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Keely at 9


My first born baby girl is nine years old now.  I can’t believe it. I remember being 9. You’ve grown and changed a lot this year. We’ve just finished a pretty good summer.  We went on vacation and you spent most of your days at home swimming in our pool.   You just love water–well, outside water sources anyway— and  you would practically climb into any public fountain or pond if we didn’t stop you.  You’re our water fairy. You’ve become a great swimmer this summer too.


Keely at nine years old is beautiful, witty, tall, and funny. You are such a great (and fast) reader and witty and a bit snarky. You sometimes want to be very grown-up and mature and other times you want to be a little kid. You are often jealous of Milo for his age and that he gets to not go to school. You two have gotten close again this summer and that has been nice.

You run around through the house and yard playing strange games that make you both laugh hysterically and scream over top of each other. You still fight a lot too though and we often have to break you two up.  You both adore Lucas and fight over him constantly. Who gets the most love from him? Who does he like the best? That’s stuff is no fun.  Lucas doesn’t seem to know what’s going on though. He thinks you both are pretty entertaining…until you won’t let him get in on your games or take your things.

You get very upset when you are unable to do something you want to know how to do, but you will not be patient and practice at it. You just scream and cry. That is frustrating for us all. You loose things a lot and that is always a source of much distress in our house. You get SO upset about that.  Your clothing still bothers you and you return to the same few articles of clothing repeatedly. You change out your clothes throughout the day depending on what activity you will be doing. There is always piles of your stuff all over the house.  You try to keep things clean and organized for about a week and then “it is just too much work to put things where they go” and you stop.  You’re lucky I’m a neatnik.

You have great style when you do want to get dressed prettily.  You’ll put the greatest outfits together-complete with scarves and jewelry. It looks so awesome.  I’m always taken aback when I see them.  You also have a beautiful singing voice that still surprises me when I hear it. It’s just so pretty. You’ve been a fabulous singer since you were 2…and you just get better each year.  You can also make up really great songs. Sometimes they are slow and melodic and other times crazy and dance club themed. All of them are pretty dang good.  You’ve got a musical gift I think.   You also still love to listen to certain kinds of music and get really mad if we are talking and not letting you hear it. You want to take it all in without distractions. You snag away noisy baby toys from Lucas and shush us with waving hands and screams so that you can hear the words or the instruments in songs.  Classical music and women sung pop/dance songs are you favorites.

You love playing the few very old school video games that Daddy lets you play on his computer. Super Mario is your current favorite. You are good at it too. You beg for computer time.


You also love the idea of magic in the world. Fairies still hold your imagination and you so wish you could really be one and live outside and fly around wherever you wanted to. Your favorite places to go is the Koi Pond downtown.

You lay next to the water and dream. You relax and get lost in your thoughts. It one of the few times that you are calm.  Nature and music speaks to you.  You sometimes will dress up still when you are so inspired by a movie or book.

You think it may be too babyish to do so, but without anyone here criticizing it– you dance in the back yard in full regalia. I hope for you to never lose that.  I’m glad you feel safe enough and confident enough to play still, at least at home.  You still sleep with Duckie too. Your favorite beloved animal. He is looking rough, but he’s been by your side forever.

You don’t really play with any toys now. Occasionally, Barbies or Littlest Pet Shop critters will keep your attention, but mostly you like made up games. You play school a lot, where you get to make the rules and be the boss. Milo sometimes will willingly  sit and be your student.  Third grade was not so good for you. You had a rough time of it and it effected you and our family a lot.  The stress of it all and some bullying really made for a bad time.  You were a wreck.   It took a few weeks of summer to get you back to being with us and being more yourself.  I hope this school year is better for you.  I want you to have a great fourth grade year.  Thankfully, your birthday was not on the first day of school this year!


We love you so much Keely. Happy 9th birthday! I hope this year is wonderful for you.

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