Lucas at 18 months

August 21, 2012

Lucas how can you be 18 months old! I just can’t get over how fast these young ages go by. You have quite a big personality and we all just love you so much.  You roam around the house freely and you have lots of little activities that you like to do. Lots of them are things we’d like for you to not do, but there is no stopping you.  Any cabinet or door that is not locked, you will get into to. You love tearing up rolls of toilet paper, dumping out all the contents of drawers, removing batteries from any device, throwing dishes all over floors and stuffing straws down the heater vents.  If we leave anything within your reach, your baby radar goes off and you are on it. You zoom to it to take, dump, or hide the object.

You finally are able to climb up on chairs now and, of course, then lay on top of tables. You also have learned to move big chairs where you want them and climb up anywhere you’d like to be! Fah-bu-lous. You are on our computers often banging on the keyboard and checking over your shoulder to see if we are coming.  Last night, you got on daddy’s computer and had a google search up for the lyrics to “Come all Ye Faithful.” What?

You always have something in your hand.  A small toy, piece of chalk, cracker, or a handful of pebbles.  You study them for awhile and then just carry them around until you find a good replacement. Outside, you love our gravel pit in the playground. You pick up rocks and stuff them inside of containers, shovel them into piles, carry them, and try to sneak the tastiest looking one into you mouth. When I catch you, you spit and say, “yuck.” and look at me like I made you eat something gross. You don’t really like food still. Crackers, cookies, chips, and peas are all you actually eat. Good thing I’m a milk machine for you.  You like to nurse whenever you want to. If I sit down, you zip over to me and start yelling at me.  You have the loudest yell of all of our children. It is ear piercing.  Thankfully, it doesn’t last too long.  You often throw yourself to the floor while you scream in protest to some offense. You then run to a person who did not divert the offending behavior looking for sympathy. You usually calm down quickly.

You love markers—bright ones and unwashable ones!  You eye markers whenever Keely and Milo have them and as soon as you have an opportunity to sneak one, you do. We realize you are out of sight and know right where to find you. Behind the chair in our library. You have marker all over yourself. It’s always blue, green, or red and looks very lovely covering your body. You run when find you and then point to your skin and gasp in shock at these foreign marks. You, my sweet, are a handful.

Lucas you are also so very loving and sweet. You shower us all with hugs and kisses. You like to be carried and cuddled. You pat our backs and say, “aaaaw” to us.  You wrap your arms around our legs and squeeze us tightly. If anyone lays on the floor, you quickly get over there to plop down next to them and lean your head next to theirs.  No one can get enough of your sweet baby love.

You don’t have too many words still. You have started making lots of animals noises lately and nature sounds like thunder and rain.  You say, “daddy” a lot and “I…I….I….I”.  Words aren’t your thing yet.  You bring me books to read, you bring me balls to throw for you and point to the toys you want down from your shelf.

You love to get your shoes on to go outside and you like riding in your stroller when we are out and about, as long as it is outside. You and stores/shopping are a bad combination. You scream and cry and throw things and try to jump out of the cart. We hold you and you twist and squirm. It is impossible to shop. Who needs food anyway?

You love Caribou and sometimes you are gentle to him and pet and kiss him, other times you chase him relentlessly and he growls and snaps at you. You think it is just hilarious.

Your brother and sister fight over you all the time. They want your hugs, kisses, and attention and get so upset if one of them gets it and the other doesn’t. It often becomes a big issue. Thankfully, you still keep doling out the love.


Lucas, we are so thankful for having you in our lives. I feel so lucky to spend my days with you-watching you explore and receiving so much of your sweetness. You are so cute that it hurts and you are funny and all that love is just so good. I don’t know what I would do with you my baby.  Thank you for being mine. You are wonderful pook-pook.

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