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Cricket boxes

Hey look it’s our winter table. I thought I’d shoot it because I’m starting to feel springy and it will be changing out soon.  Does anyone else do this?  I set up seasonal books and such on a table in our “library” room.  Sometimes it’s a play scape, sometimes activities, sometimes just books.  I enjoy doing it and finding new things to put out in hopes of entertaining the kiddos and sparking interest in something.  Often our little thrift/hunting excursions lead us to interesting things like last week, we came across someone’s collection of cricket boxes.

I’ve seen these boxes for years and never knew what they were until recently. Now I just love them.  The kids are so into them too. They are playing games with them and planning to keep a cricket chirping next to them through the night this summer.

This weekend Keely finally got better. Eleven days of sickness. That was ridiculous. We were all going bananas over here.  Weeeeee bouncing crazily on Lucas’ bed and singing weird songs at loudly at random times.

I’m not a good nurse at all. I can tolerate a day or two of sickness and then I just need people to get better all ready. That was rough. I’m so glad she is feeling better.

I was calling her Rapunzel because she was stuck upstairs in her tower for so long.

Lucas went and turned one. He is so cute in his annual chair photo. His party was delayed until this weekend due to the sickness here. Thankfully, he hasn’t a clue.  Babies are good like that.

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