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Lucas-7 months

Seven months Mr. Lucas. You are full on crawling everywhere. You zoom across the house so fast now. You want to stand up so much. You flip every bucket and basket over so you can use it as a little table to pull yourself up on.  You fall a lot too.  You scream crazily for a few seconds and then move on.  I think you've grown a foot and gained 20 pounds. You seem huge and not at all little baby-ish anymore. So sad.

You like to wake up many times a night and sometimes stay awake just for fun. Some nights you just let out rounds of ear piercing screams for unknown reasons. I'm not terribly fond of being awake so much, but I tell myself that I'll never get another baby to be with at night. You are my last. Tomorrow is a new day and all of these baby times are quickly fading away.  Each day you are older.  We'll spend this alone time together tonight and it won't be bad. Eventually, you'll fall back asleep and we will cuddle together smooshed in Milo's little bed. Your heavy breath on my face and the smell of warm baby around us. That's not so bad at all.

We are in the middle of rearranging our house and you got yourself your very own room now. We thought you and Milo would share, but I think it's nice to have your own space if you are so fortunate. It seems to have been a good decision. You squeal with delight every time I take you into your land. It is filled with all baby safe things and you are free to roam. Unlike in the rest of the house where we have to pick you up and redirect you every 5 seconds. You have a few favorite toys that you go to right away. You also love trying to climb inside of the shelves. You also like to flop on the little baby mattress and eat Sophie. It doesn't get any better than that baby.

You are now dropping things just for the fun of dropping them and maybe a little bit for getting us to pick them up for you a hundred times. We fill up your walker tray with things so that you'll let us eat dinner without chasing you and you go to town flinging things across the floor. You love to watch us eat and make lots of mouthing movements. You also enjoy watching us fill up our water at the refrigerator and smacking your lips together.  

Things that are musical or light up capture your attention. You zoom to grab anything Milo has that is making noise. He doesn't like that to much, but he is nice to you and offers you a different toy. You only want his.  Both of your siblings have been nothing but sweet to you. They love you so much and are so amused with all the funny things you do. They sing you silly songs and songs about how cute you are too.  You love it.

I think you are having a lot of teething pain lately. You are more cranky than normal and have spurts of crying that aren't really you. Giving you something cold to suck and taking you for a walk around the backyard usually calms you down. You don't like going for stroller rides and you aren't too crazy about your carseat for very long. You are all about being carried around to see what's happening or be allowed to crawl and stand anywhere you please.  You are determined to make it in the bathroom to play this week. I'm keeping the door closed. You crawl to the closed door and and stare at it and make some noises. You'll figure out how to get it open soon I'm sure.

You like to rub your head against my forehead and when you are sleepy you hold my head with your hands and softly moan. You like to nuzzle your face in my neck too. You take 2-3 naps a day. You still aren't very scheduled though. It whenever you are tired and for as long as you want. It could be 30 minutes or an hour and a half. I never know.

Keely is back in school now and it just Milo and you. We are trying to work out a schedule or at least a daily rhythm that works for everyone. 

You are a beautiful baby and I love you dearly Lucas. Happy 7 months!

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