Keely at 10

September 17, 2013


We have arrived at the double digits my baby girl. You are now a ten year old young lady. Sometimes out of the corner of my eye, I catch a glimpse of the lady you will become .  When you are sad though, I can still see my little baby in your big eyes and pretty face.  Now we get to navigate 10 together.

k 2

You finished up fourth grade with a wonderful honor roll report card. You even got a B in math!  You stayed friends with Isis, but she was really your only close friend. There were a few mean girls in your class who made many days very upsetting for you.  Summer couldn’t come fast enough.  Of course, once summer arrived you didn’t know what to do with yourself for a few weeks.  Suddenly having free time again is confusing.  We took lots of little day trips and made a lot of outings. We got down a summer groove and a loose daily schedule.  The pool got up and you spent hours in it. You so love being in the water.  You alternate between swimming and floating calmly to splashing and screaming frantically in it. You made tons of smoothies in the magic bullet and watched a lot of Scooby Doo with your brothers.  You started spending time with Milo and including him in things. You also spent a ton of time fighting with him.  Lucas just follows you both around and watches and gets into your things.  Lucas started coming to you for comfort more when he was upset or hurt. You love that.  You love when he wraps his arms around you and wants you to carry him.


You play and read on your favorite “toy”- your purple cased Kindle.  Daddy bought it for you at the end of the school year as a reward for doing so well. We couldn’t keep you off that thing at first, but now you’ve moderated your time on it.  You still prefer to have “real” copies of your favorite books. You like to reread them and have the collections on your bookshelves. You don’t play with any kid toys now.  I think you played with your Barbies 3 times this summer and that is it.  You spend time sorting through you collections of key chains and jewelry.  Sometimes you clean up your clothes or rearrange the tops of your shelves and dresser.  You make your bed every morning and put your things away. Your room stays pretty clean except for papers and actual trash that you will just throw on the floor and leave.

At night, you stay up very late reading in your room. I often have to come up and tell you lights out because I am going to bed. When I come up to tell you goodnight,  you try to keep me in your room by talking and asking questions. It takes me about a half hour to leave.  You’re a  chatty and silly thing most evenings, but I usually hang out with you since we don’t get much brother-free time in the day.  You seem to really want and need that.  You’ve become a lot less sensitive to clothing this year and you’ve not had quite as many full of melt downs. They still come around, but not nearly as often.

k 1

This year I’ve heard you make many observations about your environment and how it makes you feel.  Usually it is something about nature.  You’ll tell me you love the sound of the leaves rustling in the trees or the sound of the rapids in the rivers.  “Oh mommy, you have to come and see the moon tonight. It is so beautiful. Like magic.”  If it is raining you will try to sneak outside without your brothers, so that you can sit under a tree and listen and feel it all around you.  It is so reassuring to me that you are aware of those things and that they bring you peace and make you feel happy, yet calm. When you see pretty things outside you command me to come and take a photo of it and if I don’t act fast enough, you snag my camera and take a picture yourself.  I find many photos of things you’ve captured on my phone, mostly of nature things, but sometimes of self portrait goofy faces or of you and your brothers being silly.

You still watch for fairies in our yard and are certain that they live in an old tree we have.  You say you have seen glistening sparkles there many times.  You want there to magic in your world so badly.


For your birthday, you had a lunch date with Isis and went swimming together.  Then, on your real birthday, you took cupcakes to school and we picked you up with helium balloons. You still really love balloons. We waited to do your family party until after school started so your grandmothers could be here.  You  chose a white and pink color theme and requested money, jewelry, and a bike.  You received all of that. You also got tons of girly things….like body sprays and washes, lip gloss and nail accessories. Our whole upstairs smells like a tweenager now.  You so love using all those products and accessorizing your outfits with jewelry, scarves, and headbands.  You also finally got your bike and could right it as soon as you got on it. Such freedom.  We don’t really have a neighborhood that’s good for bike riding so we’ve held off for years, knowing we couldn’t safely just let you go off alone riding your bike.  Now you beg us everyday to wander the hood with you so you can zoom around while we race to keep our eye on you.  Ugh. Overprotective parenting is so over rated.

k 3

At the end of the summer, we started school shopping for 5th grade and your anxiety kicked it. You really didn’t want to go back to your old school because of all the mean kids.  We know homeschool isn’t right for you because you like to be around other girls (nice ones) your age, so we started searching around for alternatives the last week of summer break.  We ended up going to a Catholic school, taking a tour, and signed you up the next day.  The next 3 days were filled with getting uniforms and supplies because they had already started school.  We all took you to school for your first day and I walked you to your class and left you all alone with you big, scared eyes.  I could barely make it out of the building before bawling like a baby.  I felt so bad leaving you in such a new, strange place.  Everyone at the school has been together for all the grades. It is just one class per grade and they all move up together to the next grade. They all know each other well and the school.  You are such an outsider right now.  I was so stressed and worried for you.  Over the next couple of weeks you did alright. The school is very different and there’s lots we don’t understand yet.  They write in cursive-all the kids and the teachers do on the board- and our public schools don’t teach cursive, so that is a huge problem for you since you can’t read anything the teacher is writing.  We get to practice that in addition to all the homework each night.  You like the students and the daily schedule of changing classes there, but you do not like the work and for that reason you have decided that you just want to stay home and school is awful and please don’t make me go back ever is what we hear each night along with crying.   I hope you settle in and things get easier for you soon because I just don’t know what other options we have right now.


I love you my tall, beautiful, smart, funny, witty, daughter.  You are growing up so fast and I miss the little you, but I am hopeful that the young lady you will become is going to be just awesome.  I know life and rules are so hard for you sometimes and all of your struggles really weigh you down, but we are always here for you. We want you to be happy and enjoy your life now and as you grow up.  We will always do everything we can to help you. Just  be kind, be honest, and do your best.  I love you so much Keely. Happy 10th birthday.



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  • 1. Jenna Burns  |  November 24, 2013 at 8:57 am

    I have always enjoyed reading your blog. I think I have for seven years now. I can not believe that she is 10. My son is 8, borderline Aspie..high sensory issues. So it is nice to see someone just ahead of him…keep upi the good work mama.

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