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Milo @ 6 1/2


Milo at 6 1/2 you are still very much my little boy.  You are still loveable and love to snuggle. You especially require some love before bedtime and when you wake up. You are still small and certainly do not look like you are 6 1/2. You take after your daddy in that way. You also look just like him as child.


Currently, you are very much into playing Minecraft. Lego’s have taken the backseat lately.  You play with Lucas for most of the morning in some sort of invented game with cars and Lego’s. Then you guys make up some crazy, run away / chase or catch each other event through the house or in the backyard.  Before lunch you are done with each other and fighting usually.  We eat our lunch together and then Lucas takes his nap. We do the majority of our homeschool work during nap time, so that we aren’t interrupted.  You can read so good now.  I am constantly impressed by how many advanced words you already now.  You are great at math too.  You just pick it up very easily.  Writing, though, you can not stand.  It is  torture to you.  You’ve done great for kindergarten though and we are done for the year now.   At this point, I think we are going to stick with homeschooling for next year too.


You are usually very helpful and thoughtful. You really love to help with food preparations. You come running if you hear me getting out the cutting boards.  If I drop something, you will pick it up without being asked.  You usually clean up after yourself too. You help Lucas if he needs help with something (unless you are mad at the time).  You still have your temper though and can quickly change from sweetheart to frowny brow and clinched fists.  You really get mad at things you think are unfair .  If Keely gets to do or have something you don’t, you will go on and on about it forever-sometimes for days!  You fight a lot with Keely.  You get hurt a lot too, emotionally and physically.  You can be so pitiful sometimes.  I have to wrap you up and just love on you until it passes.


You love your animals and if you are not up and playing- you always want an animal next to  you.  You cuddle and love on them so much.  You are always worried about their well being.  They all love you in return.  They know you have a tender heart.DSC_1154

You love to know how and why things work.  Right now, you are all about airplanes and road rules.  You have so many questions.  I try to answer them all, but I’m often stumped. We have to turn to the internet for answers. You love to go to the airport and watch the planes take-off and land.  It is kind of funny because we have at least 20 planes a day flying low over our own back yard.  They are military planes though, so I guess that’s different.

You just got  your very first loose tooth.  Oddly, you aren’t in the least bit interested in it!  You didn’t even notice it before I did.  You never wiggle it or anything. You were happy to know that you will get some money when it falls out.


You like being with your family still and are just not interested in being with other kids at all.  You won’t even go to the park if it’s crowded.  You’d rather just play with your siblings.  You like for us to go to outdoor/nature walks though. You like to learn about plants and animals and love finding things that you know the names of.

DSC_1182You are an awesome little boy who I am proud to call my son.  You are so funny, smart, gentle, and loving. What more could any mom want?   I love you Moo-Moo.

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