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Lucas-8 months

8 months my big boy. How they have flown by. You become more of a capable little guy each moment. You want so badly to walk around. You crawl everywhere, still slightly dragging one leg while knee crawling with the other. You pull yourself up on every table and chair in your path. You often fall. The weather has gotten a little chilly, so we had to bust out the baby pants. They do not work for you. Crawling on hard wood floors with slippery pants or socks just makes you slide…and fall and cry. 

You try to chase Caribou around. You shake his toy at him and bend your head in his face so that he will lick you. You smile ear to ear with his affections. You, of course, still love your brother and sister. Milo is always on you. He tries to play a little more complicated/frustrating games with you than you are up for. He does take good care of you though and wants to keep you safe. Keely wants to hold you and make you laugh. You laugh so easily when she is entertaining you.

Your seventh month was filled with a really long cold which turned into a fun double ear infection. You were so sad and sleepy. You just fell asleep constantly and had a fever. You were miserable and I was so sad for you. You woke up a million times throughout the night pulling at your ears. We got antibiotics for you and it was so difficult to get you to take them twice a day. You've got good moves dude- twisting, spitting, swatting, and covering your face. I have no idea how much medicine you actually were getting. I think you are finally better. You did learn a new even louder scream during this sickness. I didn't think that was possible. I have never heard a baby scream as loud as you. It hurts my ears. Hopefully, we can not get another ear infection this fall and winter. Fingers crossed.

You don't like going out and about anymore. You just want to be free to move and crawl. It is quite a chore for me to get grocery shopping done with you and Milo.  I don't know how many comments of, "Wow, you've really got your hands full there." I have heard. You also do not like your car seat for more than 10 minutes. You start screeching and bucking incessantly after that.  The stroller also is not your friend. Carrying you and pushing a stroller while keeping running Milo out of the street is not so much fun or leisurely. All of this is seriously limiting our outings. Boo.  Hopefully, this is a short phase and we will be more happily mobile by spring?

You love to hold and eat books and also slide them around on the floor skateboard style. You love your baskets flipped over still. You enjoy eating cups and spoons. Water bottles are also good. All other toys don't do much for you. You've started to dance a bit when you hear music. It's really cute. You also start "singing" (yelling) along to tunes.  Sometimes classical music in the car will calm you down for a few minutes and that is a blessing.

You like to copy our sounds and to have your belly "eaten". You also love for me to cover my eyes with your feet and then pop out from under them. Your laughter rolls.  You still like to gnaw on my jawbone and pull my hair. Even in your sleep you rip out my hair.  Ouch. 

Your room is complete now and it's lovely. We spend time playing in there each day. You take two naps a day in there and you "sleep" with me at night. We usually have to get up and spend half the night together in your bed because of either you or Milo being noisy (crying-you or coughing-him).  I've gotten used to the routine. I do wish you wouldn't wake up so much. Milo did the same thing though so I guess eventually you will stop.
I finally let you drink water and start cereal this week. I didn't want to, but I guess it is time. You really liked it and wanted more, more, more. So I guess we are on to that milestone now. Bye bye wee little baby. Sniff, sniff. I'll try not to be too sad about it. I'm telling myself that with each passing of a sweet stage there will be a new something sweet coming soon.  You are still my little baby and you always will be.  I love you Lou-kers.  

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