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chalkboard wall, check-spring break, check

Keely and Ryan were on spring break last week, so I wasn’t here much. On top of that, my blog was hacked and shut down.  I think it’s all back to normal now.  We had a few nice outings together and the weather was pretty good. We did some beach combing and found some nature treasures.

Then we did some thrifting and flea marketing and found some vintage treasures.

I also finally tackled the make-your-own-chalkboard-paint wall in the kitchen.

It worked! It was really easy too.  Now, I’m making my own wall paper on it. It’s circles this week.  Ryan’s like, “Why did you draw circles all over it again? I don’t get it.”

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Easter Day Fair and Square

We’ve had beautiful weather here, so Easter was perfect.  The kids colored eggs, got giant filled baskets, had an Easter egg hunt, and a grandparent visit. A good day for them.

Last year I came up with a color coded Easter egg hunt and continued it this year at their request. These two are obsessed with fairness and boy can they fight. The hunt would have been ruined had I not intervened with this over protective, meddling, helicopter parenting, coddling, somewhat ridiculous solution.

Milo only finds/gets the blue and green eggs and Keely only gets the pink  and purple eggs.  That way they are not screeching and tackling each other whenever an egg is spotted. Also, they will get the same number of eggs, so no one feels like a big ‘ole hunting loser with sad basket of 2 eggs while the bigger kid has 84,000 and is laughing maniacally at their wonderful luck.  It works beautifully and makes for a much more feel good time. Yay! Judge me if you must, but we will continue this tradition for.evaaaah.

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hippity hop

Our bunny ears are getting much use around here this year.  Milo even wore them out in public on his own, which is totally not like him at all.  Mr. Pig keeps them safe when they aren’t in human use.

I dug out all our plastic Easter junk from the attic and put it in a basket yesterday and it was like Christmas. The kids were so entertained with this stuff because it has been away all year.

I also printed out a bunch of different “How to Draw a Bunny” pages for them and they have no interest at all in them, so I just framed up a few for myself to look at.  This one is from here.

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Don’t forget MY room mommy.

Milo said we needed a picture of his room on here too, so here it is.  I’ve been in spring cleaning overdrive around here. I’ve got a mound of trash bags full and ready for donation.  I spruced up Milo and Keely’s room too.  We made Milo a little work desk. He likes to draw us pictures and write his name and our names, so he has a clean little space to do that in his room now.  He just loves the L that I made out of a branch for him.

He is also all about birds right now and we’ve got plenty of them in yard lately. We lowered his little flying bird in his room so he can reach it now.  I love fixing up my  kid’s rooms.

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Our Silver Maple is heavy with whirlybirds and they are flying around like crazy. Milo is in love with them and when he saw them starting to fall, he ran inside to grab a container and proclaimed he must gather them for his collection!  He spent so much time bent over in the grass collecting the little seeds.  Every time he opened the lid the wind would blow and some would fly away. He would scurry around trying to save them. Only occasionally did he moan with frustration, but he kept at it.

He filled up two containers with them.  Such patience he had. I love that boy. He loves nature and collections.

Each time he goes outside, rocks from our gravel pit catch his eye and he picks out a few “diamonds” to bring in to me.  I have quite a few collections of them around the house. Sweet boy.


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