Lucas at 4

February 19, 2015


Lucas, you are now four!  You told me you were still my little baby though.  You also keep asking how many birthdays you will have and if you keep getting bigger all the time and not littler. You don’t look like you are four, so I’ll pretend you’re much younger for awhile.

 lucas 4a

You are the funniest little man around.  You crack us all up with the funny things you say and do.  Even when you are mad, you are still funny. We try to contain our laughter at those moments though. You call yourself, “Pookah Bear” and I usually call you, “Bear” now.  You tell me that I am your baby all the time. You still twist my hair at every opportunity too.  You will pet my head and tell me that you are taking care of me. It is so sweet.  You also have a doll in your room that you cook for and carry around and gently tuck into blankets. It melts me. You can be so tender.  Whenever you are not feeling happy or you get injured, you cry and tell us that your feelings are hurt.  “I can’t walk because my feelings are hurt.”  You yell at us if we leave you at a table eating anything alone.  “I don’t wanna be awe awone!”  You do not like if anyone gives you a mad face. You whine and tell us that you don’t like when we make those mad faces at you.  You only like happy faces.


You always greet me by running into me with big, open arms and yelling, “Mama!” You never call me that at any  other moment.  I’m mommy for the rest of the time.  You love for me to play with you and insist on a long play session every day.  We have to play with your wooden house, “dad” game, kitty game, and kitchen game.  They are all your choosing and made up by you.  You love to draw and color.  You always have paper and pencils at the ready.  You draw lots of cats and houses.  During our school time, I have to print you off many coloring pages related to whatever topic we are on so that you can have your jobs to work on.  You can write your name and Milo and cat right now, too.   You want to do school work when I work with Keely and Milo, so I always have something ready for you to work with me on and some things for you to do alone.  You like to paint and do lots of art projects and you are still practicing with “schissors”.


You love playing with cars, trucks, Lego’s, and Playmobil right now. You also like a little bit of time to play a game on my phone or watch Keely and Milo play Minecraft. You are often found curled up with books next to a heater vent too.


Naps are no more for you.  You wake up around 7 am and cuddle with me downstairs and are on the go for most of the day. You spend the hours running, playing, and talking constantly. You crash out by 9 pm.  You are still a picky eater, just like your siblings were.  Your diet is not varied at all.   You would eat some kind of noodle for every meal, every day, if we let you.  You like us to go out places still. You want us to drive somewhere and do something and when we are done, you ask us to go “just one more place.”  You really like to go to Target now and walk down the “noisy toy truck” aisle, so that you can press every sound making button.


Your expressions and mannerisms seem like they belong to someone much older than you.  You are a riot with your raised eyebrows and head nods and your, “whelps,” and hands in the air telling us about how that’s just the way something is. You also are super cute when you are happy. You get so excited by snack time or a special event.  You squeal and clap your hands and jump around.  This is the first year that you were really into Christmas, Valentine’s and your birthday.  You were so thrilled with it all.  Lucky us who get to be around you Lucas.  You make us all smile and I just want to hug you all the time and breathe in that little bit of lingering warm baby smell  you still have.  Lucas, don’t get to five too fast my little Bear.  I’d be lost without you. Happy Birthday my baby boy.


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