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Lucas at 2 years

This is you. You are now two years old. Incredibly adorable and full of personality. You are spunky, energetic, opinionated, and so cute we can’t stand it. I can’t believe you’ve been in our lives for two years already. It seems like you’ve always been a part of us, but also like we just brought your home from the hospital. You were such a quiet, calm newborn I wondered if that personality would stick. It didn’t.

You are talking a lot more now and you copy funny noises that people make. You also copy odd gestures that people do. You try them out and laugh at yourself. You yell a lot too. Your brother and sister always are trying to get you to do something and you scream at them so loudly if they try to control you! They don’t stop though until we jump in. There is so much yelling. If they kiss you or hug you when you don’t want it- you scream, “OW, OW” repeatedly-and often fall to the floor dramatically. Or you’ll throw yourself down in protest and then lift an arm up for us to assist you in getting up.

Thankfully, when you wake up in the morning or from naps you love to greet everyone with a hug and kiss them and a soft, “hi.” It is all of our favorite daily moment with you. I love getting you up when you are all warm, calm, and snug. You still have a bit of that special Lucas babyish smell and I have take it all in while you let me. You like me to wrap you in your blanket and put my head on your lap. We sit quietly for about one minute and then you are ready to get running.

Lucas, you love cars. You have a car in your hand all the time. They drive a little and crash into things often. You love when we walk through parking lots and cars are backing out and pulling in. You scream, CARS! CARS! OH CARS! so excitedly. You carry around your hard giraffe and polar bear sometimes too…but nothing beats out the cars. You like to make roads out of blocks for your vehicles and they drive on it for a few minutes and then you throw the giant, heavy blocks across the room. It’s dangerous around here. Milo and you chase each other wildly through the house many times a day too. Sometimes you scoot on your riding cars and sometimes he chases you with balls. All balls in our house are called, “fireballs!” and that must be yelled while attacking each other with them. So, yeah… it’s loud here too.

You like to sit on mommy and daddy’s lap a lot. You do not like anyone else to sit there. You do not like to be confined anywhere either. You get mad if people even sit on both sides of you. You do not like to be flipped upside down or leaned back in any abnormal sort of way. Your siblings love that stuff, but not you. You take off your clothes a lot too.. and your diaper. That’s fun. Socks don’t last 5 minutes on your feet either. You keep us busy baby.

Photographs have you very interested lately. You name everyone in the photo except yourself. You call yourself Milo. We’ve tried to teach your name, but you won’t have it. Water is also very popular right now. Washing your hands is one of your favorite things to do. You grab the foot stool and push up your sleeves and go crazy splashing around. We have to carry you out of there kicking and screaming eventually. You’d run the water for hours if we would let you. You also love drinking water out of normal cups. If we hand you any lidded cup you cry and tell us “no” SO angrily. You want cup after cup of water just so you can act so grown and casual while you wander around drinking (and spilling) it. You do often get the kitchen towel and clean up the floor though. You like to help me clean up when you are in a good mood. You like to dust and put laundry away and sometimes you’ll help clean up your toys.

At nap time you usually tell me that your “tied” (tired). You like to walk up the stairs to your room and not be carried. You hop in your rocker and I rock you for a few minutes. I have to watch you sleep for a few minutes before I leave so I can try and memorize that sweet, peaceful, little face of yours. I know how quickly you will grow. You still hold on to my hair as you fall asleep. My sweet baby.


You love for the family to be together. You don’t like when some people go off to the store or outside without the other half. You must be included in all outings. If anyone puts on a coat you are all over the backdoor yelling for your coat and shoes and you want to “Go! Go!”. You still love just wandering around our backyard. You are brave enough to climb our fort ladder and go on the slide now. You do it about 100 times in a row and you are so happy while doing it.



I thought we might be passed the messy, into everything stage, but we are not. You still can hurricane any space. Yes, hurricane is now a verb. You will empty any box, drawer, container, closet, any vessel onto the floor and spread it or throw it to all four corners of the room. We’ve had to rearrange so many closets and drawers just to keep you out of danger. All of our higher up storage spaces are a disaster from holding all of the lower spaces stuff. You also really enjoy putting things down our air vents-straws, Cheerios, dogfood, spoons, cards, etc. “Uh-oh mommy,” you say afterwards. Uh-oh indeed Lucas.

Lucas we love you to pieces. You are loud and messy, but we can’t imagine a day without you. Your cute little walk and your fast run. The way you laugh and your hilarious expressions. Your big eyes and thin hair. The way you hug us so tightly and lean your head on us. Happy second birthday my baby boy. We are so lucky to have you.




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