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Sooooo,  I was thinking I might “shop for” customers. Ya know if there was something you were looking for but haven’t been able to find it or didn’t have the time to dig around in flea markets?  You could drop me an email and let me know. Give me a price you’d like to pay for it and then I’d keep my eye out.  So, let me know if there’s something vintage that you have been dreaming about. It just might turn up. :)

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Lucas 13 months

You cute little guy. You seem to grow before my eyes now. Each time I look at you I just can’t believe how big you are.  You are shining more and more each week. You’ve got spunk and preferences and silliness and sweetness all wrapped up in your yummy little self.

You often come over to us and wrap an arm around us for leg hug or flop against us for a quick cuddle. We all freeze and take you in when the moment comes. Even the siblings now how sweet those times are.  Sometimes you are very still and we get to cuddle and rub your skin or just breath you in and that is wonderful.

You love getting into drawers and cabinets. I can’t believe the quickness of your disasters.  You try to reach into anything that looks interesting.  I put a few latches on a couple of cabinets, but mostly we just have to let this stage pass.  You spend most of your day toddling around opening up things finding interesting items carrying them around banging on things and then pushing your wagon around.

You love to say uh-oh.  It usually follows you throwing things where they shouldn’t be repeatedly. Uh-oh. Uh-oh. AAAAAAAH-ooooooooooh.  You think you are funny. You also clap a lot and say, “Yay!” You love music too. You drop everything to find the source of it and listen to it. You’ll do a little swaying dance too.  You hum songs that you know and will listen to any tune that comes your way.  You prefer women’s voices. You do not like to be sung to though. I try lullabies with you, but you won’t have it.  You fight against nap time almost every day. You scream and protest no matter how tired you are, no matter what time I try to help you to sleep-earlier, later- you just must protest loudly.  I won’t miss that passing. You love to find noisy objects to bang on other noisy objects too. You watch our faces as you do it.

You still love climbing on people. If you see a body on the floor, you are ON it. Usually, you lay across our heads.  You love to pet Milo’s hair now. He loves that. You’re very gentle about it too.

Music has you very interested. You hum songs that you know and will listen to any tune that comes your way.  You prefer women’s voices. You do not like to be sung to though. I try lullabies with you, but you won’t have it.  You fight against naptime almost every day. You scream and protest no matter how tired you are, no matter what time I try to help you to sleep-earlier, later- you just must protest loudly.  I won’t miss that passing.

We adore you Lucas. You make us all smile with you sweetness and all your little ways.

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starry nights and days

I finally finished the star pillows set. They are well loved by all the children.  The biggest one turned out ginormous! It’s like a monster starfish.

Now pillows are great for laying on, but the boys mostly carry them and throw them around. That big one is bigger than Lucas, but he sure tries to fling it.

Look at that ugh! face.

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K 8 1/2

Keely you are 8 1/2 now. You are in third grade. You love all the social-ness of school, but not so much the work.  You have friends and seem to be liked by most of your peers. You try very hard to not ever get in trouble at school. Math is still a big struggle for you, but you really are working at it. You have a hard time going to school on Mondays and after breaks, but during the week you are alright. You are even good about getting your homework done.

You get very caught up in the who has what and what other kids get to do or have, if it is different from you. You want to be like everyone else-wear their clothes, watch their shows, say the things they say.  We keep trying to convince you to just be you. You’ve got great style and a really fun personality. When you are in a good mood, you shine. You are silly and giggly. You are also witty and smart.

School has brought us lots of germs and sickness this school year. You are sick every other week! It’s ridiculous.  Being sick seems to just be the way of life for you lately-colds and stomach bugs.  It is really starting to get to you. I can’t blame you either. My poor girl.

When you aren’t sick, you love to eat. You eat dinner and then you eat two more dinners after that. You eat from the time you get home from school until you go upstairs to bed. You couldn’t be any thinner though. You’re like a string bean. Tall and lean. You still have a crazy sweet tooth too. You’d love to carry a bag filled with candy around with you all day. You bring a lunch to school every day and complain that I don’t give you enough food. You are pretty picky about what you’ll eat in it though.  I pack you a note and a small treat every day too.

Milo and you get along half the time and the other half of the time you tease him or try to get him upset. I think you try out the bullying you see at school on him.  You usually apologize later. Other times, you love him and laugh at all the funny things he does. He wants to be your friend, but his feelings get really easily hurt by you.  Lucas adores you. He even says your name.  You love to carry him around and make him laugh. You don’t want him to get bigger. He’s your little doll now.

You’ve been really sweet to Caribou lately. Cuddling with him and taking care of him. He loves to curl up next to you whenever you sit down. He follows you around to see when you’ll end up at, so he can join you. It’s sweet. He’s a grumpy, old man now, so it is good that you are caring for him.

I can’t hardly take any photos of you because you always make goofy faces at me. Ah well. You at age 8 I guess.  You don’t really play with any toys now. I guess you are too big for that. It is sad that those young ages are over already.  You do still have a zoo of stuffed animals. You are scared of ghost and monsters and having trouble going to sleep at night. You have your millions of animals to keep you safe and a few night lights.

