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Lucas @28 months


Lucas, my boy you are so adorable. We all love you to bits.  You fill our days with a bit of crazy but so much cuteness that it often hurts. You are a short, stocky little guy and you are always on the go.  You are so mischievous. We always know if you are not within eyesight of us, then you are up to something. Usually, you are clicking around on someone’s computer, have stolen a cell phone to play on, or have gone into Milo’s room to explore the Lego heaven.  You scream and throw yourself around when we stop you from your adventures. Poor guy.

DSC_6767You love to go places and now insist on walking everywhere. You will not ride in a cart or stroller. You must go and be like your siblings now. It is a lot of work keeping you three together and safe and still accomplish our tasks. You are not scared of anybody or anything. You will climb stairs, walk on anything, and will just go wherever you happy little gait will carry you.  You fall often and get hurt, but only cry for a second and then you are back at it. We are always chasing you down. “Get away from the water!” “Stop! CARS!” “Get back on the sidewalk!” It’s a tad stressful, love.  When we have to pick you up and carry you somewhere  you turn into a heavy, squirmy, screaming, kicking, wet noodle that is intent on falling out of our arms.


You are the best little talker now and you say awesome things. Everyone can understand just about everything you say. You always ask me, “You o.k mommy?” and you lean your head on me. You love to raid my necklaces and put them on and pass them out to everyone in the house to wear too. You say, “Pretty nake!”  You love pizza and screech when we have it for dinner. You call it, “putzy”.  “Yummy putzy, want more putzy!” We all call it putzy now too.  You call all people, “dude”-man or woman.  “What that dude doing?” You love to see babies out in the world and wave to them and say hello and make sure we all see them too.  “Awwww, see the cute bah-beeeee mommy?”  You are a trip. Our family favorite is what you call ice cream- “Gronky”.  No idea how that word came about, but you love when we have Gronky. Your siblings laugh like crazy when you say it.  Finally, you started talking about yourself now too. You call yourself Pukas, Pook-Pook.  It’s pretty wonderful stuff. It makes me smile each time. You pat your chest when you say it too. You sure know how to up the adorable level.

We let you run around upstairs now and it thrills you to climb the stairs and wander freely in the other rooms that were previously off limits.  You get into a bit of trouble up there. You always tell us you want to go room and that means let you go upstairs. You love jumping on all beds, wearing all my shoes, and playing in Keely’s closet.  You love to go with Keely and Milo everywhere. You always try to do what they do.  The still fight for your attention too.


You adore cars and trucks. You love being in our back yard and swinging on your belly.  You do not like it to rain on you or have any part of you get wet. You don’t like dirty floors or dirty hands. You cry and tell me it’s yucky.  You do love baths and pouring water on other people and playing in the sink and dumping water on the floor and spilling the dog’s water everywhere. You also love to chase Caribou and make him nip at you. You think that is hilarious. Turkey.


You love to wrap up in towels and blankets. You cuddle with me only when you are tired. You still play with my hair when you are next to me. You tell me when you are sleepy and you put your little feet up on my legs as you lay next to me. I still love to smell your head and snuggle my face in your thin hair.  Sometimes we play a little game that you invented. You say, “kiss” and we kiss, then you say, “huuuuuug” and we hug and then you say, “FEET!” and you put your feet over my eyes and laugh. We must repeat this many times. Goofball.


Your laugh is so good. It’s deep and giggly and your little toothy smile is so cute. You melt me every time with it.  Happiness is so easy for you. Keep that quality baby.  Lucas you are growing so fast and you just keep getting cuter and funnier. I can’t imagine a day without you.  I love you baby.

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