Lucas – 9 months

November 23, 2011

9 months Lucas! You finally got your first tooth this month. Now you bite me all the time. You bite my face, my leg, my arm, anything within your reach. Man are you a cute little guy. You can also sit up all by yourself pretty confidently now. You seem surprised by yourself when you are suddenly just sitting in the middle of the floor. You pause and look around a bit I can't stop staring at how big you seem.
You are all over the place. You are on a mission always to go in the places you aren't allowed- the bathroom, the pantry, and the stairway. You start crawling in their direction and we call your name and as soon as you hear our footsteps behind you you high tail in so fast to your destination. I don't know how you crawl that fast. You sometimes laugh when we catch you and sometimes you scream and arch you back in protest.
You are pulling yourself up on all furniture and trying to grab anything that is on top of it. Milo always is scooting his table top toys further back and back. Your desperate fingers dance and reach as far as they can.  Sometimes you score a matchbox car or stuffed animal. Milo loves to play with you and make you laugh. He now picks you up and moves you if you are somewhere in danger.  He always tries to hold you in his lap too.
You aren't enjoying baby food much. You take a few bites and then turn your head or make a sour face and spit it all out. You would rather chew on the spoon.  You do love to drink water from a sippy cup though. You drink until your eyes water.
Each evening you and I have a few minutes of alone play time. As soon as I lay on the floor you zoom over to me saying, "Aaaaaaaaaah" all the way until you reach me. Then you climb on me and suck/bite/slobber all over my face.  You roll all over me and then crawl away to repeat the whole thing. You love it. 
You still don't like the stroller much. Milo and I try to take walks with you when the weather is nice. He tries to entertain you but you just don't like being strapped in. You tolerate the carseat a smidge more this month.
 You are taking two naps still and usually go to sleep around 8 or 9. I usually sleep in your room with you for most of the night. It's how I get the most sleep. It's nice cuddling with you too. You really like to go to sleep holding a fist full of my hair.
You had your first Halloween a couple of weeks ago. You were really good for the trick-or-treating. You rode in the stroller a little and we carried you the rest of the time. You weren't scared of anyone. You just chewed on your teether and watched all the action.
You are in love with Caribou. You laugh hysterically at him when he is begging for food or eating. You squeal with delight over the smallest thing he does. You grab his hair now so he is scared of you but you keep trying. You shake his toy at him and try to entice him closer to you. One day he started barking and you turned around to him and said, "Care-boooooo  I guess that was your first real word. Quite a big first word Lucas!
 You are still enjoying dumping baskets, boxes, and books all over the place. It may be your favorite activity.  Also, when you hear Keely and Milo being loud and crazy, you want to get to them and join in. You laugh and yell to be part of the sibling mix. It's really cute.
Lucas you are more wonderful each day. I love you so much. Thank you for being my baby Happy 9th month.

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