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Hello all.  I’m going to try and post more here. It’s a good record to look back on. Finding the time is the problem.  Life around here is busy with three kiddos.   Lucas just started walking, so he is everywhere. I can’t believe he will be one this month. My last baby.   Milo is my buddy. He rarely leaves my side all day.  I try to find projects for us to work on together and during one of Lucas’ naps I always let him pick something for us to play together. It usually involves little animals and cars. He loves learning how to do little tasks independently right now too- like sweeping, folding laundry, or making the perfect Valentine heart with no help.

Using a cookie cutter to trace on folded paper is the best. He has happily made a million hearts this week.

We also did the stand by contact paper with colored tissue paper sun catcher. Fun stuff. Sweet and simple.

Lucas is a loud little man, but oh so cute. We can’t get enough of his baby-ness. We were all a little sad when he started walking. The end of wee baby times. Of course, we all cheer him on as he zooms room to room now. We had to put up the gate on the stairs. Man, are those things a pain. I’m thankful that it might be saving my baby’s life and all, but yeesh opening and closing that thing every time you have to go up the stairs. Oy.  We are now a gated community. Bah-dum-dum.

He is on a weird nap schedule right now. His afternoon nap is so late that he is up with us at night. He uses this quiet time in our house for really loud vocal practice and banging all objects on other objects. We try to watch Downton Abbey. We are thankful that we have the subtitles on otherwise we’d have no clue what’s going on.

I stay busy with the babes, the house, and now my little Etsy shop.  Trying to take decent photos of objects is way harder than I thought. Good gravy.  I almost threw my camera in the trash. I went kicking and screaming all the way back to re-learning how to shoot in manual. I have used automatic mode for.ever.  Anyway, the photos are getting better now. I’ve still got work to do though.

Ryan is still in the school system and dying to get out of it.  He’s thankful to have a job, but really can’t stand the business of it. I think we should become independently wealthy.  I guess I should go work on that. Any tips?

This week I’m loving this weird little song by Gyote. Well, actually I like the music more than the lyrics and I don’t like the video at all. I do like this cover of it .

Did you see these arrow Valentine’s? So cute.

Alright, happy weekending all.


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