Milo at 7 1/2

July 29, 2015



You are on your way to being 8 already.  You still like to cuddle and sit with me a lot, so I hope you continue that.  You don’t try to act grown-up yet either. You are very much a little boy.  You love to play Legos still and you continue to be obsessed with playing Minecraft and watching Stampy Longhead videos about Minecraft.  You spent a good amount of time playing with Lucas too, though.  You will play with his stuff in his room and sometimes you will let him into your room.  You try to take care of him and include him in your games.  He does get on your nerves though and you get very frustrated often.  You have to run and go be alone in your own space for awhile to calm down. Keely and you get along most of the time and make each other laugh a lot.

We finished up first grade this year and you did great. You like history, science, sometimes math, and you did not like writing one tiny bit.  You can not stand to write anything. You love for me to read to you also.  We read for school and I also read The Magic Treehouse books with you every night.  You read on your own before you go to sleep, too. Maps are your thing lately.  You have a giant map of Virginia over your bed and you study it each day and try to find new towns and cities.  You like to find all the old houses we’ve taken trips to.  You think Virginia is pretty cool.  “You can drive to the mountains and to the Bay and to the ocean in one day.”  You like to play on Google maps too and explore the whole world.


You stay up almost to 10 o’clock reading at night and then sleep in to about 8 in the morning. You like to sit with me and have a cup of hot chocolate in the morning.  Once the rest of the house is awake you go off and entertain yourself or play with Lucas unless we have other plans.  You like it when we go to the zoo, aquarium, beach, or to check out someplace new.  You are usually up for it.  You don’t like to go to stores any more though. They are boring.

You have taken a few classes at our homeschool co-op and have done great with them.  You are always happy to go and eager to learn. You even have a friend there now.  I hope you can stay friends with him since there aren’t any little boys in our neighborhood for you to pal around with.  You don’t seem to mind though.milo73

You like to build things, see how things work, and figure out how to do things.  Your little mind loves that stuff.  You’re a pretty sharp guy, Milo. I always wonder about what you will be when you grow up.

You like snakes and all furry animals.  You adore Midnight and always bring him into bed with you at night. He happily stays right next to you for a few hours.  Many times throughout the day you will curl up next to him and pet him for awhile.  You are sweet and gentle.


You are still pretty short for your age and most people assume you are younger than you because of it.  You have more freckles now and look a little more like a big kid. I always cut your hair myself, but I’m guessing soon I’m going to have to find a new technique or take you someplace because I don’t think the little kid cut is going to work much longer.

I love you so much Milo.  You are so smart and sweet.  You make your momma proud Miggity.

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