You love to sing still and your voice is really very pretty. You still like to read a lot. At night, we’ve started watching Little House on the Prairie and you love all the drama between Laura and Nellie. You get so excited and roll with laughter at their antics. I think you wish you could act out the way they do when some one bullies them. You live vicariously.  No one ( and no animal) is ever allowed to get hurt or die in any book or show or you will fall to pieces in tears and refuse to read or watch it ever again. That sensitivity still remains.

I don’t get to spend very much time with you between school and the boys. It’s kind of sad.  I only get to really talk to you at night before bed. I hope this summer we can have some nice time together. You are growing up so fast. We already have glimmers of the handful of a teenager that you’ll be.  I must make time to enjoy the little girl you while I can.  I love you Keely. You are always my baby girl


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I decided I’d pretend like I knew how to paint yesterday.  It didn’t turn out too bad. I may try another next week.  Spring is here for sure now. There is pollen covering every surface. Ryan came home last night and said, “What, do we now live in Pollenesia?”

We just finished up watching Downton Abbey and now it’s just over? We have to wait until September for more? What the what what?  What do we watch now with our one hour of t.v. time?  Lucas loves the intro. music to the show and will drop everything to come and see and hear it. He also hums along with it. I can’t stand the extremeness of that cuteness. But seriously, what can we watch now? Any suggestions out there?

I was looking for some new recipes and then came across some reference to New York Style Salad.  What is this? I must know more info. I love salads. So I ended up at the Pioneer Woman’s site and read her description and now I am obsessed with having myself a big ‘ole salad party.  And why can’t we have a salad restaurant in our city?  These vegetarians have a hard time getting some decent “fast” food when we’d like to.

Also, have you seen the little video where it’s all snippets of movies that are pieced together to sing some of Lionel Richies, “Hello”.  How long did that take?  Speaking of Lionel, this poster still cracks me up. It is making my eyes water right now. I need help. I don’t even know why it makes me laugh so much.

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We decided to spring-up the house yesterday.  I gave the crepe paper flower garland from Oh Happy Day a try.  We strung it up on our mantle.  Then Milo saw some garden themed sensory box pictures on my computer with me and said we had to, just had to make one.  He did a lot of the painting.

We filled it with black beans (dirt), garden bugs, egg cartons painted as vegetables etc. So far, he is enjoying it. Lucas is screaming in anger though because he so wants to get the little black beans out.  We have to keep a lid on it when he is awake.

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Bodhisattva Pengoloo

Penguin seeking enlightenment. Something doesn’t belong on my Buddha board.  Funny kids.

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Some Bunny, Any Bunny

Happy first day of Spring! We woke up to so much fog.  All the blossoms look so dreamlike against the heavy, cloudy air.

I decided in honor of spring tonight is “Bring Some Bunny To Dinner, Any Bunny Will Do.” That’s right. Everyone must bring some kind of rabbit- a stuffed one, a picture of one, a drawn one, a mask. Whatever you like.  Happy Spring!


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a parade and a game

Everyone was healthy on St. Patrick’s. That is no small feat in our home. We made it to the parade and got the kids to scream and go crazy to earn their beads and candy.  Lucas was dancing to the marching bands and woo-hooing at everything we woo-hoo’ed at. The weather was great too.


Last week while cleaning out our kid closet, I came across something I had made for Milo awhile ago. He enjoy playing it with me for a little bit.  I’m saving it for when Lucas is older now. I thought I’d share it here though too.

It’s a fabric matching game.  I just found a bunch of fabric with different textures and cut out two rectangles of each.  You keep one set out and put the matches in a bag or basket. Then, the child feels one of his textures and has to reach into the bag without looking and try to find the matching fabric.  This can be made really easy with really different textures—burlap vs. cotton, or much harder with things like different rib widths of corduroy.  Easy to make and great for a tactile experience and discerning textures.

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good luck with all that

So Saint Patrick’s Day is upon us. We haven’t really done much before for this little holiday, but I’m thinking this year we should. We need some silly festivities.  Luckily, 0ur neighborhood is on the end of the route of a really large St. Patrick’s Day Parade so we’ve got that going for us.   I’ve already spray painted some rocks gold. Cool, right? I’ve got to find a little bucket to fill up with gold nuggets now.  I thought it would be fun when the kids are older to spray a whole bunch of rocks and then go around the neighborhood and leave them in peoples yards, porches, by their cars.  Ha!  Imagine their confused faces. That’s on my future list.

Alright. So, I’m thinking of having a healthy family breakfast of some Lucky Charms. The kids would be surprised because we do not buy that kind of cereal, ever.  Then, maybe we could go all healthy and try a rainbow inspired fruit snack…like this.  Then green beer,  cabbage, potatoes  & soda bread for dinner maybe? Nah, Irish dinner doesn’t sound too appealing. My apologies to all of my Irish ancestors. My children wouldn’t touch any of that food. Pizza it is then!

We could school the littles and ourselves a bit on the history of St. Pat’s here. There’s lots of neat stuff, information and videos.  And when we are around the house or eating our un-Irish dinner we could tune in to Pandora’s traditional Celtic music station.  Of course, we shall wear green & use shamrock pencils and all that stuff too. Sound good?

Happy St. Patrick’s All.


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