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Milo at 6


Milo, you have reached six. It is so hard to get used to my babies aging.  You are all still little to me. Six seems so big kid, but in my mind you are my little cuddly moo-moo. I see photos of you when you were 2 or 3 and in mind, that is how you still look.  Then, I realize you are so different in reality.  Your legs have grown so long and some of the baby-ness has left your little face.  Thankfully, you have not lost your desire to cuddle or that sweetness that is so you.


This year you have matured a lot.  You play by yourself for long periods of time and usually can entertain yourself. You love Legos. It is the only thing you play with and you build really awesome stuff.  You have a great creative mind and you can figure out anything that you want to.  You also adore our kittens.  You would be so happy if they (and we) would let you carry them around all day and night.  You love to be loved on and have someone cuddle you.  If they don’t want to be with you, you take it very personally. You think, “they don’t like me and they’ll never let me hold them again. Not ever.”  Your feelings are so easily hurt and tears quickly follow sadness and anger for you.  You stay very mad for about 30 minutes before you will let us reach out to you and love on you to bring you back around.  Then you are ready for hugs and moving on with your day.

We are doing homeschool officially this year.  We did it last year some, but now it is kindergarten work and it is daily for us.  You are doing so good.  You are reading and you seem to really enjoy being able to write. You write notes to us constantly.  You like writing on itty-bitty scraps of paper in the smallest of letters too.  You often write notes that say, “I love you. Be Happy. Enjoy. Love, Milo”  So sweet.  We also work on speech daily and you have progressed so far. You catch yourself often and correct your pronunciation on your own.  You also talk non stop. You follow me room to room talking, talking, talking. Upstairs, downstairs, to the bathroom door, outside, getting in the car, driving, walking through the store. You can go and go.  You have so much to say and ask.


I don’t know what the future holds for us in schooling, but for now having you at home is working out.  You never want to go to public school because of listening to your sister complain about it.  You think it just may be the worst place on earth.  I have offered to take you to classes or get you involved with groups so that you could be around other boys your age, but you want nothing to do with it. You are perfectly content to just be with your family for now. You tell me almost daily that your best,  most important, or favorite thing in the whole world is your family. Then next is your pets, then your house and then your Legos.  You’re good like that.


Milo and Lucas. Lucas and Milo.  We three are together, mostly at home, all day and night. Lucas pretty much drives you bonkers.  You try to play with him, but he does not follow your game rules and usually just grabs, breaks, throws, or yells.  You have given him one Lego Storm Trooper, and one Light Saber that he is allowed to do with what he wants. That mostly pleases him.  He copies everything you do and really looks up to you.   If he ever is sad or hurt you are right there at his side to comfort him.  You will fix his broken toys and help him find things that he’s lost too.  You do often try to trick him to get him away from things that you want though too.  I guess you have a dose of typical older sibling in there too though.  You love to run, scream, and jump like crazy men together.  He loves when you play that stuff with him.  I often find you two cuddled up together, looking at a book or holding a cat.


Keely and you don’t have much in common right now.  You look up to her and are still sweet to her, but she pulls a tweenager attitude towards you and it hurts your feelings and then you two are at war. The weekends are the only time you two seem to find some moments of niceness together. I guess that is pretty normal for brothers and sisters who are over 4 years apart.  She is jealous of you that you get to stay home in the day and she doesn’t and that you don’t have the oodles of homework that she does.  That has not been good for your relationship.

You love technology games and beg to play on a phone or computer everyday.  Currently, you are into Minecraft.  You can really figure out any game on your own.  I have no idea how even get started in those games.  I’m always impressed with your capabilities.  I can’t wait to see what you become when you grow up… but not just yet, of course.  I have to keep you little for much longer.


You really still love nature and always come running when I tell you about the events in our yard: the morning glories have turned to seed, the squirrels are building nests, the Dogwoods have buds, Jupiter is out tonight, etc.  I’m so happy that you care. I try to teach about whatever you are interested in. Each week we pick a subject/topic/interest and try to fit it in to our school time.  We’ve been through lots of bugs and nature topics so far.

You are still a pretty particular eater. I think you’ve only added 5 new foods to your diet this year. You are seemingly healthy and growing fine though, so I guess you are o.k.  We keep encouraging new foods and you are better about at least trying them. So, here’s to at least 5 more foods this year!

Pajamas are your clothes of choice. You get very annoyed that we change clothes every morning and night.  “Why do we have to do this Why?” However, when allowed to pick out your own clothes at the store-you pick out pretty snazzy button down dress shirts.  I had no idea you would want to wear that style, but you think they look nice and they feel fine to you.  I love that you have your own style already.


You are pretty much a homebody, like your mother.  You like to go on little family outings, but mostly you rather be at home doing your own thing.  I get it.  I just want you to know there is a whole, big world out there full of beautiful things and I want you to experience and see as many as you can.  Take all the good stuff you find and make it part of you. Your home and your family will always be here waiting for you when you get back.


I love you my sweet little Milo.  You are my best Milo.  You are always snug in my heart.  Happy sixth birthday.



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