Keely at 9 1/2

March 19, 2013


The year is flying by for you. You are doing really well in 4th grade. You have a great teacher and a pretty nice class.  You even made honor roll.  Math is still a struggle for you, but you are really trying.  Sometimes the hard stuff really stresses you out and it affects you emotionally.  We tell you that we just want you to try you best and that is all anyone can ask of you.  You do not like anything that requires studying or practicing. I almost  fell on the floor one night when I came in your room to tell you goodnight and you were “studying” your history notebook for a test. Whaaa?  You looked so grown laying on your bed reciting history facts.


You have a best friend in your class and you two are happy to have each other.  You even exchanged little broken heart best friend necklaces. Her mom does her hair with crazy color streaks and lets her wear make up sometimes, so I get to hear all about how unfair I am for not letting you do those things.  It’s all coming Keely. You have your whole life to do those things.  What fun things to look forward to I tell you, but you just moan at me. “Not fair!”


Your energy level has not waned at all. You still are zooming around and flipping over the couch, jumping on things, and rolling on the floor upside a lot.  You sing and often make strange noises when you are nervous or excited.  You love to eat on your own schedule and help yourself to making food all the time it seems. You pick one favorite a month and eat the beejeezus out of it until you never want it again and it’s on to the next thing.  You still love any junk food or soda. You would live off of it if you could. When you grow up that’s what your house will be filled with, you tell me.  Junk all day long.  Alrighty.


You laugh a lot.  You get humor and you are witty and quick.  You’ve gotten us good with your one liners a lot lately.  You seem so proud when you make us laugh. You like being the funny one in your class and at home. You are goofy too. We like that.  Sometimes your humor can be directed unkindly towards someone and we are trying to steer you clear of that. You are afraid other people won’t like you if you act like you like someone they don’t.  Classic peer pressure situation.  Hopefully, our endless talks on kindness and empathy will sink in eventually.  We also have to make sure we practice what we preach.  You are often our mirror.  We see our flaws coming at us large and raw in many of your behaviors.  This parenting thing gets awfully rough sometimes.  I hope you know we are trying to do the right thing for you and always trying to help you be a good person.


You love Lucas and want to carry him around and mommy him. He lets you often and it melts you.  You are so happy, calm and peaceful when he wants you to hold him or sits in your lap.  It’s so sweet.  You then want to swing him around and play crazy games with him and he is not having that! There is screaming.  Milo and you have your ups and downs.  You fight as hard as you love.  I guess that is normal.  I really don’t know.  I hope you always take care of each other and have each others back.  You definitely have your own skills and interests and it is hard for you two to agree on something to do together lately.


Reading and  writing poems and songs are your skills right now. You stopped reading as much as you used to for some reason.  You are one of the highest readers in your class though.  You are interested in outer space right now and googling things on the internet-which can be dangerous.  You so want your own computer and cell phone, but it’s just not going to happen yet.  We give you time on our computers and you love to play games on daddy’s computer.

You are tall as can be and growing more into a young lady.  You want your hair to grow out long so we are trying that out. You want to wear what all the other girls wear and are often frustrated that you can’t because of how it all feels on your body. Lots of tears are shed when you can’t wear a pair of jeans or the ruffle shirt.  You try to wear the same thing for many days when you get frustrated.   You and I picked out 5 outfits that are acceptable to you and we try to get you to wear one of them each day with no repeats until the following week when everything has been laundered.  When you are having a good week that system works.  I hope you magically grow out of this sensory thing at some point.  You think that we don’t understand and if we did we would just let you wear the same thing every day without ever washing it. Ugh.  Frustrating for us all.


On Sundays, you and I started having an afternoon date together. We have a fancy drink and a snack. We sit in your bedroom together, uninterrupted and just hang out.  You usually talk about school or what you’ll do when you are older.  I think it has helped our relationship some.  We don’t have much alone time with the two boys around because someone always needs something from me and we are always disrupted.  Hopefully, we can continue our private dates.   It’s nice when you seem to like me again.  Sometimes old photos of you come up on my computer and I have to stop and stare at them to remember when you were little.


I love you Keely.  You always ask me who my favorite kid is and I say you are all my favorites for different reasons.  You say that you are my favorite because you were born first. I guess that is one reason. You did make me a mom and you are always teaching me how to be a better mom. I do keep trying.  Some of the other current reasons you are my favorite are: for the way you smile, the way your eyes sparkle when you are happy, because of your sense of humor, because you are smart, because you are so creative, because you sing so beautifully, and  because I know you have a caring and gentle heart.  You are always my baby.  Happy 9 1/2 Kinder.

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