Lucas at 15 months

May 21, 2012

Lucas my boy, you are 15 months already. I can’t stand it. Please stay little longer. Well, you are physically little at least. You are only in the 15% for size. You are our smallest baby. You do have a big personality though. You are just full of life baby. You clap and “yay” us and everyone around you, anywhere that we are. Even the grumpiest souls break out into a smile and clap their hands and “yay” you in return. How nice that is for you to lighten up life for others?  You wave bye to everyone too.

You don’t really talk much still, not with real words anyway. You have a pretend mimicking kind of talk you do. We’ve got no idea what you are saying, but you seem pleased with it. You have an adorable crooked little smile. Your bottom jaw goes to the side when you smile.  You hair is lightening up now.  You may end up being blonde too. Your eyes are just as sparkly as your siblings too.

You run at full speed through the house. Milo and you chase each other and scream while you do it. Our house is noisy. You love flopping on pillows and our couch.  Anytime anyone is on the floor- you immediately run to them and lay across their head. If their head is not down, you try to push it to the floor so you can lay on it. Strange. You still pull my hair a ridiculous amount and love to hold it while you go to sleep.

You just started taking a seriously short nap in the am and a longer one in the afternoon. I think soon you’ll be down to one a day. I hope it’s a good one. You can wear your momma out.  You still love to throw all the contents of every drawer on to the floor and every book of the bookcase into a heap on the floor. Sometimes you’ll just sit in front of the book case and fling books off one at time -super speedy- right over your shoulder. Fling, fling. fling.

I love how you cross your feet when you sit and when you nurse. So cute.  The sweetest development this month has been kisses. You pucker your little lips and make a smooch sound as you give us kisses and you hug us so tightly and pat us on the back. I can’t get enough of that combination. It rocks. I love it. I want more. Please don’t stop. Thanks.

Food is not of interest to you still. Except tortilla chips and popcorn pieces. You’ll run for those treats. You also run to hear a song you like or people clapping. If you hear the clapping, you must join in and you look to us all to clap and yay too. You’re fun like that Lukie-Schmookie.  We all call you schmook-pook and pook pook now. I can’t explain these weird names my babies get, but you just have to roll with it.


Whenever I change your clothes you think we are going somewhere and you happily assist the change and then you start waving and saying, “bye bye” until we do leave. If we don’t go anywhere, you act very confused.

Milo is sharing his toys with you now and you love playing with the giant trash trucks and pushing them around the house. You also like cups and boxes and putting things inside of them. If I leave you in your room for a minute and you don’t want to be in there, you start throwing your toys over the gate and making them bounce down the stairs. You have a lot of heavy, wood toys, so that’s a lot of fun. I can’t believe the things you can lift over the baby gate and throw. It’s comical. One day your bed will be out there.

Lucas, you are a beautiful baby who brings light into all my days. I’m glad to be your mommy. Thank you for snuggling with me at night and petting my head. Thank you for sweet kisses and forehead sucks and for leg hugs. Thank you for lifting your arms for me to carry you. Thank you for being mine little pook pook.

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