don’t want you around.  You scream and cry. You throw yourself on the floor.  You run to tell us about the mean thing they said or did.  You also do all of that when we answer a request of yours with a “no”.  You just do not accept not having or getting what you want.  You will scream for so long about not getting another snack or someone not wanting to play with you.  Eventually, you will calm down enough and then tell me something like, “I would stop crying if I had some ice cream.”  You being completely serious.  I have to just give you a hug and try not to laugh.  Other times you will say something on your body hurts and that you think having some cookies or candy will make it feel better.  This never works, but you do try.


You ask a lot of questions about the world now and how things work.  You always ask very thoughtfully and listen to our answers. You are a smart guy. You are building your own neat inventions with Lego’s now and you watch Milo build with great interest.  You love to color and draw and write.  You make us awesome pictures all the time.  You always hold them behind your back and tell us to guess 5 things that we think you drew. Then you will show us your work.  You love for me to set you up with jobs or projects.  You also help me with any grown-up job I’m doing if you are around. You will try to mop, sweep, rake, feed the animals, put away dishes.  You do these roles  with great pride.


You are very gentle and sweet if anyone is not feeling well.  You will run to get them a glass of water or cover them with a blanket and pat there arm or back.  At dinner, you always reach over and rub my arm and smile at me for no reason.  You tell me a million times a day, “I love you too, mommy.”  I get lots of hugs and kisses from you. You love to cuddle with me and you still wrap your fingers in my hair and twist them around when your tired.  I still try to breath in your baby smell that is only slightly still there.  You often wake up very early in the morning, right after I get up and you run downstairs to find me.  I lay with you on the couch in the dark until you fall back asleep and you are still there when everyone else wakes up a couple hours later.

lucas 4.5d

You like to watch and play Minecraft, just like Keely and Milo.  You don’t like t.v. or movies very much and you don’t really like music either.  You only occasionally sing nursery rhyme songs or your own made up jingles. You do love to play your little electric keyboard, xylophone, and recorder very loudly around the house. You also love to build things with blocks and drive matchbox cars around. I love listening to your story lines when you are playing alone.  I wish I could secretly record them for you.


You love for daddy or me to play with you in your room. You ask us every night if we are going to play with you in the morning after we get up.  You then ask a hundred times in the morning when we are going to play.  Sometimes you go and set up something to play and then follow us around telling us it is all ready now. You are persistent.  We all love you so much Lucas and are so happy that we get to spend our days with you. Happy 4 1/2 my Lookah Bear.

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