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Lucas at 3 1/2 years


Lucas you are now 3 1/2 years old. You are a fireball-a very cute, smart, loud, fireball.  Every time I look at you, I just can’t believe how cute you are-even when you are being a screaming monster.  You are pretty short and just a small guy all around.  You have the funniest expressions and mannerisms.  You have us laughing everyday with the things you say.   We all go around repeating your little sayings often.

You tell me you are still a baby when you want to do “baby-ish” things, but when you want to do things that the other kids are doing then you tell me how big you are.  You will stand up tall and say, “LOOK! SEE, I am big now!” with a big approving smile.  You like to be held like a baby a lot. That means wrapped in a blanket and scooped up in a almost swaddle.  You like to hold our hands when walk someplace outside.  You love pushing the stroller around our neighborhood like a madman, but do not really ever want to ride in it. Walking around our neighborhood is one of your favorite things to do lately. You ask to take a walk everyday.  Finally, late in the summer, you tried getting fully into the big pool and you just loved it.  You never stopped smiling.  You started doing the funniest little swimming move too.  You stuck your legs out behind you and pumped your tush up and down and told us all you knew how to swim now.


You love being part of your siblings games and activities.  You try to be like them most of the time until you’ve had enough and then you go off and do your own things with your toys and you don’t want anyone to bother you.  You are good at playing alone.  I love to listen to the stories you tell while you play with your cars and animals.  You use some cute voices for them.  You mostly play with your big wooden blocks and matchbox cars.  Sometimes trains and Duplos are brought out, but you love building roads and cities for your cars to drive though.  When you want to be with Keely and Milo you ask us, “Where are guys at?”  “I can’t find my guys!”  If I go somewhere alone while you are napping, when I come home you run to me and tell me that, “I lost you! I was crying for you all the time because I just lost you.”  Poor little guy.

You sing a lot too.  Loudly and often to yourself.  You have a few favorite songs. You love “Summertime” by Lana Del Rey and sing it all the time.  You won’t let us listen to any slow music. You yell, “NOOOOO!” and tell us it is too sad or too bad.  Your favorite color is red.  You love to play with your card sets and ask us to play all the time. You are a picky eater.  Your top picks are: bananas, pears, yogurt, cereal, noodles, buttered bread, and pizza.  You like the t.v. series “Edwardian Farm”, but you call it, “Running Farm.”  You love animals, especially dogs, cats, horses, and happy bunnies.


You love to help us when we need it.  You help me outside raking and watering the plants.  You like to put things away for us and to help sweep.  You like your bed to be made in the morning and your room’s floor to not be messy.  You do leave your various creations built on every table top downstairs though and I get in so much trouble when I finally clean one of them up.  So much crying.  Lucas you are also still our screamer.  When someone makes you mad or hurts your feelings you screech the loudest screech.  I think it sounds like a Pterodactyl call.  You tell us you are yelling, “cuz I mad! and _____ is not my friend! They are a meanie head…and I mad because I am!”


You want us to go somewhere everyday. You like for all of us to go together, but you will still go out with me if no one else wants to come.  You are pretty good on outings now. You enjoy helping find things and walking/running through the aisles.  You like us to walk on the beach and take trips too. You don’t like being in the car for hours though. You enjoy the destination, not the journey.


Happy 3 1/2 Pookah-bear.  Your mommy couldn’t love you any more.


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