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Lucas at 20 months

So big, so fast. I see the days just flying by with you. I understand why the baby of most families is baby-ed. We try to hang on to the precious young days knowing what is to come. The big kid days have their perks too, but nothing is like the loveable, cute baby ones.

Lucas you are full of personality. You are our most “into everything” baby. You just can’t help yourself. We can’t leave any chairs next to our desks or you are up on them banging on computers and drawing on the screens. You love to find markers and crayons and draw on walls and floors. You very much enjoy emptying out cabinets and drawers still too. If we sit a drink down you are all over it…splashing in it or knocking it over. When you dump millions of things on the floor and I say, “Lucas, what have you done?” You say, “UH OH Daddy” and you tilt your head sideways and put one arm out to survey the mess. I don’t know why you blame daddy,but you do.


You finally are getting some words. Mommy and Mama happened last month and they are so cute. You say, uh-oh, ow, puppy, baby, rain, tweet, rough, meow, cookie, cracker, diaper, drink, milk, blanket, Milo, Keely, and Caribou now. You sing songs too. You laugh a lot and try to make us laugh by being silly. You are so into cars right now. You almost always have one in your hand. You drive them all over the furniture and floor. You try to copy how Milo plays too. You like books with animals and babies in them. You say, “Aw,” to every cute thing you see. When you get hurt you yell, “Ow” really loud and run to me for comfort. You get over your injuries quickly.

Your favorite thing to do is to play outside. If anyone goes out without you, you stand at the baby gate and scream like crazy. Begging for us to put on your shoes and take you too. You love pushing your shopping cart and dump truck outside and carrying around rocks. Sometimes you will lay on the ground and watch the tree branches sway in the wind. Super cute. You also enjoy watching cars out our porch door. Highly entertaining.

You only take one nap a day now and you still wake up at night at least once. You love for me to wrap you in a blanket when I rock you, but you don’t like your feet covered ever! You don’t like blankets on you when you sleep and you love to smoosh yourself against walls. You still hang on to my hair when you fall asleep. You also are starting to like food. You love sitting in your chair at dinner time and using a spoon. You make a mess, but at least you are finally trying real food!


You and Milo get along most of the time. Milo gets frustrated that you take all of his things and mess up his projects though. He does take care of you and cleans up some of your messes. He also shares his cars with you. You give him hugs when he is near or when he gets hurts. You pat his back and say, “K?” You let Keely hold and carry you around a lot. You even reach your arms up for her to pick you up. This just melts her. You love to greet her when she comes home from school do and you two have a special night time kiss you do that makes you giggle like crazy.

You like people a lot. You always want them to look at you and you want to show them things. You yell bye-bye to them when they walk away. You like to go places a lot. You want us to go somewhere everyday. I don’t know why though. You scream and yell at stores still. I guess you just like checking out the new scenes and people….not the boring shopping part.

I love you so much Lucas. You bring me so much joy and I love being your mommy. I want you to stay little awhile longer so slow down please. I need to cuddle with you and rock you to sleep more. I need you to run to me full speed with arms reached out and a giant smile on your face some more. I want you to be happy sitting on my lap and leaning on my shoulder for many more days to come. You have your whole life to be a big person, so let’s soak up these little one days more.



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