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Lucas at 11 months

Lucas you are growing so fast. I feel like I can see you changing each day. Your clothing gets snugger. Your abilities increase. Your personality shines through each passing moment. Being able to watch my little baby become sweetly you, Lucas.

You are able to stand on your own really well now. You have taken a few wobbly steps. I left you in your room the other day only to return a few moments later and find you standing on top of your little chair. “Look ma, no hands!” Ah, my bah-bee what are you doing? You also love to crawl up the stairs as fast as you can, hoping that no one will catch you. We always do. You love to climb up things and on top of everything. You’ve got skills little man.

When we are in the living room, your favorite place to go is behind the big stripey chair. You like to just sit there and look around. It’s your secret club house. You crawl in and out and sometimes bring a toy with you. We have the only table lamp downstairs next to that chair, so you also like to yank on the cord and knock that down.

You laugh a lot. You have a very sweet little smile. You have a deep little laugh and this month you started coyly turning your head down when you laugh. So cute. You love for me to lay on your bed with you. You get free reign to attack me. Climb on me, flop across me, suck on my forehead, lay across my face. You love it. If I go to your room and go to your bed, you drop whatever you are doing and get up there. You love your bed. You like to get on it by yourself to and look at your window…and bang on it too.

This month you have discovered lids! What wonderous things they are. Removing them and trying to put them on. Boxes and pans with lids are big hits. You also have a few favorite books that you look at and feel with great concentration. You have also discovered OUR bookshelf and that all those books come off. You stand at it and pull of books one at a time and throw them to the ground.

You are always trying to get Milo’s toys and he is trying to fend you off most of the time. You screech in protest when we move you away for his things. Keely and Milo both love to carry you around now. They love that you are always trying to go someplace off limits because they get to go and rescue you (carry you).

Your nickname has become pook-pook this month. It was Schmooker-pook and Lukers-schmooker, but somehow my head decided on pook-pook. You try and say it now. You constantly babble and make lots of talking sounds, but very few words come out. Ma Ma, Da Da, and Caribou are really all that we understand.

You won’t sit down in any seat or car seat or shopping cart seat. You want to stand and dance around. It’s hard going out with you unless I’m willing to hold you and push a cart and watch over Milo. You really like to people watch when we are out. You stare down everyone in your path. They usually talk to you and most of the time you give them a smile.

You still nurse full time. You have a special cranky cry you give me when you are hungry. When I feed you you either hold my hair or rub your own head. You also cross your ankles. Sometimes you stop drinking and look at me and make a smile or funny noise and wait for me to return the sound or face. You’re sweet like that. It’s like you are checking in with me and maybe thanking me for our little warm time.

I still am sleeping in your bed at night. We get the most sleep that way. You wake up a few times and sometimes nurse and sometimes just roll around until you get comfortable again. I always cuddle in close to you when I go to sleep. I have to take in all your baby smells and sounds. I know they are fleeting. I smile and close my eyes. Listening to your sleepy heavy breath and smelling your Lucas smell.


You are a handful baby and I’m so happy to have my hands full of you.



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