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Lucas at 10 months

Lucas you are the fastest crawler. You are everywhere and we spend most of our time chasing you. You still crawl with one leg bent up-not on its knee. You love to hold loud, heavy objects in one hand while you crawl so that it bangs on our wood floors. Bang, slap, bang, slap.  You can make it up about 6 stairs super speedy and we come to rescue you. We have to put up the stair gate now I think. You are trying to climb up things and starting to stand on your own also.

You are finally eating some bananas and cheerios and very much enjoying giving half of them to Caribou. You lure him over with your treats and then try to get a handful of his hair. He's a bit afraid of you. You yell and talk really loudly and you dance and wiggle anytime you hear music. You make the sound of "pretty" when you look at lovely little things.  You have one and a half toofers. You often bite my face with them. You still pull and yank and eat my hair at every opportunity. You insist on falling asleep with it in your hands. You still love crawling full speed towards my face if I'm on the floor. Your mouth is wide open and you say, "AAAAAAAAH!" as you come in for the full face suck.

You can't stand to have your diaper changed or to get dressed. I try to give you little treasures to hold while I speedily change you but you won't have it. You squeal and flip and try to zoom away from me screaming. You also will not lay on your back for any other reason either, like  your momma's monthly picture session. I gave up this month. You refused to lay for one second.

  Our annual Christmas photo was a difficult task, but we did manage one nice one. You've got places to go and things to do right now and you've got no patience for this whole stillness thing. I get it Lucas. There's been lots of protesting from you this month. You scream and throw your head back and arch your back or turn into a wet noodle when we do anything you do not like. Such as saving you from any given dangerous situation.

We spend most of December sick with colds and then ear infections and you got Bronchilitis too. You would cough so much you could catch a breath. I'd run you to the bathroom and turn on the hot water so the steam would help you. I'd rock you and sing with you until you could breath. It was so scary. You couldn't sleep much either because you had such trouble breathing. It was so rough.Thankfully, the house was healthy for Christmas week.  You didn't enjoy our night outings much. Trapped in a car seat in the cold darkness is not your ideal of fun. You did love the Christmas tree. Pulling it branches wildly and ripping off strands of lights and shaking them around as pine needles littered the floor. Good times. 

Keely has started carrying you around and taking on a babysitter role with you. Sometimes you will go along with it. She loves when you go to her or lay your head on her shoulders. Milo adores when you try to eat his face or pull his hair. He is always laying in your path in hopes that you will do it. You still do not like other people outside of our family to hold you. You turn away from them if you think they might try to hold you. 

On Christmas day you finally started saying, "Ma, Ma!" I don't know if you are saying it at me or it's just the sound. I'll take it either way. 

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Milo at 4

You are 4 my miggity moo. I just can't believe it was four years ago that we held you for the first time. How you screamed your whole first night on earth. You wanted to be back inside, curled up and warm. Here you are now a beautiful four year old boy. You were very upset about turning four. You keep telling me that you want to stay small and not ever, never grow big. You love being little. You want to stay 3 because it is better. You started stressing out about your upcoming birthday so I had to convince you that you wouldn't be any different. You wouldn't suddenly grow on the day of your party. You would pretty much be the same. Finally, once we got to the making of your cake and decorating you got excited about your special day. You requested rainbow colored decorations and an orange cat shaped cat. You were very happy with the celebration and your fun gifts.

You are back to being my little sidekick now that Keely is gone at school for most of the days. You are never not in the same room as me. You have returned to being a sweet little guy. You help me out with folding laundry or putting things away for me. You like to help and have jobs to do. I set up little Montessori style workboxes for you each week and you are so excited when you get new activities. Whenever anyone comes over you have to show them all your projects.

You are so interested in books and learning to read this past month. You know most of the letter sounds and are starting to sound out words in books. You recognize words you know every day and excitedly tell me what they say. You like to write words too. Your drawings are adorable right now. Mostly you draw trees and dogs.

You enjoy playing with cars again. You like ones that can come apart or that can do something…lift or dump. You also love cats and dogs. You still pretend to be a kitty a lot. You like to watch daddy or me when we are making something. You ask a lot of questions. You want to learn everything.

You talk non stop. I've never seen such a talkative boy. It is sometimes comical. It's like you just can't finish this sentence and it is going to go on for an hour and then there will be another full of lots of descriptions and explanations that go on and on. You give us no time to jump in with a way to wrap it up. You are full of thoughts and ideas. Sometimes I see you thinking and later in the day you dump a billion questions on me that have been on  your mind. Right now you want to know about space. "Do birds sometimes fly up to outer space?" "Are there any bugs up in space?" "Is it always dark everywhere out there?" "Can we every go there?" "How many stars are there?" "Where is day and night and show me how the Earth moves to be night time?" You love to see the moon and for me to point out planets that are visible. You are interested in all things nature right now. I hope you always will be. You always bring me pretty rocks or leaves that you find. You'll be playing outside and stop everything, come all the way back in, take off your shoes, and then find me just to give me a tiny red leaf you found and then you have to get yourself ready to go back out again. One thing that you do not like knowing that animals/bugs/people eat other living things though. You always tell me how mean that is. Dead bugs also sadden you. You ask me with tears in your eyes if they will be okay again one day.

You have a really sweet heart. You are very sensitive and your feelings are easily hurt. If your hurt is not handled quickly and kindly it turns to lashing out anger, sometimes physical and usually directed at your sister. You do not like for other people other than me to "correct" you in any way. You do not like to be told that something you believe to be true is not right. You do not like your nice made- up games to be messed up by mean dialogue from Keely. You also really don't like anyone touching your things without permission. You go crazy over that. All goods must be in there proper places and put back exactly as they were…or else.

You love Lucas to pieces and have never been mean to him. You take care of him and love on him. You help him and watch out for him if he is in danger. You are a wonderful big brother. Keely and you often play together too and you guys often fight like crazy. The fighting is awful for me. You usually apologize to each other and play again together later. I guess that is normal for siblings.

Milo you are a very cuddly thing. You like to be held and cuddled. You always want to be on a lap or carried. You want to be curled up in blankets. You love to hide in small boxes and baskets and get as small as you can. You like to be loved on. I cuddle you to sleep every night. You still take an animal to sleep with and we have to watch our ceiling fan slowly wind down as you fall asleep. I hold your foot and you smoosh your face next to mine. You still sleep in our bed because you say you would be sooo, sooo scared to be all alone at night and be all lonely. Keely was in our bed until 4 1/2 so we'll see when you venture out.

You say a lot of cute things still. You say "all lonely" for all alone. "Don't leave me outside all lonely." You say, yesterday for anything that happen before today and sometimes it's "yesterday tomorrow". For holidays in the past you say, "oh I bemember first Christmas, or first Valentines." If something is hot you'll say it is, "hot as chamomile tea!" Setting the table is called, "decorating the table." The microwave is called the "microstove." And if something startles you it, "scared at me!" I love them all.

Food is still hard with you. You will eat such a limited number of things. Various combinations of breads and cheeses pastas and bananas are really it. Hopefully, four is the year of being a little more adventurous with food. You are very sensitive to temperature and always complain of being hot or cold. And your light complexion makes you quite sensitive to the bright sun in your eyes. We finally got you some sun glasses which you are proudly sporting lately.

I love you birthday boy. I'm so happy and proud of the boy you are. You'll always be my little moo moo.

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