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Enough already.

Ugh. This is how we feel about this week. Keely has been home all week with some mystery sickness. I have to keep her secluded up in her room away from the other two, so I am running up and down the stairs all day. I haven’t even left the house in 7 days. What? I’ll be losing it soon.  The sky has been gray and the weather just weird. The boys are sort of alternating between flopping around and going bananas. Even the dog is over us.  Would you people go somewhere already?

Milo and I went out in the yard for a bit today to try and shake off the crazy. We caught a two minute window of sunshine while we were there.

I pushed him on the swing. He gave me a handful of treasures, even a heart shaped “diamond”. We found that our daffodils are already blooming…in the middle of February.  Whaaaa?  We admired our bottle tree…against the dull, lifeless, depressing sky. Gah.  We came inside and I put the club/dance station on Pandora.  The boys looked at me like I was nuts.  I was a dancing fool trying to make them laugh and cheer this place up.

Milo chuckled and Lucas tried to dance a little, but Lady Gaga came on and his face went all weird. Guess he doesn’t approve of her.

So much for the dance party.

At least the basket of birthday decor for Lucas is cheery to look at.  Yellow! Happy! Sunny!

Come on sunshine.

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