a parade and a game

March 19, 2012

Everyone was healthy on St. Patrick’s. That is no small feat in our home. We made it to the parade and got the kids to scream and go crazy to earn their beads and candy.  Lucas was dancing to the marching bands and woo-hooing at everything we woo-hoo’ed at. The weather was great too.


Last week while cleaning out our kid closet, I came across something I had made for Milo awhile ago. He enjoy playing it with me for a little bit.  I’m saving it for when Lucas is older now. I thought I’d share it here though too.

It’s a fabric matching game.  I just found a bunch of fabric with different textures and cut out two rectangles of each.  You keep one set out and put the matches in a bag or basket. Then, the child feels one of his textures and has to reach into the bag without looking and try to find the matching fabric.  This can be made really easy with really different textures—burlap vs. cotton, or much harder with things like different rib widths of corduroy.  Easy to make and great for a tactile experience and discerning textures.

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