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Lucas at One Year.

You are one Lucas! You’ve made one trip around the sun here on Earth. How lovely and wonderful you are and how happy we all are to have you.  Last month you started walking and within 3 days you pretty much had it mastered. You zoom around the house so fast. You really tire yourself out now though. After about 3-4 hours you’re ready to crash.

You’ve started a lot of really cute things this month, besides walking. I mean a short little walking person is pretty adorable. You really are enjoying  the little red wagon. You sit in it for us to push you and you love to just push it around the house. You scream when you crash into something and can’t maneuver it any further. Once you get it free (or we help you) you push it really fast and say, “Weeeeeee, Weeeeee,”.

You’re into rocking chairs too. You know how to sit and rock it, but mostly you like to sit backwards in them and stand.

Your vocabulary is growing. Now there is a happy little “Yay!” and attempting to clap your hands. You say, “momma” pretty good now. You also say, “Keely”.  When daddy leaves to go to work you run to the back door and yell, “BYE! BYE!” and wave your hand over and over. You’re too much. You melt us with your yumminess.

Your teeth seem to be coming all at once now and giving you lots of trouble. You do look cute with all those toofers.

You love to open and shut doors and cabinets. You go in a room and close the door and then open them just a little bit and say, “HI!” and then quickly close it again to repeat the game. One of the sweetest developments is that you now walk towards  us with wide open arms whenever we come into view for a giant hug. You hug us so tightly and for so long. It is wonderful. Now you’ll also lay on us sometimes in a very sweet calm way. When you wake up from your nap you sit up on your bed and stare at the door until I come in. When I come in you smile and put your arms up for me. I hug you and we lay and love on your bed for a few minutes. You are so very loveable in those moments.  I try to turn on the recorder in my mind at those times. Such sweetness that I don’t want to forget.

Milo and you chase each other through the house for good portions of the day. He rarely leaves you alone. He loves to play your toys and make up games for you to play with him.  You cooperate sometimes. He likes to carry you around and you don’t go for that so much.

It’s been a really mild winter here but we had some cold weather. I got you a few of those fleece footed pajamas and after two nights you developed eczema. We switched back to loose cotton clothes, but the eczema seems here to stay.  I’m so sorry you inherited that gene from me. We now have to be so careful of your skin. Anything can start a new rashy spot. My poor baby boy. I know it can be far worse, but skin issues are no fun.  I hope there is a magic cure in your lifetime. In the meantime, I’ll do my best to keep you comfortable.

You still love Caribou, but he is not too fond of you. Every time he barks you come to me and tell me…”Car-ooo bark.” You like to take his toy from him and grab his hair. You don’t get that gentle thing yet.

You like to explore your toys a lot now. You will sit and open and close things or move beads or pages very deliberately and with much concentration. I love watching you. You are into balls right now and push toys too. You still love to climb up on your giant bed and play with a toy too. You get something and then climb up there all by yourself and have a good ole time for a few minutes.

You love to go in the kitchen and tear things out of the cabinets now. We didn’t put up latches and we’re hoping not to. You enjoy taking every Ziploc bag out of the box and every container lid out of the drawer. You found my cabinet of glass pitchers and brutally threw one on the floor before I could stop you. I scooped you up quickly and cleaned up the mess. Within minutes you were back for another round. I’m going to have to do some rearranging I guess. Post-it notes are also a hoot. You really enjoy flipping the pages like a flip book and then tearing each one off. Good fun messes around here.

You are a sweet little boy who is so loved. You are so lucky to have siblings who adore you. I hope you three stay close and always have each other. Keely and Milo were so sad that you started walking. They wanted you to stay a little baby forever. I promised them that toddler Lucas will be wonderful and fun too.  I love you pook-pook my little schmoo-cas.  Happy First Birthday baby boy. You are the little bringer of light we hoped for.



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