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Milo @ 5 1/2


Milo my heart, you are 5 1/2 years old now.  You insist that you are not going to go to school just because you are now 5. Also, you do not want to grow any taller.  You like being little.  You are still the best and most cuddly little boy I have ever met. I’m so lucky that I get to be the recipient of a lot of that love.  You like to sit on my lap all the time. If I sit down in a chair, you are there within seconds to scooch in there. You give tight, warm hugs. I am usually the first one up in the morning and when you wake up you run downstairs, find me and give me a hug and tell me, “good morning mommy.”  I love that.  You greet every one that same way when they wake up too.


You are still very sensitive and your feelings get easily hurt.  A little scratch on your finger has you panicking for an hour. A mean look from someone brings tears to your eyes.  I never really understood the dynamics of the middle child, but I’m starting to now.  Lucas gets a lot of attention for being the baby and Keely gets big girl attention for school and social things and you are often lost in the middle.  It is hard to take care of all three children at the same time when you all need something.  You are the most mellow and sometimes I feel like you thoughts and feelings get ignored.  I’m aware of it and I hope that you don’t feel that way.


DSC_5828You love you little brother and you so want him to play cooperatively with you, but he is not there yet. He’ll play cars for a little while, but it almost always ends with him throwing the cars or hitting you.  You think that means he doesn’t like you and you always tell me.  I so hope that when he is a bit older you two will have the best of a brotherly relationship.  You do take care of him if he needs helping and are always telling me of his naughty pursuits.  You try to play with Keely, but you two have very different interests.   She is very much into being with other girls her age right now. You want nothing to do with another boy your age.  You do like to play with our little girl neighbor though.

Lego’s are always on your brain. You adore them. They are all over the house and you play with them almost all day every day.  You are really a great builder and I love listening to the stories you make up while playing with  your figures.  Ninja characters are your current favorite and you talk about them endlessly.  They really are the only toy you play with lately.   You play with Lucas and I if we bust out some others toys though.


You like walking on the beach and finding treasures. You like to run down the streets in our neighborhood. You love watching birds in our yards and exploring what is blooming or growing around us.  You are pretty observant and caring.  You are not interested in school work right now and you seem to have lost all interest in books and reading.  We did homeschool a bit this year, but we stopped when the weather turned nice.  We are not sure what we are going to do in the fall.  I just can’t imagine you in public school, but I also don’t know if I’m up to homeschooling.  Time will tell.


You are very smart in math and you impress me with things you figure out already.  You do still have a little speech issue and we are hoping it resolves itself with age.  We may get you testing anyway just to make sure.  A lot of people have a hard time understanding you and it sometimes gets you frustrated.  You talk really fast too.  I don’t want you to feel bad about it though, so I hope we can approach it gently and help you along.


You still like to surprise me with nice little things like a heart note, a pretty flower, a set table, or a cleaned sink.  You love when I think you are being exceptionally helpful, kind, quiet or anything else that I point out. You are very proud of yourself and then you want more love.   Sometimes you say the sweetest things.  One day you woke up and you said, “Mommy, I couldn’t wait for it to be morning so I could wake up and be with you again.” I mean really, son. You made my eyes tear up. You tell me I’m pretty and even prettier when I wear fancy necklaces.  If I go out somewhere without you, when I return you tell me that you were thinking about me the whoooooooole time I was gone.  You’re a good one Milo.  So much love in that heart of yours.

Besides being so sweet you are just beautiful.  I can’t get over the perfection in your face sometimes. You have the most crystal clear blue eyes and that yellow hair!  We still get stopped in public because of your good looks.


You also have a angry side, of course.  You can hold on to your madness for quite awhile. You face looks hurt and your brows super frowny and you mumble lots of things.  Usually time alone and then some love brings you back around though.  I sure hope that always works.

I’m so lucky to have you as my son Milo. I love you so much. My world is so much brighter and better because of you.

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