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Lucas at 3


My littlest last baby is not a baby anymore.  Lucas you are three. We can’t believe it.  I remember holding you the moment you were born and you and I spending our first night alone together.  You were so perfect…tiny, beautiful, and so calm.  Now you are so big,  funny, loud,  capable and really adorable.


You keep our house busy son.  You are so full of energy and noise.  You make all your demands known and all your grievances.  You still have the loudest scream.  You have perfected the angry screech.  You also have the most wonderful giggly laugh too though.  I have to stop whatever I am doing when I hear you laugh, just to savor the sound.  It really is like the perfect music.  It sometimes makes my eyes tear up because I’m so thankful that you have that feeling of joy and you can express it so easily and fully.  You laugh at Milo’s games with you and especially when you see animals doing something entertaining.  You can laugh for a such a long stretch that you don’t even take a breath and you look like you might fall over.  You better keep that wonderful giggle baby boy.


You sleep next to me every night still and I treasure our warm cuddles and the lingering special baby smell of you. I know these days are numbered. You take one nap a day now and sometimes you go up to your room willingly and other days you kick and scream or you insist on bringing a toy that you loudly play with instead of falling asleep.  You wake up pretty early in the morning and drag your blanket to the top of the stairs and repeat, “mooooommy” in a zombie voice until I come and rescue you.  We sit together for awhile before you are ready to actually be awake.


During most days you play with Milo and by yourself.  You ride you scoot bike through the house, dump toys all over the place, draw, read books, build things with your Legos, and go to your room alone a few times to  play.  Your favorite toys are a few of your matchbox cars, Lego stormtroopers on Lego horses, and trains (especially one Thomas the Train).  You always have one of those in your hand.  You love to take the toy stroller and fill it to capacity with lego bricks or matchbox cars. Then you push them crazily through the house.  You like to be held and carried still as much as you like to run and climb everywhere.  Your favorite books are:  Go Dog, Go and Goodnight Moon.   You just started singing with me and will sing by yourself too.  My heart explodes when it hears your tiny song voice. Itsy Bitsy Spider and ABC’s are your biggest hits.


You like mealtimes- although you have gotten much pickier about what you will eat.  Butter bread, yogurt, baked beans, noodles, and rice are your most requested foods now.  If something is deemed “yucky” by you now, you will throw the full bowl across the table or on the floor.  It is lovely.  We tell you that it is not okay to do that and you always replay, “Whhhhhhhy?”  We try to get you to help clean it up and you will eventually say, “Oh, fine” and help.  You say lots of humorous things.  When you want to do something that we have said no to you say, “I’m allowed to…..”.  “I’m allowed to draw on the chairs.”  “I’m allowed to chase the cats.” Then in your sweet moments you say, “I really do LOVE you…uh, huh. I do!”  If I (or anyone else) leaves the house-you say, “I think I lost mommy”.  You say it in such a sad voice too.   If you think someone isn’t being kind you say, “HEY! You tryin’ to be mean!”   When we drive fast in the car you say, “Whoa! nice run daddy!”  The post office is called, “the purple dolpey” and every rabbit is called a “happy bunny”.  Love them all and I’m keeping most of them as part of my vocabulary forever and ever.


You loved to play with Milo and are so happy when he lets you into his big kid game.  You get bored quick and want to do your own thing though. You are pretty good at entertaining yourself with your toys and sometimes just with your hands. You hands talk and jump and have lots of noisy battles.  When your energy does start to wane, you start moaning and saying, “I tooooo heavy.”  Usually that means you are tired. You only take one short nap a day around 2 o’clock.


When you are feeling tired or upset you twirl your hair.  You always have a piece of hair sticking out because of it.


You like for us to go places and almost everyday want us to go out.  “So, where we going today?”  When the weather is decent, going outside to play or take a walk is good enough for you.  You love running and swinging and finding rocks. You like watching squirrels and birds and you always let me know when the sunshine is out and when it isn’t. On cloudy days or in the evening, you come running to me and say, “She took your sunshine!”  I don’t know who she is, but you let me know that I don’t need to worry because MY sunshine will be coming back.


You are a pretty awesome little guy.  You have a giant personality. You say the cutest things and you have some of the most wonderful mannerisms and expressions.  You keep me on my toes and always make me smile.  We are so lucky that you are ours Lucas.  Happy Third Year baby!  I love you always.







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